Cosmeceutical Range / Skin Treatment of the Year

This award will be given to the manufacturer or exclusive UK distributor of the best Cosmeceutical Range / Skin Treatment of the Year or topical skin treatment offered in UK medical aesthetics clinics. The judges will select finalists who show evidence that their product or treatment is effective, safe, easy-to-use and well accepted by patients. Injectables and devices are not eligible for entry in this category and should enter either ‘Injectable Product of the Year’ or ‘Energy Treatment of the Year’. The winner will be selected from the finalists using a combination of Aesthetics reader votes and judges scores. Voting will constitute a 30% share of the final score. Finalists may not vote on their customers' behalf.





The Science of Formulation

NeoStrata Company invest heavily in R&D, launching new technologies and new products every year, offering clinical partners the best scientific skincare. New product development is often challenging. According to Director of Product Development, Peter Konish, the new Bionic Oxygen Recovery Treatment was one of the biggest challenges for the team. To deliver the molecules into the formulation then into the skin, making sure they work synergistically with the NeoStrata actives, was an achievement! NeoStrata also presents a choice of vehicles, for oily, dehydrated and normal skin types.

Unsurpassed Published Clinical Studies

The science behind NeoStrata products is unsurpassed by any other clinical skincare range. In vitro studies are followed by in vivo studies for each individual ingredient; penetration studies, final formulation studies – product vs vehicle as opposed to product vs placebo; skin biopsies; silicone replicas; and ultrasound technology to measure skin density. Studies are performed by independent leading KOLs and are independently published in reputable peer reviewed titles.

Products & Treatment Partners

Products are tested with treatments to evaluate the best options. NeoStrata is a clinical brand and always will be a clinical brand.

Industry Support

NeoStrata is used, recommended and supported by the crème de la crème of the dermatology world. Leading dermatologists from across the globe such as Professor Beth Briden, Professor Mutka Sachev, Dr Michael Gold, Dr Joel Schlessinger, Dr Patricia Farris, Dr Heidi Waldorf, Dr Neil Sadick, Dr Sandeep Cliff, Dr Stefanie Williams and Dr Martin Wade regularly support the brand and partake in clinical studies on behalf of the brand. All of these key opinion leaders are globally recognised dermatologists - doctors who understand skin more than any other professional.

All of the UK key opinion leader dermatologists use NeoStrata products on their own skin – what better proof of genuine appreciation of the brand?

Media & Celebrity Fanatics

Celebrity/model fans include Elle Macpherson, FKA Twigs,
Lianne La Havas, Ellie Goulding, Louise Redknapp, Kate Bock and Jess Glynne.
Die hard media fans include well-established journalists, Nadine Baggott, Newby Hands and Francesca White. - Caroline Hirons 

Social Media Successes
Jess Glynne tweeted to her 151.1K followers and it was re-tweeted almost 300 times
Caroline Hirons gets almost 2,000 likes for each NeoStrata post. She’s currently supporting with 6 posts!
Alessandra Steinherr has featured NeoStrata 5 times in her famous Sunday Facial posts.

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Consulting Room Group

HydraFacial is a unique, non-invasive, award-winning aesthetic medical facial which uses a patented spiral hydradermabrasion delivery system to cleanse and hydrate the skin. It is unlike any other treatment currently on the market and enjoys widespread global success. Since its launch it has grown to become one of the most popular facial treatments in the UK and USA and, across both sides of the pond, it is widely referred to as the ‘celebs facial’ or ‘red carpet facial’ due to the number of celebrity devotees it has and the instant results it provides. It is the first choice treatment of many celebrities such as Ivanka Trump, Karren Brady, Emma Bunton and Pasha Kovalev before making public appearances.
HydraFacial is set apart from other facials by its long list of benefits: it is suitable for anyone; the results are immediate; there is no downtime; it is available in over 180 clinics nationwide; and clients can extend results with the range of HydraFacial home care products. Another of the key qualities of the HydraFacial treatment is that it can be tailored to specific skin concerns by using different serums, making it suitable for every skin type.
HydraFacial is also the only treatment to utilise a proven six-step treatment program that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously to give recipients clear, revitalised skin instantly while also promoting and improving long term skin health.

HydraFacial can either be considered as a one-off treatment or, for best results, as a monthly treatment program. For people with skin conditions such as acne or congestion; pigmentation issues; or rosacea, treatment courses are recommended and the treatment is tailored to the issue. Although a medical procedure, the HydraFacial treatment is aesthetician-led, meaning it can be offered in clinics UK-wide without the presence of a doctor.

Distributed in the UK by The Consulting Room Group founded by Ron Myers and Martyn Roe, two highly-respected figures in the industry, HydraFacial enjoys outstanding levels of customer service and provides support to all of its clinics using HydraFacial. In addition, there is a dedicated marketing team who are constantly hard at work creating new materials for clinics. They also offer specialised or tailored marketing for specific promotions and seasonal materials are sent out on a regular basis, which are always consistent with the brand image. The marketing team is reliable and efficient and always aim to produce and send materials within a three-day window to maximise success.

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Eden Aesthetics Distribution Ltd

In December 2015 the Epionce product line was announced as winner of “Best Topical Skincare” at THE Aesthetic Industry Awards in the US. This was the first year for these awards. The award was determined by the votes of key opinion leaders in the industry. In April 2016 and 2017 Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser was named “Cleanser You Can Really Feel Working” in the Beauty Choice Awards presented by NewBeauty Magazine. Thousands of NewBeauty readers, as well as renowned beauty experts and editors made their votes count in NewBeauty magazine’s eighth annual Beauty Choice Awards. Up against all the major cosmeceutical brands, Epionce triumphed to earn these well-deserved awards proving its firm place as a skin care leader in the U.S. Now we believe it’s time for Epionce to win an award in the U.K.

Epionce is formulated to help unleash the natural potential of your skin. Epionce has a unique approach which provides a blend of key botanical ingredients to reveal healthier-looking skin that can help improve the visible effects of ageing – giving you smoother, more radiant skin. The gentle and effective formulas are paraben, fragrance, sulfate and gluten-free. Restorative botanical ingredients incorporate powerful multifactorial antioxidants along with barrier boosting cholesterol, ceramide and free fatty acids in proven concentrations to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. Unlike many other products on the market, Epionce does not contain harsh ingredients that irritate the skin or cause unnecessary dryness. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin.

Epionce have set the bar for the highest clinical study standards in the skin care market. All Epionce studies are performed by nationally recognised independent research organisations and adhere to the highest standards for clinical studies using the finished, market-ready product. Epionce clinical studies are only performed on human volunteers, and do not utilise animal testing. The data from the studies are then peer reviewed and published at medical conferences and in scientific journals. Epionce products have been clinically tested against leading products to provide a visible improvement of:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Dark spots and discolouration
Rough and uneven texture
Dry and scaly skin
Blemished and problem skin
Clarity and radiance.

The Epionce philosophy is simple: healthy skin is beautiful skin. The unique Epionce approach paired with industry-leading clinical proof has been trusted by medical professionals for fifteen years.

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Obagi Medical

Obagi Medical

Healthxchange Pharmacy

Obagi products help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and sun damage.

For OVER 30 YEARS Obagi has led the profession in providing the gold standard in aesthetic skincare. With 3,000+ TRAINED PROFESSIONALS in the UK & Ireland, it’s before and after photos show Obagi’s ability to uniquely revolutionise all skin types and simply TREAT DIFFICULT CONDITIONS such as melasma with a numbered topical system.

EXTENSIVE CLINICAL TRIALS have enabled Obagi to bottle clinically proven ingredients and uniquely into clinically proven systems that deliver outstanding patient results. There are more than 25 clinical papers and posters PROVING EFFICACY AND RESULTS. Obagi is different because the CLINICAL EVIDENCE examines the products in their entirety - not just isolated ingredients. Which means, unlike other skincare ranges, when you buy Obagi, you can be confident it works and doesn’t simply rebrand well-known industry ingredients.

Obagi and Healthxchange provide SUPPORT AND EXPERT ADVICE from industry-leading doctors to prescribers and their clinics including clinical, educational and marketing/pr teams along with an unparalleled, and uniquely doctor-led, expert medical directorate.

PATIENTS ADORE OBAGI and it is well-loved within the by professionals and the public alike. It has a fantastic social-media following including SIMPLE PATIENT-LED TUTORIALS - meaning patients need less clinic time - and there is strong peer and press recommendation. The SIMPLE NUMBERING (1 TO 6) AND EASY TO FOLLOW instruction cards and videos make using it a stress-free part of the normal daily routine.

“It’s called the Obagi method it really works”

“I swear it’s the strongest, most empowered, most free and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt”
- ALICIA KEYS on Obagi Medical

Healthxchange along with Obagi Medical Products, fully back Obagi’s products and claims so that doctors feel CONFIDENT IN PRESCRIBING their patients products which ACHIEVE GREAT RESULTS. These endorsements, combined with GLOBAL INDUSTRY ACCOLADES and knowledge that Obagi is part of a major global pharmaceutical company, ensure Obagi is a WELL-REGULATED PRODUCT range whose claims you can TRUST.

Nothing else works like Obagi, because nothing else is Obagi. The FORMULAS ARE UNIQUE to the ranges and for 30 years these original and best products have also delivered the best patient results of any skincare range available.

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Medical Aesthetic Group

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation soothes, heals and replenishes moisture loss. Other benefits include:
• does not smudge due to perspiring or exposure to humidity
• Water-resistant
• Contains SPF25 UVA/UVB protection
• Safely camouflages and soothes laser work, surgical scars and even third-degree burns
• Does not rub off on clothing (13 times more transfer resistant than other makeup lines)
• Stays on all day so no need to reapply
• Non-comedogenic
• Oil-free & fragrance-free
• Hypoallergenic and non-irritating to sensitive skin
• No dyes or parabens

Oxygenetix has two products that work in unison to provide the perfect skin treatment following any procedure.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Moisturiser and Foundation is the ideal partner for any aesthetic procedure because it expertly camouflages redness, bruising, cuts, burns and scarring, whilst speeding up the healing process. Ideal for use post-laser, post-surgery and after any procedure that induces damage or erythema, Oxygenetix takes away social downtime, making sure patients can get back to their normal lives. Eliminating social downtime also helps doctors & specialists book in more procedures.

Step one - Application of Oxygenating Moisturizer to hydrate and soothe compromised skin.
Step two – Application of Oxygenating Foundation to cover any redness, brown spots and bruising. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is the world’s most breathable foundation that comes in yellow and blue base tones to suit all skin colours. No other brand of camouflage makeup on the market allows the skin to breathe, looks natural even after multiple layers are applied and covers redness, pigmentation and scarring as well as Oxygenetix.

Both the foundation and the moisturiser have a unique, oxygen-enriched formulation that no other brand or product contains. This is called Ceravitae, a patent-pending yeast peptide that allows oxygen to penetrate the skin thus helping it to heal. Both the products encompass this special formula teamed with the highest quality aloe barbadensis gel. This ingredient teamed with willow extract, PCA, hyaluronic acid and multi-tocopherols is exceptionally healing for the skin. Split face, clinical studies show that skin heals faster with the application of Oxygenetix, than when left bare*. It is a skin treatment that should be applied after every procedure and is safe to apply after every procedure (the products can even be applied on third-degree burns) making the Oxygenetix duo ideal to be considered for best Skin Treatment of the Year.

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Elizabeth Arden Pro

Elizabeth Arden Pro


Elizabeth Arden PRO’s® clinically proven formulations set another level for performance, making full use of our understanding of advanced skin science and ingredient technology innovations.
With less than three years in the marketplace, we are already an award-winning skincare brand, achieving ‘Best Skincare Range’ at Scotland’s Medical Cosmetic Awards in 2015.
Elizabeth Arden PRO® is a unique cosmeceutical skincare range. It is not based around a single hero skincare ingredient or hero product, although there are many within the brand. Instead the brand is based on a clinically substantiated skincare philosophy.
The range is based on the Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid™ philosophy, as published in the April 2014 edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of Drugs in Dermatology¹ (JDD). This philosophy is designed to guide physicians, clinicians and patients towards the optimal use of topical products to achieve best outcomes for skin health and beauty.

¹ The Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid: A Clinically Based Guide to Selecting Topical Skincare Products
By designing the range around these clinically proven principles we deliver optimum ingredients in a simple, easy-to-use system. Elizabeth Arden PRO® is different from other product lines in that it builds a clear framework to achieve results. Clients are recommended the correct cleansing and corrective product, along with the unique Triple Protection Factor SPF 50, according to their skin concerns. By using the Elizabeth Arden PRO® system in this way consumers receive optimum doses of the cosmeceutical ingredients denoted in the Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid™. Each skin condition (Ageing, Pigmentation, Problem Prone, Dehydration and Sensitivity) has a specific system, but all stay true to the principles of the Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid™.

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H.A. Intensifier

H.A. Intensifier


SkinCeuticals’ H.A. Intensifier is a game-changing, revolutionary topical serum clinically proven to restore skin plumpness following hyaluronic acid degradation and loss. H.A. Intensifier has a high concentration multi-modal technology, which has been proven to increase natural hyaluronic acid content in skin by over 30% in just four weeks. It works by enhancing natural hyaluronic acid synthesis and preventing premature HA degradation in skin, whilst boosting expression of Collagen 1 by over 50%. The result - skin’s firmness is fortified, smoothness is redefined and the appearance of plumpness is renewed for a more youthful, refreshed look. H.A. Intensifier was unveiled at an exclusive event in the Bulgari Hotel, London on 19th January 2017. Co-hosted by SkinCeuticals Global Scientific Director Megan Manco and leading London-based dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, the event introduced the scientific innovations behind H.A. Intensifier and how to integrate the product into an evidenced-based skincare regime. The event was attended by over 79 delegates, leading practitioners and industry media. Following this, H.A. Intensifier was launched into the UK and Ireland market in February 2017. The culmination of four years of research, H.A. Intensifier was specifically developed to meet the challenges being seen in-clinic of volume loss and sagging skin via a topical solution.
As we age, the quality and quantity of HA declines, resulting in minor shadows, fine lines and dullness; By 40+, the severity of the loss manifests in the deepening of wrinkles, the formation of jowls, skin laxity and rough, uneven texture. With a combination of hyaluronic acid, proxylane TM, and anti-hyaluronidase botanical extracts, H.A. Intensifier was created as a global solution to reduce the signs of ageing that result from the decline and rapid degradation of the naturally produced hyaluronic acid in skin. To effectively restore skin plumpness, lost HA must be replaced and further HA breakdown must be prevented.

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Dermaceutic Laboratoire

Dermaceutic Laboratoire

Unique Skin Ltd

Dermaceutic: Products you can trust, results you can see

A world class skincare brand used and endorsed by over 30,000 doctors and aestheticians around the world. Developed in France in the 1990s by doctors seeking to provide patients with effective, non-invasive skincare options. Offering innovative peels and cosmeceuticals whose results are backed by one of the most extensive clinical trials in the industry. The company’s products offer safe, effective solutions through targeted chemical peel treatments and cosmeceuticals developed to combat most major skin conditions: dull complexion, acne, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Dermaceutic currently offers two product lines, they may be used independently or together as part of a customised skincare routine to achieve optimal lasting results with less irritation and downtime than other more concentrated peels.

Professional Peels
Consisting of four targeted chemical systems:
Mask Peel: for oily/acne-prone skin
Milk Peel Treatment: fine lines/dull complexion
Cosmo Peel Treatment: wrinkles - texture irregularities
Mela Peel Treatment: pigment spots/melasma

Seven essential actions: Cleanse, Purify, Stimulate, Restore, Protect, Prevent and Target. Specially adapted categories offer a comprehensive selection of products to be used at home, either between peels or independently as part of a personalised regimen designed by dermatologists. Each product has been carefully identified and actioned through a range of cleansers, masks, serums, sun protectors, day and night creams. Targeted products, these have been cultivated to promote the benefits of Dermaceutic’s peel treatments and ensure lasting effects.

Ingredients & Protocols
Dermaceutic’s range contain an unrivalled concentration of active ingredients, uniquely combined to optimize skincare results. The brand was one of the first skincare lines to introduce into its formulas many now-essential skincare ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, vitamin C complex, and glycolic acid and retinol. Equally as important are its protocols, which have been designed to maximize the benefits and safety of each product whilst ensuring a quick and easy application.

Results, not Claims
Dermaceutic has the most thorough clinical data of any cosmeceutical brand proving the safety and effectiveness of each of its products across all skin types, phototypes, and ethnicities. Dermatological assessments conducted on 63 volunteers which included Caucasian, Asian, and dark-skin women found between 88 and 90% improvements in skin condition, radiance, and tone *
Dermaceutic is the choice of doctors and aesthetic experts worldwide for efficient and non-invasive skincare solutions, through safe and easy protocols which ensure optimal results. The products do not simply treat conditions; they transform and revitalize, creating long-lasting changes resulting in clearer, healthier skin.

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ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health

Wigmore Medical Ltd

Dubbed the ‘King of Skin’ Dr Zein Obagi is world-renowned for his work in dermatology spanning over 30 years. Pioneering the concept of ‘Skin Health Restoration’, he changed the paradigms of skincare, addressing skin concerns at a cellular rather than superficial level, putting him at the forefront of anti-ageing innovation.

Dr Obagi’s story started in 1960s Syria, where the experiences he encountered propelled him into a career in medicine. Dr Obagi soon became frustrated by the limitations of aesthetic medicine—the focus was solely on the skin’s surface, treating symptoms rather than the source of the problem. Wanting to understand why treatments worked differently depending on skin type and armed with his knowledge of pathology, Dr Obagi embarked on a two-year research project into the deeper workings of the skin. What he found would later elevate him from being a general dermatologist to a leader in the field.

His success created a buzz around Dr Obagi and he wanted to differentiate his approach, so coined the idea of Skin Health Restoration. He defined this as returning skin to a natural healthy state where it is ‘smooth and tight with collagen and elastin; even in colour, when all the cells are working properly, hydrated, natural and strong.’

Following the success of his Skin Health Institute, Blue Peels and the Nu-Derm System, Obagi found a new innovation that would shape the skincare market and ZO was born. Comprising a non-medical line, ZO Skin Health and professional range, ZO Medical, the products are based on the ‘circle of skincare’. ZO works synergistically through stages, namely Daily Skincare, Protection, Therapeutic and Maintenance. For ZO Skin Health the key differentiation has always been a higher concentration of retinol compared to other over-the-counter formulations. ZO Medical takes a more advanced approach, with products five times stronger than the Skin Health range. The ranges provide innovative results-oriented skin health solutions to treat everyone seeking healthier skin and today, ZO is among the most widely regarded skincare lines recommended by experts globally.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Dr Zein Obagi has been recognised for his advancements in dermatology. While he continues to practise from his three clinics, his career has taken him beyond treating patients into the laboratory, classroom and to represent innovations in skincare on a global scale. Dr Obagi’s philosophies, advanced line of products—ZO and pioneering procedures have carved an ongoing legacy and cemented him as a pioneer in dermatology and skin health.

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Key Dates for 2018 Awards

  • Entries Open 1st May 2018
  • Entries Close 29th June 2018
  • Finalists announced and voting open 31st August 2018
  • Voting and Judging Close 31st October 2018
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony 1st December 2018