The Aesthetic Technology Award for Best Clinic London

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally. The award is only open to clinics that were established before 1 January 2020. Those that were established after should enter the Award for Best New Clinic UK & Ireland and will be judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients. Aesthetics Media reserves the right to move your clinic entry to another regional or new clinic category if deemed appropriate. You will be notified of this change. If your clinic is part of a clinic group, only one clinic within the group may be entered and not the entire group. There will be no voting process and the winner will be decided by the Aesthetics Awards judging panel.


Adonia Medical Clinic

At Adonia Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing the very best aesthetic and skincare treatments available in London and beyond we put our patients at the centre of our care, creating customised and bespoke treatment plans to help each person achieve their goals.

The clinic is spearheaded by Dr Ejikeme a Medical Consultant and renowned Lecturer in aesthetic medicine who has trained an expert team with the united mission of providing effective evidence-based solutions for all skin types. Treatment options include injectables, hair loss, body contouring treatment, facials, peels with a solid focus on skin health.

We have a holistic approach to skin concerns looking at the whole person, identifying the underling triggers to ensure results are long lasting.

At Adonia Medical Clinic we know that there are many aspects that contribute to skin health from the inside out as well as outside in. We use our unique approach of 5 pillars of skin health including diet, stress, general health, sleep and exercise which all contribute to changes in our skin and hair. We blend this with our offering of scientifically led medical and aesthetic treatments and products– when all combined, help our patients look and feel refreshed.

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Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics

Dr Leah’s award-winning clinics are located in London and Essex. All three of our clinics are equipped with the very latest in cosmetic technology, and no matter which of our locations you visit, your treatment will be carried out by a skilled professional in a safe and modern clinic environment.

Our injectable treatments are performed only by our clinic doctors. Dr Leah Cosmetic doctors are GMC/GDC registered, highly experienced, and industry leaders in their own right. Each is committed to Dr Leah Clinics ethos of the safe, effective, and ethical cosmetic practice. 

Our skin, body, and laser treatments are performed by advanced aesthetic therapists who are knowledgeable, professional, and approachable. We employ only senior aesthetic therapists’ and as such, each of our Aesthetic Therapists has at least 5 years of experience and holds NVQ level 3 or 4 beauty and laser core of knowledge. Each has undergone further specialist training in medical skin care, skin and laser treatments within the Dr Leah brand.

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Juve Medical and Aesthetics

Juvea Medical and Aesthetics is an award-winning, plastic surgeon-led clinic in London's Harley Street, where patient safety and satisfaction is at the heart of our practice.

Despite the difficulties presented by COVID restrictions and lockdown, we have managed to achieve our goals, with innovative marketing strategies keeping us at the forefront of our patients' minds, helping us to achieve 122% growth in our patient database and a 22% increase against our target revenues. Now that the aesthetics industry is returning to normal, we are delighted to have introduced new staff and new technology to our clinic, ensuring that we will continue to meet and exceed our patients' expectations.

Please see our Entry Video Here:

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LINIA Skin Clinic

Linia Skin Clinic is a prestigious clinic located in Harley Street. Lead by the famous Dr Zokaie with over 15 years experience our team of doctors and therapists provide most advanced medical and aesthetic treatments to over 6000 patients a year.  We have the largest acne clinic in the London seeing over 100s of patients per year and helping many achieve clear and healthy skin.

We offer a high standard of care which is appreciated by our patients. We are highly rated by our patients with a 4.8* google rating and popular among celebrities.  

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London Aesthetic Medicine

LAM Clinic is the heart of Harley Street pioneered by globally renowned educator & KOL Industry leading Dr Uliana Gout. Since being awarded Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year in 2021, Dr Gout has prioritised education and innovation to spearhead the aesthetics industry which is brought to every aspect of her Harley Street home. Dr Gout is President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine & our Clinic aims to follow the latest evidence-based guidelines whilst pioneering innovation & safety. Renowned for reinventing luxury- every aspect of the experience is completely Hyper-Personalised and as unique as the patients themselves.

Significant growth achieved in 2021 despite the Covid pandemic - team growth, new PR activities, new website, new mission-vision-values, new emailing blast initiative, new treatment portfolio, CQC registration application, new safety protocols, clinic decor development. 

Dr Gout has also coined new global trends SKINXIETY, SKINMUNITY, SKINSEASONALITY - successfully accepted by global press - aiming to educate general public & community.

Awarded TOP DOCTOR Tatler 2019-21 (Beauty & Surgery Guide)

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London Professional Aesthetics

LPA opened the doors to its own clinic space in 2014.  In the wake of the 'work from home' trend resulting from the COVID-19, with a large proportion of its patient base being London city workers, the past 2 years have been full of challenges. The LPA team have worked tirelessly to reassure patients and welcome them back and are immensely proud not only to have survived this period but to continue to thrive.

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Premier Laser Clinic UK LTD

Premier Laser & Skin Ethos is EXPERT CARE SUPERIOR RESULT

Customer Journey, Care, and Satisfaction:

It is our everyday goal that from the moment a potential customer contacts us until they complete their treatment, the journey is efficient, pleasant, with full satisfaction.

We have invested heavily to achieve this result.

A dedicated in-house Call Centre, hand on managers, and multiple customer communications platforms are monitored 7 days a week.

Our experienced Medical and Aesthetical practitioners strived to provide each customer the Expert Care.

Health & Safety - COVID:

The Health & Safety of our clients and staff is paramount.

We are currently moving from None Surgical into Medical/Dental procedures, which has meant that we are implementing even higher levels of hygiene in our clinics. Much stronger ventilation, air filtration, regular disinfection of all surfaces, etc can reassure our clients of the highest levels of protection in these difficult COVID times.

Innovation & Result:

When we started the business over 13 years ago, we were one of the pioneers to bring innovative treatments to High Street. Since then we have always invested in the latest equipment and technology to make sure that our clients always receive the Best Treatments and Achieve Superior Results. 

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The Cadogan Clinic

The Cadogan Clinic is a family business founded by Mr Bryan Mayou, a pioneering plastic surgeon best known for introducing liposuction and certain vascular lasers to the UK. The pioneering heritage the Clinic was founded on is still very much alive today as the elite team continues to progress research, publish papers and share findings with the industry to improve standards.

The Clinic specialises in anti-ageing and rejuvenation, as well as all areas of medical dermatology and cosmetic surgery. It is now the busiest specialist aesthetic hospital in the country & an increasingly important hub for medical aesthetics.

Throughout 2021, the Cadogan Clinic underwent a major refurbishment to better meet patient needs & enhance the already excellent journey. The luxurious “facelift” reflects the elegance of the Clinic’s clientele.

Committed to excellence, raising and progressing industry standards, the Cadogan Clinic is home to the most prestigious surgical fellowship in the UK and the coveted BAAPs fellowship is now entering its 5th year.

Every measure is taken to ensure safety and an excellent journey, with detailed consultations, approachable, honest and impartial communications. The team is highly trained to maintain achieve a consistency of approach across the Clinic and a seamless patient experience.

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The Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

  • Dr Julian De Silva is a leading facial plastic surgeon who specializes only in surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. Dr De Silva has considerable experience in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery from fellowships in London, Los Angeles and New York. He is the one of a handful of elite surgeons to be recognized with British, European and American qualifications, memberships and board certification.
  • Dr De Silva teaches internationally, has co-authored over 30 scientific research papers and written multiple books, as well as running multiple randomised control studies, regarded as the gold standard of medical research. Julian’s philosophy focuses on giving patients natural-looking results and between 20-40% of his work is complex revision treatments on patients who have received treatment elsewhere.  
  • "It has been my driving passion to be the very best person I can be to my patients, my team and my family."
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The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

Thank you for your consideration of our Clinic for this prestigious industry award!  As a business, we absolutely could not have survived these unprecedented Covid-times without our Clinic staff and their dedication, support and ultimately, unwavering care of our amazing and valued clients! We are infinitely grateful for our clinic staff and all of those that make up a part of our supporting team - they enable us to continue to do what we love to do in the best way we know how... that is to provide exceptional care to our fantastic clients, with love & dedication.  Thank you!

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Vie Aesthetics

Vie Aesthetics is a multi-award-winning, non-surgical Medical & Cosmetics Clinic. With addresses in Harley Street, Holborn, Essex and Germany, the Vie Aesthetics team is ever-growing and expanding their advanced treatments across London and the South East. As a Doctors-only clinic under the guidance of Dr Ioannis Liakas, Vie Aesthetics promotes safety in aesthetics through its transparent approach to the client journey. With their holistic approach Vie Aesthetics offer a host of treatments from medical and cosmetic solutions for face, body and hair, to their medical weight loss clinic and life coaching services. Specialising in bespoke combination treatments, Vie Aesthetics put the client at the centre of their own journey helping to achieve realistic goals and delivering natural-looking, long-lasting results. 

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