Clinic Reception Team of the Year

This award is open to reception teams of any size working in a clinic in the UK or Ireland. In selecting finalists and a winner for this award, the judges will look for evidence of ongoing, outstanding customer service, a continuous training programme, strong practitioner support and effective teamwork for the benefit of the clinic and its patients. You are encouraged to keep your entry concise and clear; bullet points and the use of formatting options such as bold, underlines and italics are encouraged to ensure your entry is easy to digest for judges. A strict character limit of 1,700 (including spaces) is enforced for each question and you must not exceed this; however, your entry does not have to meet it. References are included in the character count, although you may supply a reference list as part of your supplementary materials if it exceeds the character count. There will be no voting process and the winner will be decided by the judging panel.


The Glasshouse Clinic

Pre prepared email templates and phone scripts relating to the enquiry as a guide to ensure a uniformed approach with tailored content suit to the patient and their enquiry. A patient will receive a call back followed by an email. Initially the team will work to answer the enquiry with the intent to arrange an appointment with a clinician. The process of the consultation ,what to expect on the day is explained to the patient, a bio of their clinician along with the clinic history.The clinic location, transport links and parking information are advised along with the appointment length.All patients are asked to attend appointments 5-10 minutes early to complete information relating to their appointment. A cancellation list is used if a preferred time cannot be offered.For all initial treatment bookings, the reception team check any contra indications and cautions relating to the treatment to ensure that the booked appointment can be fulfilled. The treatment and consent process are explained, aftercare is advised.Initial enquires that are not converted in the immediate time are re contacted 3-5 days later to have any further queries or objections answered. 

Patient Name, date of birth, consent to contact, method of contact and contact information is taken at the time of booking along with any other specific requests or relevant information.

Based on a patient’s consent they will receive an appointment confirmation followed by a reminder of their upcoming appointment, patients are advised that the reception is at their disposal at any stage of their journey.

All contact is formal while friendly and informative, which is reflective of the patients in clinic experience.

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Highly Commended


First impressions count, and all our new and existing patients are warmly welcomed whether in person, via email, social media or by phone. All are efficiently and expertly handled by our friendly brand ambassadors – the Clinetix Reception Team.

Every patient’s first contact is with a team member who conveys the clinic’s ethos by listening compassionately and sharing honest, clear information in a friendly, sensitive and professional way.

All staff are trained to follow our Enquiry Protocol, which triggers a series of helpful, informative and reassuring responses. All non-face to face enquirers receive an initial phone call / email and up to three attempts at follow-up calls. Each episode of contact / attempted contact is logged on Pabau and followed up by the Reception Team and Operational Manager (OM).

When contact is made by email, website or social media, a professional, friendly and welcoming acknowledgement is triggered, with a commitment to respond by phone as soon as possible. The OM designates enquiries to the most relevant team member.

Initial contact is followed up by emails confirming consultation time & date, with map, travel details, cancellation information, name of practitioner, and helpful email and web links to treatments and vlogs.

We believe person-to-person or voice-to-voice contact is the most advantageous method of contact, allowing our expert reception team to explore options up to the point required by the patient. However, due to constraints of a patient’s time / location, we can offer to provide telephone or virtual Skype consultations with the relevant team member.

If an enquiry is not suitable for Clinetix, we will advise on a reputable clinic or hospital.

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Dr Nestor’s Medical & Cosmetic Centre

Patients are encouraged to make initial enquiries to the clinic in a variety of ways; over the phone, in person, via the website or via social media channels, where queries are responded to in a timely manner. The reception team boast a 100% response rate on Facebook for patient enquiries, with an average response time of just 26 minutes.

Whatever their approach to making an initial enquiry, every patient is greeted with the same high standards of discretion and professionalism.

The team speak with each patient to assess their requirements, and then they are passed to the department coordinator for whether their enquiry is aesthetic, skin or women’s health-based. Patients are asked to disclose their treatment/medical history and what they are hoping to achieve from a treatment. During this initial enquiry, patients may be passed on to one of the clinic doctors for more information or advice regarding their query, but the clinic reception team are highly trained and able to act as knowledgeable brand ambassadors.

New patients are then booked in for a free, no-obligation consultation with the appropriate doctor, which is mandatory for appointments regarding injectables and aesthetic procedures.

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A carefully designed process ensures exemplary patient care and results to delight every patient, every time. Our friendly and professional Reception team plays a crucial role, providing a first point of contact which sets the scene for every patient’s experience, and our clinical management software helps them to ensure a smooth and efficient patient journey.

By phone, we:

Aim to answer within 3 rings

Identify the clinic and ourselves

Take the caller’s name and use it during the call

Ask questions to fully assess needs

Give details and credentials

Answer questions regarding treatments and service and give reassurance

Provide pricing information

Provide information about events

Suggest a consultation and schedule an appointment

Take contact information

Offer further assistance

Thank the patient for their call

Wait on the phone until the patient hangs up

Send the relevant information

By email, we:

Aim to answer the enquiry within 2 hours

Fully answer the enquiry and any questions in a professional, friendly and informative way

Reassure about treatment and service enquiries including useful links to the website

Provided price information

Send details and credential information

Suggest a consultation and assessment, and highlight information events

Advise how to make an appointment or obtain additional information

Include the clinic’s name, address and contact details

On booking, we

Confirm via purpose-built clinic manager software using email and text

Send location and parking information

Remind patients to arrive 10-15 minutes before the consultation time

Include information regarding what will happen upon arrival and during consultation

Explain policies

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Adonia Medical Clinic

At Adonia Medical Clinic we believe that patient experience starts from when they are still considering treatment. We understand that each person is at a different place in their skincare journey, and for some, contacting a clinic can be a big step for them. For this reason, the first thing we want to do is make the patients feel welcomed, comfortable, and show them what the Adonia difference is and why they should come to us for safe, effective treatments. We strive to create open dialogue, so patients will be comfortable expressing themselves and what they want. We do this by:

• Aiming to contact them within 1 hour of receiving their inquiry

• Phone calls are our first method of contacting a patient unless they have stated otherwise. This is so we can introduce ourselves and build a rapport with the patients from the very first instance, making them feel at ease straight away

• Patients can then proceed to ask any questions they may have and we will answer them openly and honestly

• We then give a brief overview of who we are, information on our Medical Director and describe the consultation process

• A suitable time and date is arranged and a confirmation email will be sent with all the details

• If the patient does not answer when we first try calling them, we will send a detailed email relating to their inquiry

• Follow-up calls are made to any inquiries not yet contacted or booked

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Cliniva Medispa

Enquiries come via several sources:

  • In person (walk-in), telephone, website, email, social media platforms etc

  • We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 1 working day. Always have designated staff ready to address social media messages and comments

  • With calls & walk-ins, reception team can answer any questions or provide recommendations directly.

  • Staff highly knowledgeable in all available procedures & can supply relevant information, answer questions or advise on the best options for particular concerns

  • Also employ out of hours call centre

  • When client is ready to book, personal details added to online booking system in compliance with GDPR

  • Implement an ethical approach & do not consult and treat on the same day

  • Must first complete medical health questionnaire & have a consultation to determine suitability for treatment & provide all info they needed to make informed decision about procedures (treatment results, possible risks, side effects, necessary aftercare etc).

  • Some treatments with our aesthetician (eg. Hydrafacial, Dermaplaning & those not requiring test patching or skin prep) may be consulted for & administered on same day, but judged on an individual basis.

  • Booking deposit taken to ensure appointment availability & diary is time efficient. Safeguards against non-attendance & ensures that diaries aren’t blocked by non-viable appointments, which helps us & our loyal clients.

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Define Clinic

All enquiries come through to our reception team - who are highly trained in both customer service and in choosing the best treatment options for clients. Every enquiry is asked what type of treatment they are interested in and the consultation process is explained in detail. Additionally if the enquirer has any questions regarding particular treatments these are also handled over the phone by the reception team. The team having undergone extensive training, will gauge the area of initial interest for the client, and will usually book them in for a consultation with the relevant clinician, a process which is totally unique to each prospective client.  If it is deemed necessary or if the patient requests it, joint consultations with Dr Dhillon and Dr Mark Hughes or Dr Slaine McGrath can be arranged for a truly full face assessment - the level of which has not been achieved before. Prior to coming in for a consultation pre treatment information is also sent out if a particular treatment or concern is requested.

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Illuminate Skin Clinic

  • Telephone – we answer with a smile as the team introduces themselves and asks for the caller’s name. They are asked how we can help and questions are answered. The caller is offered a consultation with the most appropriate practitioner. If they choose to book, then a deposit is taken, and comprehensive information about the clinic sent via email. If they do not book we offer to send them treatment information over email, and they enter our leads management pathway
  • Website – the contact form gathers a preferred time to be contacted and method of contact. We aim to respect that. If requested we call the client, but more commonly email. We have templates which contain basic information for each treatment. The team are able to personalise this as needed. If the client wishes to book, this is done over the telephone at a convenient time and a deposit taken. The team has a target of dealing with all enquiries within an hour during working hours. Any unconverted enquiries enter our leads management pathway
  • Email – these are handled with the same 1 hour target. Most patients who email request an email response, and this is also done using our template system mentioned previously
  • Social media – this is monitored during working hours, and a 1 hour target is applied. We reply bespokely through the social media platform. We request an email in order to be able to send more thorough treatment information, but as a worst case scenario we send this through social media 

All unconverted leads are contacted to ask if they require more information after 48 hours. We also provide them with some recommendations for how to choose a safe practitioner if they decide not to come to Illuminate. 

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Outline Clinic

Initial enquiries are generated via several platforms, email, social media, live chat and “walk-ins”. Reception respond on a timely basis to all enquiries.

We operate a thorough and effective initial enquiry protocol. Our customer enquiry rates are exceptionally high due to the quality of our website and social media presence, and to our past success as Best Clinic Midlands in the Aesthetic Awards 2018.

For new enquiries via telephone, we ascertain the nature of the enquiry and give the best advice; often potential patients are not quite sure what treatment they require and do not know their treatment options at this stage of their enquiry.  Front of House staff have an excellent all-round knowledge about our treatments and can give specific treatment information.

Certain treatments require detailed and targeted questions (Laser Tattoo/Hair Removal) where we assess suitability for the potential treatment. Information is given clearly and concisely and the opportunity for specific queries is given readily. We are transparent about everything to do with treatment, including fees.

For email enquiries we tailor individually, including full treatment information, a clinic price list and a “Questions to consider when choosing your clinic” document (Appendix 1), which offers impartial advice on choosing a provider. We have also completed our digital brochure which is available online and as PDF. (Appendix 2)

It is the responsibility of Front of House staff to process payments for booking deposits and fully explain our cancellation policy and Terms & Conditions.  When booking new patients, we take name, address, mobile number, email address and date of birth.

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Rachel Goddard Aesthetics

Website & social media                                                                                            

For those patients browsing our website or social media accounts, they will quickly become familiar with our branding and the clear, concise, information on our staff, location and treatment services.   


Email contact                                                                                                              

On contacting the clinic, the first point of contact is our Clinic Co-Ordinator.  All email enquiries are responded to within 15 minutes during business hours.   


Telephone contact 

Calls are answered within 3 rings and answered in a polite, approachable manner and provide their name to the caller. This helps new  patients feel at ease and we ensure that any questions or concerns are answered. Staff avoid using close-ended questions in order to encourage conversation, again making the patient feel at ease.  

If a patient asks a question that staff cannot answer, they will check with a member of the clinical team and will contact the patient within 30 minutes.  Patients are invited to make an appointment or if they would like any further information sending via post or email. Patients receive a text message appointment confirmation. New patients are provided with details of the clinic location and parking. 

 Walk-in Enquiries 

Treatment leaflets are available for patients in reception and our Clinic Co-Ordinator will have an informal chat about potential treatment options.      

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Key Dates

  • Entries Open 1st May
  • Entries Close 28th June
  • Finalists announced and voting opens 2nd September
  • Voting and Judging Close 31st October
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony 7th December

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