Best Clinic Scotland

Criteria Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally. The award was only open to clinics that were established before 1 January 2019 and will be judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients. There will be no voting process and the winner will be decided by the judging panel.


Dermal Clinic

The Clinical Director is Jackie Partridge MSc BSc RGN NIP. NMC 90H0255S. Jackie has 14 years’ experience within the field of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Practice. She is a KOL and performs many national and international presenting and teaching sessions. Jackie holds a master’s degree in Non-Surgical Aesthetic practice from Northumbria University, a professional practice degree (foundation in Dermatology) from Stirling University and is an independent prescriber. Jackie continues her education by teaching anatomy and injection techniques at Masterclasses Globally.

The clinic also has a Business Director, 5 x Aestheticians, 2 x Administrators, 2 x Doctors, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and 2 x Consultant Dermatologists. All our staff are trained in the laser core of knowledge which is updated annually. All staff are also trained in CPR and anaphylaxis with annual updates. As part of our registered status as a Healthcare Improvement Scotland registered clinic, all staff have PVG (persons of vulnerable group) registration. As one of our many policies our staff are trained to deal with all emergency situations including fire safety and recently undertook bespoke fire safety training.

The Doctors who provide weight loss management to our patients attend regular update meetings, both face to face and via Skype to say up to date and share best practice with colleagues across the UK. This ensures that new ideas can be easily shared and improvements for patient safety and enjoyment of the weight loss program can be collated. They also undertake their annual medical appraisals.

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Highly Commended

Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic

Medical Director: Miranda Philip NMC 92i5145e

  • BA, RGN Oxford Brookes University and The John Radcliffe School of Nursing, Oxford.
  •  Grad Dip (Aes Med) University of Greenwich
  • Post Grad Dip (Aes Med with Distinction) Northumbria University
  • Non Medical Prescriber (MA level with Distinction) Edinburgh Napier University
Alongside academic qualifications, Miranda has been a fulltime Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner since 2007, a member of the BACN, completed many clinical courses and kept up to date consistently over this period of time. Miranda was a trainer for Teoxane. Most recent courses in 2020 have included  CPD continuation for Certified Expert on the Science Behind Light Therapy & It's Clinical Application from Celluma, Certification of Achievement on Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT from the University of Reading.

Business Director: Steven Philip

Clinic Reception Manager: Viki Turner

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Renu Skin Clinic Ltd

Renu Skin Clinic was created by Kristeen Gray/Geddes Clinic Director NMC 03A0065S to provide age defying and skin perfecting facials, cutting edge treatments, expert advice and innovative and effective skin health solutions. Our clinic is dedicated to providing the most up to date quality patient care in the field of non surgical and dermatological treatments for the face and body. All of our medical and nursing staff have been specially trained to provide the latest technology as well as techniques for our patients. Our team consists of dentists, nurse prescribers, receptionists and a marketing team who all interact dynamically, independently, and adaptively towards a common and valued goal.

Our team structure is an integral part of our team work and all of our members are included in the process of patient care who all have clearly defined roles and responsibilities and are accountable to the team for their actions. Our team members always stay continually informed for effective team functioning. All of our team members include the patient as well as their families and we understand this is crucial in patient care. We reflect on how we all work together and how we can improve the practice and care of our patients. We do this by holding huddles that cover the technical aspects of work as well as how our team members are feeling. We all have clear guidelines that we work towards and with a mixed multi disciplinary team who have their own skills and knowledge to offer. 

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Clinica Medica

Medical Director Dr. Awfa Paulina GMC 5297697 

Clinical lead female health Dr. Basma Paulina GMC 5207616

Clinical Director Ms. Shirley Nicol NMC 76JO167S

Clinic Manager Mrs. Marion McDonald NMC 75I0705S

Training Coordinator and Aesthetic practitioner Mrs. Sammie Kane GDC 150581

Nurse Aesthetic Practitioner Mrs. Karen O'Neil NMC 05I1145S

Nurse Aesthetic Practitioner Mrs. Nicola McKenzie NMC 08A0011S

Pharmacy Superintendent and Aesthetic practitioner Mrs. Sarah Cameron GPC 2059276

Podiatry Lauren McDaid HCPC CH34642


Advanced Medical Semiperminant Make up artist Mrs. Barbara Cameron 

Semiperminant Make up artist Mrs. Michelle Gow 

Life Coach Ms. Andrene Hughes

Lead Therapist Ms. Kirsty McLoed 

Therapist Ms. Michaela Ntallakosta

Therapist Ms. Kathleen Leslie

Stylist Mark Hill 

Stylist Julie Booth

Stylist Tracey Callaghan

Stylist Lesley Hill


Lead receptionist Mrs. Iryna Marteniuk

Receptionist Mrs. Catherine Wilson

Apprentice receptionist  Miss Amna Iqbal

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Dr Nestor's Medical Cosmetic Centre

Dr Nestor Demosthenous MBChB BSc (Hons) Neuro, MSc Aesthetic Medicine, Associate Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Member of Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners, Advisory Member of HealthCare Improvement Scotland Phase II. GMC Number 6134623 is the lead clinician and owner of Dr Nestor's Medical & Cosmetic Centre.

Dr Nestor is supported by Clinic Manager, Lynsey Crosbie, who leads the rest of the team which comprises; a therapist, clinic administrator and women's health co-ordinator, patient and skin health co-ordinator. 

The Clinic is also the Edinburgh base for several other doctors who practice here and supported by the team.

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Smile with Kev

Sole Practitioner

Dr Kevin Kit BDS BSc (Hons) Pysch (Open)

Detail of Profession

2012 Dental Surgeon-

Experience in Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.

Interest in the Importance of Care for the Complete unique individual, practicing precision healthcare

Particular interest in Psychology of Anxiety and Pain Management.

Career in Aesthetics

Developing appreciation of the importance of care for the Entirety of the unique individual, I decided that private practice cultivates this culture.

2014 Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine -

Found Incredible, intimate intertwining, with multi-disciplinary scope of Dentistry and Aesthetics. 

2014 Founded Smile With Kev Aesthetic Wellbeing Clinic -

Founding Smile With Kev allowed scope to create a multi dimensional,  comprehensive patient focused, professional lead approach.

2017 Full Time Medical Aesthetic Wellbeing Practitioner

2020 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

Developing further expertise to marry Psychology to the Syringe 

Developing the core purpose of up improving, supporting and maintaining Aesthetic Wellbeing of patients, using proportions, harmony and balance as core fundamentals to the approach.

Practicing is Fife in Scotland

Ho Man Kevin Kit 

GDC 228109

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Key Dates

  • Entries Open 30th September 2021
  • Entries Close 30th October 2021
  • Finalists announced 4 st January 2022
  • Voting and Judging Close 1st February 2021
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony after the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition 12th March 2022