The Healthxchange Award for Sales Representative of the Year

This award recognises the valuable contribution that sales representatives make to their industry, their customers and ultimately patients. Finalists show outstanding levels of support for their customers, a strong commitment to their industry and a proven ability to assist clinics in supporting patients and growing sales of their product. The winner will be selected from the finalists using a combination of Aesthetics reader votes and judges scores. Voting will constitute a 30% share of the final score. Finalists may not vote on their customers' behalf.


Nik Kane

Nik Kane

Beamwave Technologies

Thank you for your consideration in my entry for ‘Sales Representative of the Year’.
To me, sales is not just a transaction, it is an on-going journey of experience. I believe in the phrase “be a farmer, not a hunter”. In other words, you build a relationship so that when the device or product is installed, this is when the journey elevates. With the hunter, this is when it ends after their money has been received. I feel the role of a representative should be that of an Ambassador for the company, manufacturer and industry, offering all the advice, demonstrations and information needed to come to an informed decision, without any pressure. I like to work to the principles of ‘Brilliant Basics’, always return phone calls and emails, give information on demand and more importantly ‘do as you say you are going to do’. These principles have resulted in the sales, installation and training of over 50 devices in the last 14 months spread over the UK and Ireland. In addition to this, it has led to invitations from associations to give talks on emerging and disruptive technologies and being invited by conferences to speak on purchasing capital equipment. I believe that distance is no object and therefore, I cover all of the UK and Ireland. In March 2017, I was honoured to receive the accolade of ‘Sales Representative of the Year’ at the Scottish Medical Aesthetics awards, an award which was personally special to me as it was based on votes by customers.

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Julie Purdy

Julie Purdy

Galderma UK Limited

I have worked in the aesthetics industry for the last 9 years, as an aesthetics account manager, product specialist and corporate accounts executive. My goal has been to support my customers, to increasing revenue for my customers and for the Galderma aesthetics portfolio by working in partnership to help increase business to the mutual benefit of both parties.
I communicate easily and develop rapport at all levels with honesty and integrity, whilst having a reliable and strong professional work ethic. I am a focused and determined individual who leads by example, with excellent customer service and consistent sales performance. I believe that my role is to ensure patient safety at the highest level by providing quality products with clinically backed studies to my customers and providing my customers with an informed choice.
I also support my own organisation, e.g. helping marketing to tailor materials useful to our customers’ needs and mentoring new starters to ensure they develop and understand how to support their customers effectively.
Good customer service and patient satisfaction is very important to me and to do this I ensure that I keep myself up to date with current affairs, market intelligence and best practice at all times. This is done by regularly attending the industry conferences and exhibitions, along with my own company conferences, e-learning and training events that we run to ensure safe practice with my products. I subscribe to the monthly aesthetic journals to continually update my own knowledge of the industry and competitor brands.
I work with all levels of customer, from novice, to intermediate and advanced injectors and I am able to assist in all aspects of the business. My customers are not just the individual injectors, but managers, HCP’s, front of house and other cross functional staff throughout every business. I support the business as a whole, which enables me to build long term relationships, trust, confidence and safety in the use of my aesthetics portfolio. I aim to be a consultant to their business by sharing best practice, supporting customers with product knowledge, clinical injectable skills, and business development training and support. I have always enjoyed supporting a business from the beginning of their journey and watching them develop into a strong, well-known name within the industry. My skill lies in understanding the needs of each individual and matching the level and types of support to see them grow. My length of service has meant I have broad range of product expertise, ensuring that the injectors understand the science behind the products, how to use the products safely to give the best results for their patients’ individual needs and customer satisfaction.
Since 2008 I have built long term relationships from the Midlands down to London and from the South West up to the North West. Customers trust me and know that if I don’t know the answer, I will certainly find out for them and always get back to them in a timely manner.

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Kelly Tobin

Kelly Tobin


I should be sales representative of the year because I always go the extra mile.
I have exceeded my targets year after year consistently for more than 16 years, with a 53% increase in sales over the last year.
Each and every one of my 4000+ customers mean the world to me. I pride myself in consistently delivering an exemplary service by utilising my broad knowledge and understanding of the industry.
All my customers value the service I provide and are happy to recommend me.
I started in the aesthetics industry in 2001 and have grown personally as the sector has grown. I’ve had roles with distributors, manufacturers, undertaken training with cadavers, had a year in a top marketing agency and sourced practices, managed the CQC process and supported practitioners with training.
I know the aesthetics industry inside out and have an unequivocal passion and drive to work in partnership with practitioners. Being able to advise on everything from digital marketing and audience segmentation to practice fit out, product placement and regulatory requirements.
I believe this knowledge combined with the Med-Fx proposition, as a one-stop-shop for facial aesthetics is a winning combination.
I provide a hands on link between manufacturers, suppliers and practitioners. This enables me to react quickly to changes in the market place and bring feedback, support and knowledge back to the table, maximising growth and aiding stability in the aesthetics arena.
Working with Med-FX I am able to supply all UK brands, there are no parallel imports and we only sell to trained medical professionals. This provides me with the perfect platform to offer safe, unbiased, ethical advice and guidance which puts the patient at the heart of the sale.
I pride myself on the high level, bespoke, service I provide, offering a consultative sell, tailoring the product selection to the exact needs of the practice or individual.
I’m dedicated to delivering exceptional levels of service by utilising my extensive knowledge of products and applications to maximise my customer’s success in the aesthetics industry.
With hard work, determination and a spoonful of luck I have been fortunate to succeed within the Aesthetics industry, creating a great reputation based on my work ethics determination, passion and knowledge.
Every day is an opportunity to learn, we have new products, procedures and indications, in a fantastic, rapidly expanding, aesthetics market and I love being along for the ride, it always makes me smile! :-)

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Lorraine McLoughlin

Lorraine McLoughlin


When I was asked to enter for sales representative of the year, I had to think long and hard with what I would write as this has been an emotional journey for me and I have been so lucky to get the opportunity to be part of this amazing, whacky world of aesthetics.
There have been many changes in the years I have been involved, some good, some not so good, but the one consistent thing is when I have been honoured and lucky enough to see some outstanding individuals grow from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Being part of their journey and being able to support them , whether it be by , training, product advise , customer journey or just being there when they needed support has made my job so special.
Over the years I have met some amazing colleagues which I have the privilege of now calling my friends.
Customers tell me I have the ability to handle situations no matter how stressful and get a solution in place quickly ,taking the pressure of what is already a difficult job for them when they have busy clinics and deadlines to meet in their daily routine.
I have been involved with numerous clinic launches and open events, which takes a lot of organising and blood, sweat, and tears prior to the event, Being able to support and be on hand on the events has allowed me to gain insight into individuals values and visons, and seeing a full appointment diary after these events is a true reflection of the high standards and amazing clinicians I have the privilege of working with.
The one thing important to me is a great sense of humour as it is often the case when things are not going the correct way, frustrations can take over, and having the ability to laugh often makes what seems like a big issue into a small manageable situation.

I can honestly say I wake up each morning looking forward to what my day will bring as even at my age I learn something new every day.
It seems a long time ago I was just a little girl in a playground with dreams of what I would do when I grow up and cannot believe how privileged I have been to have had this amazing life journey which I never take for granted and hope it continues for many more years.

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Paula Dene

Paula Dene

Merz Aesthetics

As an experienced representative in the Beauty and Aesthetics industry for over 27 years, my roles have varied from Aesthetics Account Manager, Key Account Manager and Sales Agent for Capital Equipment. My expert knowledge from working with hundreds of clinics around the UK and a large and assorted range of products has provided me with the business acumen and skills over the years to see the short and long term issues facing my customers and to be able to support and help them build a more profitable business.

This industry is evolving and incredibly exciting and I am proud to be a part of it. I have a genuine interest in my customer, their business and patients and I am passionate about achieving results for them ensuring that their best interest is always my primary goal. I am a very positive and driven person and have noticed over the years that people are getting busier and I do feel that it is especially important to respect their time while still achieving results and still going that extra mile to deliver trusted results

I work to a high professional standard and respect the rules and parameters of the industry and operate compliantly within them. Through my knowledge gained from clinical data, research and other published articles, I am able to conduct insightful discussions with customers that add to the knowledge of both parties enabling development and growth. My passion for Ultherapy has compelled me to develop Northern based KOL’s for both commercial (Dr Nyla Raja) and clinical (Dr Julia Sevi) aspects of the Ultherapy business which will in time assist all UK and European users.

As well as building mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships with my customers, I do work with a fantastic team at Merz, we are a business and I do have targets that I need to meet. I have over achieved on my Control Units for Ultherapy this year, sold a prelaunch Cellfina, hit my transducer sales target and helped my team gain injectable sales in previously difficult to access accounts. These results have been achieved through my commitment and investment in customers and two very important values to me; trust and credibility. I believe in the company I work for, my products, and the right way to do business. Trust and credibility take time to build and the investment is worthwhile for future relationships and on going success.

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Deirdre MacMahon

Deirdre MacMahon

Merz Aesthetics

I feel I am an excellent candidate for Sales Representative of the Year for the following reasons;

• Having lived and worked on territory within the Irish Aesthetics Industry, I have built a database of key clients with whom I have forged strong, long lasting and trusting relationships. I have managed to convert new business accounts into large high volume purchasing accounts across the Merz portfolio. Most recently after a long established sales career path within Injectables, I have evolved my sales capability into the capital sales arena and have supported the launch of ULTHERAPY® in Ireland. Through this career progression I have learnt to further enhance my ability to support my treasured key accounts via a long term, strategic consumable business partnership.

• I have worked in partnership with these accounts to generate a robust business partnership and to ensure a win:win business growth relationship for both parties. I pride myself on a proven sales track record, having achieved at least 100% sales versus target for a steady nine years out of my ten in the industry including my winning the “Merz Sales Champion” award as top Sales Rep across UK & Ireland. In more recent years I’m very proud to have been able to maintain an above target sales performance considering our highly competitive market place as well as the huge economic downturn which befell Ireland. This, alongside the challenge of working without a botulinum toxin type A in the Republic of Ireland) has not stopped me from demonstrating the great successes of the Belotero®+ (more than doubled the sales of any other rep in year 1) and Radiesse®+ launches in Ireland as well as making the move into Capital Equipment Sales with the Ultherapy system. I will soon be launching the Cellfina® system, intended for long-term reduction of cellulite, in Ireland and with firm business plans in place I fully intend to continue that strong record of growth.

I have had the pleasure of supporting the sale of Ultherapy systems to 7 new Merz key accounts and have supported their teams with their successful launches by providing clinical excellence training and education advancing their treatments to ensure the best outcomes for their patients. My Irish business is a success because my Key Accounts are always dedicated to doing the right thing by their patients. This approach aligns very much with our Merz UK Values.

Ensuring I employ the right ethos by doing the right thing from a clinic to patient perspective and, from a corporate to clinic partnership perspective, is at the very heart of my differentiation. As a sales representative I strive to impress with my enthusiasm based on fact and clinical data. I am wholly trust worthy and will always be truthful and do my best by my business family in Ireland.

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Karen Houlihan

Karen Houlihan

Merz Aesthetics

 I am brand shiny new to Aesthetics!
 I have balanced a new territory while doing my ABPI exams
 I was bottom of the league table in 11th place last year and I was determined to change the picture in 2017
 And I did…
 I am currently 2nd on sales versus target with one month to go, potentially I could finish first
 May 2017 I delivered the biggest earning month the company has ever seen on my territory
 I inherited a target list of 100 customers that I had to quickly gauge the value of & put together my own list - mindful of two key selling elements - protection & prospection!
 I like a challenge – demonstrated by taking on a historically underperforming territory
 I have balanced a lot of plates given the geography spread of my territory – to give you an idea I cover Herts, Beds, Bucks, Berks, Oxon, Warks, Leics, Northants and Cambs.
 Being Irish, I also quickly had to learn the above shortened county names and where they even were!!
 I used market intelligence which accompanied with hard work and determination has resulted in a 34% growth on the previous year
 I conducted ‘Face Facts days’ – a training day derived from a gap where I saw a series of large conferences and very few smaller ones. People learn in different ways so I spotted a niche with an opportunity for all to learn and grow and as a result I put on a series of smaller group events that allowed those injectors who needed the support to be more hands on
 Of course, mindful of budgets, came about the idea of group events.
 I have grouped injectors who live close by to use as a “support” network for each other
 I developed a close link with our head office sales & marketing team & with this in mind I have sourced competitor information & fed this back
 As an Account Manager I have a mix of brain, heart and muscle! Brain; Business Acumen and Aesthetic Market and Product Knowledge, Heart; Passion & Interpersonal Skills & Muscle; Drive and Tenacity. I feel it is by having the perfect blend of these areas why I should receive The Healthxchange Award for Sales Representative of the Year on December 2nd 2017 in London, please.

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Kerry Lavin

Kerry Lavin

Merz Aesthetics

This is my third year working as a sales representative and working for Merz Aesthetics. Coming from a non-science, non-business back ground, I have worked hard over the last few years to build on my skills and knowledge to help me in achieving excellence in supporting my customers.
My interest with my customers is beyond selling a product, it is important for me to really understand my customers, their needs and the needs of their business to enable us to form a true partnership and to move both our businesses forward together.
I have built strong working relationships with my customers based upon trust, openness and honesty around myself, our brands and Merz. My approach with my customers is collaborative and rather than trying to gain a quick win, I provide them with all the evidence based knowledge, skills and confidence which allows my customers to make an informed choice about our brands and a partnership with Merz.
My support this year has extended further than my customers, I have been active internally in mentoring new sales starters to Merz to help and support them in their new role. Through understanding my business and having a clear plan at the beginning of each year, I have been involved in building a territory business plan to help support the rest of the team with their business planning.
I believe this has all lead to my success of consistently achieving year on year growth on my territory. This year has seen me secure the No.1 place at Merz and my territory now has the highest cash revenue in the UK and Ireland.
Year 1 14/15– 38% Growth securing me 2nd place AAM at Merz: Target-28%
Year 2 15/16– 27% Growth securing me 3rd place AAM at Merz: Target-18%
Year 3 16/17- 44% Growth securing me 1st place AAM at Merz: Target-21%
Above all else I have fun, I love this industry and I really do love my job. It is a fantastic achievement for me to be nominated in the Industry rep of the year category and it would be an even bigger achievement if I was to progress through to the final.

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Key Dates for 2018 Awards

  • Entries Open 1st May 2018
  • Entries Close 29th June 2018
  • Finalists announced and voting open 31st August 2018
  • Voting and Judging Close 31st October 2018
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony 1st December 2018