The John Bannon Award for Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year

This award will recognise the aesthetic doctor, dentist or surgeon who is deemed to have contributed most to the profession and/or has provided the most outstanding care and treatment to their patients in the last 12 months. The winner will be judged on their clinical expertise, continuous professional development, commitment to patient safety and the difference they make to their patients, clinic and the profession as a whole. You are encouraged to keep your entry concise and clear; bullet points and the use of formatting options such as bold, underlines and italics are encouraged to ensure your entry is easy to digest for judges. A strict character limit of 1,700 (including spaces) is enforced for each question and you must not exceed this; however, your entry does not have to meet it. References are included in the character count, although you may supply a reference list as part of your supplementary materials if it exceeds the character count. There will be no voting process and the winner will be decided by the judging panel.


Dr Jonquille Chantrey

Dr Jonquille Chantrey

ØNE aesthetic studiø

Full-time Research Plastic Surgery in Renovo Biotech anti-scarring and burns. Principal investigator & Medical Advisor. European, Russian & US Phase II & III studies. Published in The Lancet.

Principal Investigator multiple clinical trials in Aesthetic Medicine since Sept 2010. Work published in PRS Global and others

Clinical Director at Surgicare and The Private Clinics Led Clinical Governance Committees as well as performing facial and scarring non-surgical treatment & advanced body contouring with VASER. Manchester, Leeds and Harley St.

International Key Opinion Leader and speaker. Lectured at non-sponsored symposia in 6 continents.

Teacher and Train the Trainer globally 10 years, UK 11 years – Allergan, ZO, VASER

Advisory Board Allergan, Sinclair, ZO

Only UK doctor on ZO Medical Advisory Committee

FLAME (Female Leaders in Aesthetic Medicine) chosen to sit on global board of 7 women who have made significant contributions to teaching, science and clinical excellence. Research projects, literature reviews & thought leadership.

Media Advisor – asked weekly to contribute to written press, both consumer and industry titles globally. I take this very seriously that correct, evidence-based information is given so that both patients and practitioners can make informed, safe choices.

Clinic Owner since 2010, ØNE aesthetic studiø, Cheshire. I own and work in this successful practice, I still treat 80% of the patients & believe that clinical leadership starts and ends with myself. I have no investment or clinical partnerships. Patient safety, satisfaction and follow-up continue to be the clinic priority.

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Highly Commended

Miss Sherina Balaratnam

Miss Sherina Balaratnam


I have practiced in aesthetic medicine for 10 years and as qualified Doctor of 21 years. 

My former Plastic Surgical career in burns surgery instilled a passion for treating skin to restore structure, function and aesthetic. During my 2004 UCL Masters degree, I learnt how energy based devices improve skin health, how topicals and injectables treat skin, scars and facial ageing and my new career evolved.

I’ve personally created and founded my clinic S-Thetics in May 2015, in Beaconsfield where I live. Our patient-centric approach, vision, mission and values are built around patient education and results. My career is built around 5 pillars, which I embody in daily practice:

1. Patients – education and clinical work

2. Team – leadership and mentorship

3. Partner suppliers – academia and research

4. Colleagues and profession – clinical training and presentations

5. Myself- personal, clinical development and self care

My clinic has evolved into a centre of excellence for patient results, clinical academia, research and patient education events:

• 2018: National training centre for Allergan 

• 2019: Training centre for iS Clinical and Cynosure UK study centre for Picosure

• Patient educational events. My ‘In The Consulting Room’ events increased from 10-95 guests in 4 years. In November we will host UK’s largest medical aesthetics patient education event. 250 guests will be invited to an expo-style program, international guest speakers confirmed and suppliers will showcase their science and technologies.

I’m proud to be recognised by colleagues and my profession by winning 8 national awards to date, and to have created a clinic built on 21 years of clinical experience.

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Emma Ravichandran

Emma Ravichandran


  • 2000 Qualified from Glasgow University Dental School with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with Honors
  • 2005 Awarded MFDS from Glasgow University, working in General Dental Practice for five years before becoming a Community Dental officer
  • 2007 Honorary clinical lecturer at Glasgow University (specialist paediatric dental treatment; undergraduate lecturing; clinical supervision; post graduate lecturing, mentoring and assessment)
  • 2006 Began learning about the fascinating field of Aesthetic Medicine, undertaking as many courses as possible
  • 2009 With Dr Simon Ravichandran, co-founded the Clinetix group of clinics, providing aesthetic medicine to the general public and employing 16 members of staff
  • 2010 Co-founded the Association of Aesthetic Practitioners (ASAP) to run educational events and conferences and an online forum to provide support and education to medical aesthetic practitioners
  • 2012 Lectured at the RCS (Edinburgh) and RCM (London) on my injecting techniques, sparking my passion for teaching aesthetic medicine to others
  • 2014 I decided my vocation lay in Aesthetic Medicine as an Aesthetic Dentist2013 awarded Best Aesthetic Dental Practitioner, Aesthetic Awards
  • 2014 Aesthetic Doctor with my own monthly column in Business Women Scotland magazine and also on the cover of the magazine
  • 2017 I co-founded the Aesthetic Training Academy (ATA) to offer an HIS regulated venue for aesthetic training
  • In 2018 I was awarded Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year at the My Face My Body Awards
  • Clinetix has developed to become a practitioner-led, patient-centric, multi-award winning business (Best Clinic Scotland 2017 & 2018 Aesthetic Awards)
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Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme

Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme

Adonia Medical clinic

Dr Ejikeme is a highly-experienced aesthetician who is revered in the community and has several accolades under her belt.

• 2000-2007 Medical School: Bristol University

• 2007- 2009 Post Graduate Training: Imperial College trust Deanery

• 2009-2011 Post doctoral fellowship in head and neck surgery at Columbia university

• 2010-2013 Residency Internal Medicine New York Medical College

• 2013-2017 Aesthetic Doctor Destination Skin

• 2013-2015 Masters in Aesthetic medicine at Queen Marys university (QMUL) . Highest distinction in class

• 2015- Present Day: Medical Consultant University College London

• 2015-Present Day-Senior Lecturer Aesthetic Medicine Masters Program QMUL

where she trains the best doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and dentists in safe effective treatments

• 2017- Present Founder and Medical Director Adonia Medical Clinic

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Patrick Treacy

Patrick Treacy

Ailesbury Clinic

•    Chairman Royal Society of Medicine Aesthetic Congress 2019
•    Scientific Committee IMCAS, Euromedicom, AAAM
•    Faculty of 1500 International Conferences over 15 years
•    Opened Aesthetic Clinics Ireland, UK, Middle East
•    Trainer 3000 Aesthetic Practitioners
•    Six International Journal Editorial Boards

•    Royal Society of Medicine ‘Best Research’ Award (London) 2019
•    Hi-Style Award ‘Best Clinic in Ireland’ (Cork) 2018
•    MFMB Award 'Ult. 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders' 2018, 2017
•    MFMB Specialist Award 'Contributions to Aesthetic Medicine 2018
•    Irish Healthcare Award ‘Best Medical Research Award’ 2017
•    British College of Aesthetic Medicine Research Award 2017
•    AIDA Trophy 'Best Clinical Case in Aesthetic Medicine 2017
•    AAAMC Trophy 'Contribution to Medicine’ Azerbaijan 2017
•    John Bannon Award "Best Clinic in Ireland" (London), 2017
•    AAAM Award ‘Best Contributions to Medicine’ (Miami) 2017
•    AMEC Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy Monaco 2016
•    AMEC Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy Paris 2016
•    Aesthetic Beauty Awards ‘Best Clinic in Ireland’ (Dublin) 2016
•    MFMB Award ‘Best Medical Research' (London) 2016

•    CCME Mexican Congress Medal ‘Excellence in Medicine 2016 

Pioneered the following procedures with published academic papers

•    BTX-A Hyperhidrosis Study 1998
•    BTX-A Migraine Study 2001
•    BioAlcamid HIV Facial Lipodystrophy Syndrome Study 2002
•    Radio Frequency Syneron European trials 2004
•    Hyaluronidase Protocols 2007
•    PRP/MN/633 (Dublin lift) research 2007
•    PRP/FUE Hair transplant research 2011

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Brian W. McCleary

Brian W. McCleary

Burgess Hyder Dental group

Trained by:

  • Bob Khanna
  • Tom van Eijk
  • Ruth Brady
  • Andrew Greenwood
  • ZO academy

Member of:

  • Saveface 
  • Yorkshire Advanced Facial Aesthetics Study Group
  • ACE group

I started training with Bob Khanna in 2005, with simple anti-wrinkle treatments.

Further training  widened my field of practice, and sphere of influence under the tutelage  of the names listed above.

I am the Lead Facial Aesthetics  practitioner for the Burgess Hyder Dental Group accepting referrals from our 16 clinics in the north-east, catering to a ready-made client base of 75,000 dental patients.

 I believe I am developing a reputation for safe and subtle enhancements, with a relaxed and caring manner, backed by a wealth of knowledge and expert training. I am able to use hypnotic and sedative techniques to allow the more anxious patient to accept treatment.

I deliver presentations to the staff of Burgess Hyder, showcasing my work and educating them on skincare and the safety of my techniques.

I also present at the Yorkshire Advanced Facial aesthetics Study Group, hosted by Ruth Brady. 

Recently i delivered a talk on the "Art of Lip Sculpture", based on my own observations made whilst pursuing my other passion, figurative sculpture. 

I feel that my three dimensional artistic ability perfectly complements my role in facial aesthetics.

Previously I spoke to the Group about the detailed consultation process I follow, which was well received.

In addition, I am privileged to advise and mentor my peers, and those just starting out in their aesthetics career, with their own patients, in a familiar environment.

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Simon Ravichandran

Simon Ravichandran


In 2006, as an ENT Surgeon, I became fascinated with the cross-over between ENT and facial plastics. Bringing my surgical knowledge over to the aesthetic side was a natural progression, and I started working with toxins and fillers. Realising the potential to transform patients’ lives, I rapidly became aware of the need for a bigger toolkit to help patients with complex concerns and sought the expertise to use this toolkit.

Now 12 years on, >100 aesthetic medicine courses later, as an Industry KOL and Masters Degree Course Designer, I am delighted that my skills and expertise have aided thousands of patients to both look and feel better about themselves.

With my life and work partner, Dr Emma Ravichandran, I opened the first Clinetix clinic in Glasgow in 2011. The clinic’s success rapidly outgrew its footprint, leading to clinics in both Bothwell and Hyndland.

In 2011, I co-founded the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners (ASAP) providing the first annual conference of its type in Scotland and an online forum for practitioners.

In 2017, I co-founded and developed the Aesthetic Training Academy (ATA), bringing an ever-increasing range of exemplary training to clinicians.

In 2018 I was honoured to be awarded Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year by the Aesthetic Awards, with Clinetix winning Best Clinic Scotland for Clinetix (2017 & 2018)

In 2019 Clinetix expanded its clinics to three by acquiring a clinic on the east coast of Scotland

Also in 2019, I co-authored a video-supported training book and eBook entitled Essential Summary of Aesthetic Medicine Injecting Techniques to aid the training and development of new–intermediate aesthetic practitioners.

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Dr Benji Dhillon

Dr Benji Dhillon

Define Clinic

I  have uniquely been involved in all aspects of medical aesthetics during my career. I started off training in Plastic Surgery, primarily based at the Queen Victoria Hosptial, East Grinstead but subsequently developed a curiosity into research and what the ‘industry’ had to offer particularly around learning how big businesses operate. This interest led me to become Medical Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Allergan looking after all post marketing surveillance, clinical trials, medical affairs and helping to create and launch the Allergan Medical Institute for which I wrote a number of modules. As part of my role I also managed ten Medical Science Liaisons across EMEA for whom I was responsible to conduct training in medical aesthetics. But it was during my time at Allergan that I began to develop a keen interest in facial aesthetics as a result of the vast amount of time I was able to observe luminaries such as Mauricio De Maio and Arthur Swift. Consequently I began to practice in the evenings and weekends and developed a strong patient based purely out of word of mouth. Following nearly four years at Allergan I decided I wanted to consolidate this growing interest and commit to it full time and subsequently joined Phi Clinic and developed even further under the tutelage of Tapan Patel as well as expanding my interests beyond injectables to ablative laser resurfacing for facial rejuvenation and scarring. It was during my time at Phi Clinic that the clinic also won Best Clinic London at the Aesthetics Awards two years in a row. However, after approximately three years I felt it was time to create something unique outside of London and also be closer to my young family, and established Define Clinic.

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Nestor Demosthenous

Nestor Demosthenous

Dr Nestor's Medical & Cosmetic Centre

Dr Nestor Demosthenous MBChB, BSc Hons Neuro, is regarded as one of Scotland’s most advanced aesthetic practitioners, with a wealth of experience in both non-surgical facial rejuvenation and skin health procedures. 

Dr Nestor has built a reputation of being honest and respected, both amongst his patients and peers. Dr Nestor is Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, a Member of Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners, and an Advisory Member of Healthcare Improvement Scotland Phase II regulations.

Dr Nestor obtained his medical degree and Honours degree in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh in 2006. He pursued a surgical career before finding his true calling in aesthetic medicine. His medical aesthetic career began in Glasgow, where he garnered a sterling reputation for excellent levels of safety and results, before relocating to Edinburgh in 2016 to open his eponymous Medical & Cosmetic Centre, which has since won several industry awards for its innovation and service.

In 2017, Dr Nestor began practicing twice monthly at Phi Clinic on Harley Street to satisfy demand from patients in London and the south east, and in 2018, he won ‘Best Cosmetic Doctor’ at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic Awards.

In 2019, Dr Nestor will complete his Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine, which he has undertaken over the course of the past two years in order to bring his patients an even greater level of knowledge, experience and skill in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar

I graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc in Medical science & Healthcare Management in 2008 with First class honours. I then qualified as a dentist in 2010 with distinction and honours from Kings College London. I completed my vocational training & moved on to further training in head & neck surgery at the Royal London Hospital & Whipps Cross Hospital, followed by further training in skin cancer surgery at Homerton University Hospital. I developed a keen interest in facial anatomy, scar management, and restoration of skin & aesthetic health. During my time training in orthognathic surgery, where large maxillary-mandibular jaw discrepancies were corrected with surgically, I performed and assisted with the treatment planning, the surgery and post op surgery care. I completed my membership exams (MFDS and MJDF) to the Royal College of Surgeons. I performed research on the psychological considerations of skeletal jaw discrepancy surgery, and developed an interest in alternative, non-surgical, less physically & psychologically traumatic treatment options. I trained in Facial Aesthetics with at the Royal College of GPs in 2012. I started with basic facial treatments from Botox to dermal fillers, and then went on to train in advanced procedures, such as cheek enhancement, temple augmentation, and skin treatments. I have invested heavily in my training, and became a trainer for Oris Medical in Novemeber 2014, and have taught doctors and dentists how to perform facial aesthetic procedures since then. I developed an interest and focus on profile balancing with non surgical rhinoplasty and chin. I set up my own clinic in May 2017.
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Dr Rekha Tailor

Dr Rekha Tailor


Doctor Rekha Tailor, Medical Director, Health & Aesthetics

I am passionate about aesthetic medicine and working to the highest industry standards, and have undergone extensive training and education in managing a wide variety of aesthetic and skin conditions. I have over 30 years’ clinical experience, with over 14 in Aesthetic Medicine:

• Trained at Manchester University, fully accredited General Practitioner since 1989;

• Diplomas in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRCOG) and Family Planning (DFFP);

• Trained in Aesthetic Medicine from 2005;

• Fully accredited General Practitioner;

• Full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the British College of General Practitioners;

• Member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group.

Founder and Medical Director of Health & Aesthetics

• Established in 2008, now a multi-award-winning and industry-leading aesthetic clinic in Surrey, offering safe, effective treatments with a five-star service;

• Specialising in non-surgical aesthetic treatments with a strong emphasis on skin health and rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation and weight loss and body contouring;

• Moved to new, purpose-built premises near Godalming in February 2018. Seven treatment rooms accommodate more patients simultaneously;

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Dr Sophie Shotter

Dr Sophie Shotter

Illuminate Skin Clinic

I trained in injectables in early 2013, with the intention of setting up a sideline business so I would have to say no to all the extra shifts I was being asked to do in Anaesthetics. I fell in love with aesthetics from day 1, wanting to invest all my time in developing these skills. For the first 18 months I re-invested everything I earned in aesthetics into further training. I soon realised I could only do one of the specialties to the standard I wanted to, and so chose to leave the NHS in 2014.

I set up Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kings Hill, Kent in August 2014, investing in a few key pieces of technology such as CoolSculpting, but focussing on injectables and skin. For the first few months I did everything myself and outsourced certain clinic support services, until in early 2015 I hired my first staff member. I now have a team of 8 in the Kent clinic. 

In 2016 I became aware that I had no experience of how other clinics operated, having jumped straight into opening my own premises. I was also conscious of how dependent on me my own clinic was. I decided to apply for work in other clinics to get a feel of the wider industry. In early 2018 I was approached by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and now divide myself equally between there and my own clinic. This gives me balance which I enjoy, allowing me to develop my skills in the wider industry whilst also growing a clinic business which supports other practitioners. 

I am proud to be a Key Opinion Leader and Ambassador for Allergan (through their Mentorship Programme), Aesthetic Source, SkinBetter Science and Venus Concept. Through my work with these companies and independently, I do public speaking and train other practitioners. 

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Dr Beatriz Molina

Dr Beatriz Molina

Medikas MediSpa

In 2005, Beatriz developed an interest in aesthetic medicine whilst working as a GP and founded Medikas Ltd in 2005. In early 2007, she formally opened her first aesthetic clinic, Medikas, in Street. At this point, she went full time, and from thereon has dedicated her whole career to aesthetic medicine, picking up over 10 awards in the last ten years.

Since 2008, Beatriz has been a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for major pharmaceutical companies and is currently working as an international speaker for IBSA. 

In 2014 Beatriz opened her second clinic in Bristol.

In 2017 Beatriz won the Aesthetic Awards Best Practitioner of the Year.

In 2018, Beatriz was made Medical Director of Medical Aesthetic Group.

In 2019 Dr Molina has presented and conducted masterclasses at IMCAS, AWMC, ACE and the SIME Congress. She continues to travel the world sharing her knowledge and passion for aesthetic medicine.

Beatriz is a Fellow Member of BCAM and has recently joined the JCCP.

Beatriz continues to strive for excellence in the industry and turned her focus and organisational skills to IAPCAM (International Association for Prevention of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine) of which she is the founder. Beatriz believes deeply in sharing knowledge between all practitioners of aesthetics medicine and therefore promoting a safer environment for all patients undergoing treatments wherever in the UK. 

The IAPCAM Symposium is now a regular fixture in the aesthetic calendar, with the 3rd IAPCAM Symposium being held on 20th September in London this year, with a variety of international speakers and a diverse agenda.

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Sabrina Shah-Desai

Sabrina Shah-Desai

Perfect Eyes Ltd

I, Dr. Shah-Desai (MS, FRCS), am an Aesthetic & Reconstructive Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon and Director of ‘Perfect Eyes Ltd’ (2012) & Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Academy (2016).

I qualified from Bombay University in 1994, & went on to complete 4 subspecialty fellowships in UK, which include a fellowship in Cornea & Oculoplastics (The Queen Victoria Hospital 1996-1997), Oculoplastics (Salisbury & Southampton Eye Units 1998, Moorfields Eye Hospital 2000-2001, & at the multidisciplinary craniofacial unit at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital 2009). I have expertise in aesthetic procedures of the eye and face based on my extensive experience at Moorfields Eye Hospital (2003-2010) and as an NHS consultant at BHRUT (2010-2015).

I have been practising Aesthetics for more than 2 decades. I served as the Safety in Beauty Advisory Panel Expert for Eyes 2015-16 and received the ‘Highly commended Surgeon of the Year’, Diamond Award in 2016 and was voted one of Global 100 most influential aesthetic practitioners by "My Face My Body" in 2019.

I developed ‘Eye-Boost™’ (2016), an biplanar tear trough rejuvenation filler treatment & the ‘Perfect 360™’ (2017), for facial and neck rejuvenation using  biostimulators and devices/threads.

I am a KOL for various aesthetic companies and I train national & international aesthetic doctors at cadaver courses and publish in professional scientific journals.

I am member of the BOPSS, RCS (Ed), RCO, Inter-speciality member of BAPRAS and honorary member of APRASSA. 

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Dr Dev Patel

Dr Dev Patel

Perfect Skin Solutions

Having left the Royal Navy in 2010, I was working as a busy NHS GP when in 2011 I started doing aesthetics just one day a week. With a terminally ill father, I could not continue with the work regime in GP so left in 2014 and opened my purpose-designed clinic, Perfect Skin Solutions the same year. Starting with just a receptionist, over 5 years we have built up to a team of 13 and have a strong reputation as an industry-leading clinic, both locally and nationally. We have picked up 6 regional and national awards during that time. I was the first in England to introduce Plexr in 2015 and am now a UK and Global trainer, having also established many of the current protocols used in the UK and abroad. I get weekly enquiries from practitioners and laypersons, asking for advice around plasma/Plexr.

For 5 years I have been working full-time in Aesthetics, allowing my injecting skills to reach a high standard. Merz UK, have started using me as a (non-paid) consultant advisor, to colleagues presented with complications from Radiesse. I have been invited by esteemed colleagues to join them in speaking or training eg Ms Shah-Desai from OFAA. I am a dermatology lecturer for PCDS (Primary Care Dermatology Society). I have spoken at FACE, AMWC Monaco and many other events, and been published in both industry journals and publications such as The Times and ELLE, without the use of a PR company. I joined SAVE FACE in 2015 and BCAM in 2017. I have a wide array of technology at my clinic to ensure I am offering choice to my patients, which are also evidence-based and efficacious. I intend to further my role in teaching, over the next 12 months.  

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Dr Souphiyeh Samizadeh

Dr Souphiyeh Samizadeh


  • Owner of Revivify London Medical Aesthetic Clinic
  • Founder of Great British Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (GBAAM)
  • Committee member of The Royal Society of Medicine Aesthetics Conference
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry, Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine with distinction
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education
I feel extremely fortunate to be able to pursue a career in what I naturally enjoy doing most – caring for others. I began my career as a dental surgeon, but soon turned my attention to medical aesthetics as I quickly learnt how small positive physical changes could affect one’s confidence and wellbeing.  

I immersed myself in multiple aesthetic courses before opening my clinic. I believe I have a unique approach to non-invasive facial rejuvenation; I combine nutrition, topical daily skincare, preventive measures, and non-invasive rejuvenation technique to get the best results. 

Ethics are at the core of what I do and helping people with advanced facial volume loss, migraines or bruxism is the most rewarding part of the job as it dramatically improves their quality of life. 

I have a passion for learning, teaching and researching, and have many articles and papers published in peer-reviewed journals. In 2016 I founded the GBAAM,as I wanted to further the education of those in aesthetics and raise standards of training. I have also presented at many national and international conferences. 

I believe my gentle manner, attention to detail and patience in understanding my patients is what sets me apart. With each country I travel to, every practitioner I meet, and every conference  

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Dr Daron Seukeran

Dr Daron Seukeran

sk:n Clinics

I have been a Consultant Dermatologist over 20 years working in laser surgery for medical conditions such as birthmarks and rare, complex skin conditions. I also work within aesthetics, particularly dealing with photo rejuvenation and scarring with a focus on acne scarring. I have worked on a combination of techniques which includes the use of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler and surgery to give patients the best possible outcome. I have been fortunate to be able to work with a wide range of lasers and new aesthetic products that have really developed over the years.

My current position is Group Medical Director of sk:n and clinical director of sk:n clinics in Harley Street and Teesside (within the James Cook University Hospital) and I am Chairman of sk:n’s Medical Standards Committee.

My qualifications include MBChB (Glasgow), DCH DRCOG, MRCGP, FRCP (London).

Prior to becoming a consultant dermatologist I trained in General Practice which was a good basis for seeing the patient not only related to the physical issues but understanding the psychological and social issues that can contribute to the health and well being of the patient. This is crucial in the field of aesthetics.

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  • Entries Close 28th June
  • Finalists announced and voting opens 2nd September
  • Voting and Judging Close 31st October
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony 7th December

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