The SkinCeuticals Award for Energy Device of the Year

This award will be given to the manufacturer or supplier considered to offer the best energy device in the UK. The category is open to any energy-based device available in UK medical aesthetic clinics. Finalists will be able to demonstrate a wide range of indications, evidence of good safety and efficacy, optimum duration and tangible benefits over similar treatments on the market. This category is only open to products that have been available for a year or more. You are encouraged to keep your entry concise and clear; bullet points and the use of formatting options such as bold, underlines and italics are encouraged to ensure your entry is easy to digest for judges. A strict character limit of 1,700 (including spaces) is enforced for each question and you must not exceed this; however, your entry does not have to meet it. References are included in the character count, although you may supply a reference list as part of your supplementary materials if it exceeds the character count. The winner will be selected from the finalists using a combination of Aesthetics reader votes and judges’ scores. Voting will constitute a 30% share of the final score.





CoolSculpting® is indicated for non-invasive fat reduction.(1)  CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared and CE marked to be used on visible fat bulges and pockets in 11 treatment areas including the submental area (under the chin), bra fat, male chest, back fat, upper arm, abdomen, flank, inner, outer and distal thigh and banana roll (underneath the buttocks).

In 2018 the CoolSculpting® treatment received FDA clearance to treat the submandibular area. In addition, the FDA clearance was expanded to include patients with a BMI of up to 46.2 when treating the submental and submandibular areas. This recent clearance makes CoolSculpting® the first and only nonsurgical fat reduction treatment to contour the area below the jawline and improve the appearance of lax tissue in conjunction with submental fat treatments. Additionally, an average of 85 percent patient satisfaction rate was reported across three studies.(2-4) 

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Highly Commended

BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser

BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser

Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd

SAFE to perform all year-round, the BYONIK® is the world's ONLY system that repairs the skin at a cellular level & locks in hydration at the same time. Offering immediate & highly effective results that can be applied to a wide range of Dermatological, Surgical, Medical & Aesthetic indications, delivering NO downtime or trauma.

Patient indications

  • Safe for Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI
  • Lines, wrinkles, dehydrated & dry skin
  • Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema & Rosacea
  • Melasma & discolorations
  • All grades of Acne
  • Skin tone, texture & pore improvements

Anti-Ageing by preserving the DNA, protects the Telomeres from shortening, re-energizes the dormant cells & fibroblast & prolongs a healthy cell life cycle. Instant results with clinically proven & patented treatment method.

Works in combination whilst giving support to the skin with all Topical & Oral drugs (inc Roacctuane), reducing side effects. Improvement of colour & contour of fresh scars through collagen induction. Provides cell protection, improved skin barrier function & boosts the skin’s immunity, immediately following treatment skin is photo protected. Supports & assists recovery following invasive treatments such as, surgical procedures, ablative lasers, CO2 deep peels & skin needling by reducing inflammation & managing TEWL. Immediate Bio-lifting wow factor effect through detoxification of elastic fibres.

Approvals - The BYONIK® PTL holds a German & European technology patent, WON Product of the year 2014 in Aesthetics Dermatology category. Product Innovation finalist 2018 Aesthetic Journal awards. The device is CE marked & the HA Gels are ECOCERT, NATRUE Certified & paraben free.

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Soprano Titanium

Soprano Titanium

Alma lasers

• Patient indications:

• The applicator is intended for use in dermatologic and aesthetic procedures require selective photothermolysis.

• The Quattro 3D applicator is indicated for hair removal and to effect stable, long-term hair reduction.

• The Quattro 3D applicator in HR mode is indicated for hair removal and to effect stable, long-term hair reduction for use on Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. HR mode is not intended for tanned skin.

• The Quattro 3D applicator in SHR mode is indicated for hair removal and to effect stable, long-term hair reduction for use on Fitzpatrick skin types I-V, including tanned skin.

• The Quattro 3D applicator in SHR Stack mode, is indicated for hair removal and to effect stable, long-term hair reduction for use on Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV.

• The SHR Stack mode is intended for use in small-size treatment areas and/or small grid body areas. SHR

• Approvals: The Titanium has been given a CE 28231 mark, in addition the 3 wavelength technology has been approved by the FDA : 510(k) 172193.

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Vbeam Prima

Vbeam Prima


Port Wine Stains - In a clinical study, the Vbeam PDL was used to treat PWS in 49 infants aged ≤6 months, resulting in an average PWS clearance of 88.6% after a year of treatment2

Rosacea - In a clinical study, the Vbeam PDL has been proven to successfully treat rosaceaand its associated symptoms; during blinded evaluations, physicians noted a significant improvement in rosacea symptoms in 79% of patients1

Telangiectasia - In a clinical study, patients with Fitzpatrick skin types II to IV with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia were treated with Vbeam PDL, and achieved a 75% to 100% vessel clearance in a mean of 2.6 treatments3

Wrinkles - In a clinical study, the 595 nm PDL provided mild to moderate improvements in facial wrinkles for Fitzpatrick skin types IV and V, without significant side effects; 100% of treated patients reported being somewhat to highly satisfied with their results4

Acne - In a clinical study, patients treated with Vbeam reached ≥90% clearance of acne lesions5

Scars - In a clinical study, the Vbeam PDL was optimal in targeting the vascular component of scar tissue. All scars (100%) treated with the Vbeam PDL showed significant improvements in cosmesis6

Pigmented lesions

1. Bernstein EF, Kligman A. Lasers Surg Med. 2008;40(4):233-239. 2. Chapas AM, et al. Lasers Surg Med. 2007;39(7):563-568. 3. Halachmi S, et al. Lasers Med Sci. 2014;29(1):321-324. 4. Tay YK, et al. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2004;6(3):131-135. 5. Sami NA, et al. J Drugs Dermatol. 2008;7(7):627-632. 6. Cohen JL, Geronemus R. J Drugs Dermatol. 2016;15(11):1315-1319.

Both FDA and CE approval

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Plasma BT

Plasma BT

Beamwave Technologies

The Plasma BT device has two application handpieces

 Plasma Shower & Plasma Surgical

Plasma Shower is a truly innovative plasma skincare device within the market. It can treat a number of skin concerns including acne, ageing, wound healing, pigmentation and dull skin. It removes the bacteria and aborbs essential products to the skin tissue. In turn, the skin appears naturally even toned and it is perfect for skin types 1-6. It has zero downtime, so it is the perfect lunchtime treatment. The only contraindication of this treatment is pregnancy.

Plasma surgical can treat a variety of concerns. With its use of controlled settings, it gives clients the results without the risk of scarring.

• Upper/lower blephs

• Crows feet

• Smokers lines

• Warts

• Veruccas

• Tattoo removal

• Skin tag removal

With our device we have 3 different shot modes (single, pulse & continuous) and 5 different power levels 1-5. Therefore, each area can be treated at a different hz as each area of skin differs with thickness.

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Aerolase Neo Elite

Aerolase Neo Elite


The Aerolase Neo 650-microsecond laser is approved for 36 FDA cleared indications including comprehensive skin rejuvenation, acne, melanoma and redness for patients of all skin types.

Vascular lesions

Port wine stains





Venous Lake

Leg veins

Spider veins

Poikiloderma of civatte

Benign cutaneous lesions





Acne vulgaris

Age spots

Solar lentigos

Cafe au lait macules

Seborrheic keratoses




Skin tags


Pigmented lesions

Periocular wrinkles

Perioral wrinkles

Unwanted hair

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)

Hypertrophic scars

Keloid scars

Decubitus ulcers

Coagulation of soft tissue


All skin types including tanned skin

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Elite+™ Aesthetic Workstation

Elite+™ Aesthetic Workstation

Cynosure UK Ltd

The Elite+™ Aesthetic Workstation is a dual-wavelength system delivering reliable, cost-effective treatments for hair removal, vascular treatments, epidermal pigment, and wrinkle reduction. All of our devices have all the appropriate approvals from the FDA and are CE marked. 
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Healthxchange Group

Due to its multi-modalities and flexible options ULTRAcel is for all patients looking to improve a broad range of indications, all skin types and ages who want visible, real results building from day one with ongoing improvement over time.


• Laxity of the skin (neck, face, body)

• Lifting of the skin (all areas including chin and neck)

• Improvement of overall skin rejuvenation

• Periorbital skin concerns

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Large and open pores

• Skin texture and tone

• Acne and scarring

• Stretch marks

• Prevention, correction and management of the signs of ageing.

• Pigmentation

• Telangiectasia

• Contouring of the overall face, sharpening of the jawline and lifting of the jowel area.

• All skin types


FDA-cleared (2 of 3 technology platforms, remaining FUS platform under consideration)

UK physician and patient approved

o “Amazing results yesterday at the launch of ULTRAcel in clinic. An incredible treatment for lifting, skin tightening, turkey neck, double chin lift and jawline contouring as it causes contraction of the fat and muscle layer. I tried and tested ultherapy but after seeing the results were SLOW and the treatment was painful, I decided to bring the best in-clinic and opted for ULTRAcel instead.”

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtor, aesthetics doctor

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Lumenis Ltd

The M22 by Lumenis holds 39 cleared indications approved by both the FDA and CE for the 4 handpieces available.

Advanced IPL with optimal pulse technology allows the treatment of Benign epidermal lesions, Melasma, Benign cutaneous vascular lesions, Facial telangiectasias, Erythema of rosacea, Poikiloderma of civatte, hair removal, Dyschromia, Ephelides (Freckles), Scars, Port wine stains, Truncal teangiectasias, Angiomas, Leg veins, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Cutaneous lesions, Straie, Hemangiomas, leg telangiectasias, spider angiomas and venous malformations. This is achieved through 9 Expert Filters: 515, 560, 590, 615, 640, 695, 755 nm, Acne and Vascular filters.

ResurFX the only true fractional non-ablative laser with cool scanner can treat Coagulation of soft tissue, skin resurfacing, dyschromia, melisma, acne scars, surgical scars, Straie and perorbital wrinkles.

The Multi-Spot Nd:YAG with multiple sequential pulsing has the ability to treat the coagulation and demostasis of vascular lesions and soft tissue, Reticular veins (0.1 - 4mm diameter), Superficial teangiectasias, hair removal, Deep telangiectasias and facial wrinkles

Q-Switched Nd:YAG handpiece with homogenous beam profile effectively treats Dark tattoo removal and Pigmented lesions.

Photofractional™ treatments remove the effects of pigmentation while resurfacing the skin's tone and texture. It prompts the growth of new skin cells, providing tighter skin and an overall fresh, youthful appearance.

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miraDry is the only FDA-cleared treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat in as little as one treatment (1). miraDry is a safe and effective thermal energy treatment to permanently eliminate sweat glands in the underarm. It can be used by patients over the age of 18 and is a highly effective treatment for everyone who would like to have sweat-free underarms and also for those with hyperhidrosis. The ground-breaking new system offers permanent and immediate results, with little to no downtime and an optimal safety record. 

In 2019, the global antiperspirant and deodorant market is estimated to be worth about 75.6 billion US dollars(2). An estimated 7.2 million men in the UK use anti-perspirants more than once a day(3) and 90% of 18 – 29-year-old women in the UK use antiperspirant every day(4). Potentially all of these antiperspirant users could receive the miraDry treatment and never have to use antiperspirants again. This is because rather than simply masking the symptoms of sweat (for example; smell and dampness) miraDry heads straight to the source – the sweat glands. The innovative system uses thermal energy to non-invasively target and eliminate the sweat glands found in the underarm area. Once destroyed, those sweat glands don’t grow back, making miraDry a permanent anti-sweat solution. miraDry has been used in over 150,000 treatments worldwide with an excellent safety record.(5) 

Patient results and experience may vary. The miraDry System is FDA-cleared in the U.S. for the treatment of unwanted underarm sweat and odour and permanent removal of unwanted underarm hair. In Europe miraDry is intended for use by health care professionals for treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis in adults.

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Key Dates

  • Entries Open 1st May
  • Entries Close 28th June
  • Finalists announced and voting opens 2nd September
  • Voting and Judging Close 31st October
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony 7th December

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