Clinic Support Partner/Product of the Year

This award will be given to the partner company deemed to offer the best non-clinical support for clinics. These companies will offer business services or product support tailored to the aesthetics market such as imaging software, CRM software, PR, advertising, marketing, financial support, legal and insurance. The judges will select finalists who show evidence that their products and services benefit the running and success of aesthetic clinics.





Named after London’s famous medical destination, GetHarley is a digital platform and product retail service designed to make selling skincare easy and pleasurable, whilst prompting repeat purchases and providing a premium, personalised service for each patient.

Traditionally, recommending skincare can be a pain point for many practitioners as it requires a large sum of cash flow for stock, at least 15 mins of admin time per transaction for ordering, and additional effort to explain usage instructions after purchase. With GetHarley, the skincare journey is made simple and painless for both the practitioner and the patient. As such, we enable clinics to maximise their efficiency of time and earn passive and incremental income to help the successful running of their clinic.

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Highly Commended

5 Squirrels

5 Squirrels work exclusively in the aesthetics industry and our services and products have all been developed to meet the needs of this specialist market. Now, more than ever, our mission at 5 Squirrels is to work in close partnership with our clients and help them to grow their own brands. 

5 Squirrels developed a number of initiatives to support our clients during the lockdown period. We have helped our clients to grow their businesses during a very difficult time for the industry. We are proud to work with so many resilient and visionary clinic owners and HCPs.

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Aesthetic Nurse Software

Aesthetic Nurse Software (ANS) makes it easy to manage clinic admin, stay compliant with record keeping and offer an excellent patient experience.

ANS is designed specifically for the aesthetics market. It offers a completely paperless clinical pathway – from consultation, questionnaires and consent forms to photos and treatment notes and treatment mapping. Practitioners can access diary and patient information on any device at any time. It also sends automated appointment reminders, provides online booking and gives business reports.

ANS becomes a true partner helping practitioners grow their business. It comes with brilliant support and is affordably priced, so everyone from new starters to larger clinics can benefit. And we’re the only software focused on improving industry standards and sharing best practice regarding accurate, compliant and secure recordkeeping.

As one practitioner said: “This software has changed the face of my business completely. I would be lost without it and the support the ANS team offer is exceptional. This software is an asset to my business and I wouldn't be without it.”

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Allergan Spark

Allergan Spark

Allergan Aesthetics

Spark is a digital community for HCPs and aims to create a safe environment for people to learn about the world of Medical Aesthetics and offers comprehensive tools and resources.

Spark creates peer-to-peer content, where others share experiences and learnings from their journeys. We cover training, clinical, product and business and marketing topics. This is a free of charge resource that is available to all qualified HCPs to help them learn and develop.

The USP for Spark is simply the quality and quantity of free, Medical Aesthetic specific information provided. There is nothing within Spark that is chargeable, and no paid subscription / fee for service models are included.

We give a platform for HCPs to share their stories with others and fund the creation of the content (professional filming, media training, hair and makeup, etc). This makes for high quality, engaging, and relatable content for our users.

The Spark database now sits at 3,387 healthcare professionals (HCPs), a user growth of 145% in 2021 YTD (as of end of September) and forecasting 175% user growth by year-end. Actual growth of 254% in 2020 vs 2019.

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Delivering Demand

Run by former clinic owners, Delivering Demand is a digital marketing agency that only works with businesses that operate in the aesthetics industry. 

Because we understand the world of both aesthetics and digital marketing platforms, we are truly unique in that we don't just run marketing campaigns for clinics but actually help them develop their marketing strategy by advising them about which treatments to promote and how best to promote them. 

The unusual combination of a marketing company that understands the aesthetics world is why we are in the rare position of also being able to tailor training and education programmes in digital marketing and social media specifically for aesthetics professionals.  

We are already an award-winning agency and we have a track record of delivering thousands of new leads for businesses ranging from small independent clinics, cosmetic dentists and surgeons to large aesthetics retailers and skincare brands. 

Many of our clients see us more as advisers or partners as opposed to suppliers and have credited us with helping them recover from the lockdown and giving them the confidence to believe in themselves and their business again.

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Turn your website visitors into patients with EnquiryBot Clinics. 

EnquiryBot for clinics is a fully automated concierge service for your clinic's website. We help engage with more of your website visitors 24/7, so you can book more consultations for your treatments even when you're asleep!

All new enquiries are automatically sent via email to you and placed into our patient pipeline CRM, where you can easily track, manage and respond to them.

We are the perfect all-in-one solution that increases new patient enquiries, save time, and manages the day-to-day nurturing of prospects. Our product was built for real clinics with busy schedules.

Find us at:

Demo of the system:

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Julia Kendrick PR

Kendrick PR has earned an industry-leading reputation for a highly specialist, strategic approach that builds, launches and elevates clinics with both B2B and B2C activities. We have a combined 67 years of expert PR and marketing experience to deliver results that truly stand out.

We bring accessible, trusted and expert solutions for aesthetic businesses to accelerate clinic growth, sales and profiling – whether they require project-based support, or ongoing campaigns to engage with consumer press, build patient awareness and launch new treatments. Uniquely, we offer so much more than ‘just PR’ - we create bespoke service packages tailored to each client’s needs, including elements such as brand strategy, profiling, press events, influencer partnerships and social media support.

For those clinics who cannot afford external PR support, founder Julia Kendrick created the E.L.I.T.E. Reputation Programme. This is the industry’s first and only PR and marketing online training platform for aesthetic clinics - providing tailored, bitesize and affordable PR and marketing help within a step-by-step structured process with training, templates and expert support.

During the pandemic, KPR moved quickly to create and launch bespoke marketing materials and support resources to help all clinics – not just clients – to maintain brand profile, drive ongoing customer engagement and even to trigger online sales – helping them pivot to a digital-facing approach to keep business alive during shutdowns. These free resources were made available to support the broader industry and deal with an unpredictable fast-moving environment.

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Your patients want to look fresher, younger, better, but don’t know where to turn. There are too many treatments, too many devices, too many 5-star reviews. It’s tiring just thinking about the emails they must send, the calls they must make, the physical consultations they must attend before making a decision. But imagine expert advice at their fingertips? Experts who have reviewed preferences and photos and then sent a text message to their phone with advice and recommendations—tailored recommendations just for them. That’s MeTime.

MeTime is an app that makes it simple for users to find and connect with aesthetic providers. After selecting areas and uploading photos, MeTime matches users with the best aesthetic providers. MeTime is a secure integrated platform for providers that allows them to have everything on one place: new matches, patient preferences and photos, and the option to have a video call or process payments.

Providers onboard easily and choose between a free basic plan, premium or pro plans. They can optimise their profile with descriptions, photos and video, and build their provider score to increase patient leads and matches from MeTime app users.

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Success in Aesthetic Business

We set SIAB up as opportunity to help aesthetic clinics in an area where they have not had a lot of training or information.  Running a business is daunting and the idea was to give the clinic owners an opportunity to learn and then get one and one advice specific for there clinic.  As a group we are here to help to support clinics whether they are just starting and need general help to start or 3/4 years and need more specific help.  We all have skills that compliment each other and we are here to help. We have always felt this is an area of neglect in the aesthetics market and we hope that this idea will give confidence for the practitioners of our industry to come along learn and take ideas away that will make there business more successful and hopefully more profitable.

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The Aesthetics Accountant

The Aesthetics Accountant is a bespoke accountancy firm that has spent the last five years working very closely with Aesthetic Clinics to make them HMRC proof. Our unique cloud based service specialises in taking new Aesthetic Practitioners from their first stage of registering their business right through to assisting them with full management accounting. What’s separates us from the rest is our introduction of the Aesthetic Accounting Academy, which offers training in all aspects of financial literacy, medic critical understanding in accounts, Vat for Aesthetics and Software integration - offering our clients the financial know how to drive their business forwards with the critical understanding of some of the specialist knowledge required in this sector empowering them and encouraging their journey to personal financial wellness. We are firm believers in not only the doing but also the teaching - ensuring our Aesthetic clients are supported for the short, medium and long term.

Being a fully cloud based business also means that we are pushing our clients to the forefront of becoming completely digital - this will be critical as digitisation becomes the legal tender of HMRC.

As our industry grows so will the need for informed and knowledgeable accounting. We are here to ensure that our clients are receiving the right information and advice that will deliver them and their businesses financial fitness.

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Key Dates 2022/2023

  • 2023 Entries Open 31st July 2022
  • Entries Close 30th September 2022
  • Finalists Announced 3 rd January 2023
  • Voting and Judging Close 1st February 2023
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony after the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition 11th March 2023