The Croma Award for Clinic Reception Team of the Year

Criteria This award was open to reception teams of any size working in a clinic in the UK or Ireland. In selecting finalists and a winner for this award, the judges will look for evidence of ongoing, outstanding customer service, a continuous training programme, strong practitioner support and effective teamwork for the benefit of the clinic and its patients. There will be no voting process and the winner will be decided by the judging panel.


Adonia Medical Clinic

Dr Ejikeme is a NHS medical consultant and renowned aesthetic medicine specialist with extensive global training in medicine and surgery. She is loved by patients and colleagues, often being asked to present at leading Aesthetic conferences.

Using this training, Dr Ejikeme went on to found Adonia Medical Clinic, where she used her skills to create a perfect blend of both medicine and aesthetics.  

Our aim is to help our patients reclaim their skin confidence with proven and personalized care. We understand that each person that comes to the clinic is at a different place in their skin journey, so we offer different solutions, to match their needs. Inclusivity is of paramount importance to us. We ensure we are able to cater for both men and women and all skin types and tones. 

Adonia Medical Clinic is continually growing and improving, with scientifically led treatments and patient safety being our main priority.  

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Cliniva Medispa

Cliniva Medispa reception team are key to positive patient experience & strive to exceed patient expectations. Always well-presented in uniform & name badge, our team are warm, attentive & approachable. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, ethical, safe, yet relaxing & friendly experience. Our team are vital in achieving this.

Our team ensure that reception area is welcoming, clean & tidy. Support patients through treatment journey from initial booking to the follow up

We always strive to create good impression from offset & ensure patients have as positive an experience as possible; welcoming with a friendly smile, offering drinks from our menu, soothing nerves, providing treatment advice or making recommendations - nothing is too much trouble for our team

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Dr Nestor's Medical Cosmetic Centre

The Dr Nestor's Medical & Cosmetic Centre reception team set the gold standard in terms of personality and professionalism. Not only do they go above and beyond in terms of service they have made it their mission to support local charities and initiatives which cements their place within the Edinburgh community.

An excellent representation of the aesthetic medical industry the team, led by Lynsey Crosbie would be a worthy recipient of this award.

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Dr Sobia Medispa (previously known as CAREFORSKIN)

Our CQC registered state-of-the-art medical aesthetic clinic is led by Dr Sobia Syed and is based in Clitheroe (Lancashire). We offer a full range of face, body, skin, hair and wellness treatments. 

The clinic’s core objectives and philosophy are to deliver safe, effective and ethical treatments to provide patients a subtly natural, youthful and rejuvenated appearance. This inspires our dedicated Reception team to support our patients and practitioners.

From initial patient contact to treatment completion our Receptionists are warm, friendly, hospitable, listen, and develop trustworthy relationships with patients, which differentiates our clinic.

Continual training and development ensure that the Reception team is providing the highest standard of service to patient whilst supporting practitioners with duty of care in a safe clinical environment.

Our proactive Receptionists have contributed to exceptional growth in patient numbers and appointments which has resulted in high revenue in the past year. The Reception team’s flexible and dynamic nature played a fundamental role to facilitate the clinic through the unprecedented challenges faced during Covid-19.

Our passionate Reception team brings professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a proactive approach in delivering exceptional front-line customer service which contributes to a positive, memorable, personal, safe and seamless patient journey.

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Freyja Medical

Some might look back on 2020 and want to forget it - but the reception team at Freyja have embraced the challenges and come out stronger than ever! When many clinics were winding down, Freyja expanded it's reception team to twice the previous number and seized the opportunity to make their level of service and customer care second to none. 

The systemised and protocol-driven way the business works allows all staff members to fulfil their roles efficiently and effectively while also allowing for flexibility to circumstance.

A focus on exceptional customer care while maintaining a safe and professional environment has not gone unnoticed by the patients either. With the highest ever numbers of patients bookings, we are also getting the best feedback we've ever had.

The face of the business is reflected by the amazing reception team. They integrate into every aspect of the patient journey. Without such an amazing team the business would not be in the strong position it is now with expanding revenues and the imminent opening of a new clinic.

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Hampton Clinic

Hampton Clinic is a Centre of Excellence in aesthetics based in the tranquil, leafy grounds of Hampton Manor. A client-centred, whole person approach ensures our clients can be the best version of themselves and age positively and naturally. Proudly boasting 97% 5* feedback from our clients and offering unrivalled client service, our Clinics reception team sit firmly at the heart of our success. 

We believe that the first point of contact is crucial in our clients’ journey and only our most highly trained and experienced staff fulfil this role ensuring our clients feel welcome, relaxed and safe from first enquiry through the duration of their appointment(s) at our Clinic. Their passion and knowledge for the services we offer often converts into consultations with Dr Hill with 90% of clients booking in for treatments after their complimentary consultation. 

Our reception team are also on hand to answer any queries or concerns as well as support and guide our clients in their choice of products including make-up, nail treatments, nutritional supplements and skincare. No wonder we’ve been awarded Phorest Customer Service Excellence Award for our consistent 5* customer service for the second year running.

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Health & Aesthetics

At Health & Aesthetics, we have many loyal and repeat patients who have recommended their family and friends. We believe that this is because we continually delight patients not just with the latest innovations for exceptional results, but with the highest standard of customer care from every member of our Reception team. 

Our reception team’s contribution to the clinic experience is essential, as they are frequently the first point of contact and responsible for the patient’s initial welcome to our clinic as well as farewell. 

They build trusting relationships with our patients, encouraging them to ask questions, raise concerns or find out about other procedures and treatments. Every detail of the patient experience matters to our reception team. 

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Illuminate Skin Clinic

Illuminate Skin Clinic was founded by the award-winning Dr Sophie Shotter and is based in Kings Hill, Kent. Dr Shotter opened this premium clinic five years ago with a vision of delivering a selection of the best holistic services that blend aesthetics with wellness, teamed with an unrivalled patient consultation protocol and aftercare service.

Today, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments such as Injectables, threadlifting, PRP, and peels, alongside body treatments such as fat-reduction by CoolSculpting and wellness treatments that include, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Women’s Wellness Services and Intravenous Vitamin Infusions. Dr Shotter has also hand-picked the clinic’s product partners and offers skincare regimes by SkinCeuticals, skinbetter SCIENCE and Obagi Medical to name a few.

Illuminate Skin Clinic will only ever work with market-leading technology and clinically-proven products. We pride ourselves on delivering a very caring, community service whereby people are only encouraged to look and feel the best version of themselves.

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Outline Clinic

Outline Clinic was founded by Mary White in 2001 and is now an established and respected clinic set in the heart of Worcestershire. Our vision is to provide an exceptional service, with our patients centred at everything we do.

Our whole team, including Reception staff work tirelessly to surpass our patients expectations, 100% of the time.

Our reception team are integral to our patients journey. Our reception team includes: Howard Davies (Financial Director), Louise Adams (Senior Receptionist) and Jacquie Johnson (Patient Care Manager).

Our ethos is to excel in every service we offer, and we place customer service at the heart of every action we take. Our consistently high feedback reflects that patients are happy with our service and that we are succeeding with our goals. Our reception team build rapport with patients and make them feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the door.

Mary White says, “My Reception Team are at the heart of everything we do. It’s the small things that matter: our receptionists know when patients have birthdays, the names of their grandchildren, what pets they have and where they’ve been on holiday this year. I am proud to work with my team.”

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Perfect Skin Solutions

At Perfect Skin Solutions, we believe in creating a warm welcoming atmosphere ensuring an enjoyable experience. That’s why we work constantly to make sure our patient journey doesn’t just start in the treatment room.  

We believe in making strong emotional bonds with all our patients. Whether this be by telephone, email, social media reach-out, or in person, we strive to go that extra mile, adding personal touches wherever possible. As a result, our patients feel safe and excited for every visit. Our reception team goes above and beyond to ensure that each patient feels understood and that their booking experience is as seamless as possible.   

With the added pressures of operating under COVID-19 conditions, our welcome process has become more complicated, involving social distancing, hygiene and safety protocols. Our entire team make sure this runs as smoothly as possible and that patients are greeted in a calm and reassuring manner, both by the reception staff and clinicians. 

Alongside reception, the rest of our team are always ready to help and support. We have a floating Therapist available to discuss products and take questions from patients in the reception area. This ensures that every patient gets outstanding individual service and care. 

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Vie Aesthetics Ltd

Vie Aesthetics is an award-winning aesthetic medicine company with clinics in Essex and London. Since launching in 2013, we have enjoyed exponential growth each year, and integral to that success is our world-class Reception Team. A highly trained, multi-disciplinary group, each member holds at least one other role in the company, such as Patient Coordinator for chaperoning patients on their journey. Some Reception staff also hold specialist roles such as Head of Beauty and Make-Up Artist, ensuring they are qualified to offer expert advice on specific, non-medical products.

As a Receptionist, each team member fulfils many responsibilities, from handling enquiries, to preparing treatment rooms and ensuring CQQ regulations are followed. We enjoy a conversion rate of more than 90%. A personable, professional and courteous group, they make an extra effort to get to know each patient, keeping GDPR-compliant digital notes on an individual’s preferences, needs, allergies etc. Furthermore, they are trained in basic life support and first aid and can support the doctors in case of emergencies. Our Receptionists produce vlogs and have an equal voice in brainstorming creative ideas. They are the face of Vie Aesthetics and crucial to our success!

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Younique Aesthetics Clinic

The multi award-winning Younique Aesthetics Clinic in Newry consists of a multi layered team structure, the backbone being their reception team. This team supports the medical staff in the clinic, and is the first point of contact for the patient, ensuring patients have the best experience in the clinic. The team has expanded from two to five staff members over the last year. They have also undertaken various training courses, and are all fully trained in line with Covid-19 guidelines from the government. This team are also previous winners of the Northern Ireland Business Awards Best Team Award in 2018.

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