The Clinetix Award for Professional Initiative of the Year

This award recognises the important role that both patient-focused and professional campaigns play in promoting consumer education and patient safety. It is open to associations, companies and individuals. In selecting finalists, the Aesthetics team will look for evidence of activity designed to benefit the industry as a whole, along with tangible outcomes. You are encouraged to keep your entry concise and clear; bullet points and the use of formatting options such as bold, underlines and italics are encouraged to ensure your entry is easy to digest for judges. A strict character limit of 1,700 (including spaces) is enforced for each question and you must not exceed this; however, your entry does not have to meet it. References are included in the character count, although you may supply a reference list as part of your supplementary materials if it exceeds the character count. The winner will be selected from the finalists using a combination of Aesthetics reader votes and judges’ scores. Voting will constitute a 30% share of the final score.


Black Skin Directory

Black Skin Directory

Black Skin Directory

Black Skin Directory is a unique pioneering platform that connects people of colour to: 

  • Skincare professionals experienced in addressing the needs of darker skin tones
  • Educational skincare events
  • Product, clinic and treatment reviews
  • Online educational content about skin, products and how ingredients contribute to skin health
  • E-shop featuring cosmeceutical products. 

The platform is the first of its kind in the UK and we are determined to maintain and support open and honest communications in the aesthetic and general skincare industry about the needs of patients of colour; and the increased need for more visible diversity and inclusivity in the industry. Our mission is to highlight the queries patients of colour have and deliver the best solutions to their questions. Black Skin Directory has five sections:

1. A searchable directory of practitioners experienced in addressing the needs of darker skin {CLINIC SEARCH}. Consumers use this section to find clinics and practitioners for their skincare needs.

2. An education section with editorial articles and first-person experiences to inform and educate; skewed towards the concerns of darker skin tones. {JOURNAL, LEARN & SKIN CONDITIONS}

3. A product review and guidance section highlighting products and ingredients with specific benefits for skin of colour concerns e.g. Hyperpigmentation {PRODUCT REVIEWS}

4. Seasonally curated events that bring people of colour and experts together with the aim of teaching, sharing knowledge and enhancing the profile of practitioners. {EVENTS}

5. An edit of results driven cosmeceuticals adept in addressing the concerns of patients with darker skin tones e.g. hyperpigmentation. {SHOP}

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Highly Commended

Beauty Decoded

Beauty Decoded

Black & White Comms

In March 2019, Allergan launched the “Beauty Decoded Live” Event Series in London, the first ever global campaign from JUVÉDERM®, the world’s leading brand of hyaluronic acid filler*. The four-day immersive and interactive events were the largest ever consumer activation campaign from a pharmaceutical company in the UK, with over 5,000,000 social media impressions during the live events and reaching an audience of over 480,000,000 via media. These events will be amplified through clinics around the country, with more than 280 clinics ready to host Beauty Decoded events.

The campaign was created to empower, engage and educate consumers on facial fillers and highlight the importance of the consultation process when considering an aesthetic treatment. The message from Allergan is clear: patient safety is always paramount. Beauty Decoded campaign will visit over 15 countries by the end of 2019.


4 unprecedented events delivered across 4 days:



  • GLAMOUR BEAUTY FESTIVAL - March 9th, 10th & 11th  



Questions created for consumer to take ownership of their consultation:

1: Check IT – Can you tell me about your training and experience?

2: See IT – Can I see examples of your training and experience?

3. Know IT – Which brand do you use?

4. Understand IT – What treatment do I need to get the look I want?

* Allergan Data on File INT/0771/2016. JUVÉDERM® is the world’s leading HA brand (page 1). Oct, 2016. 

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Think Over Before You Make Over

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery’s ‘Think Over Before You Make Over’ campaign aims to address the worrying lack of consumer awareness about how to choose safe and appropriate cosmetic surgery.

The free, online materials help patients to ensure that they undergo cosmetic procedures, safely, with the right surgeon, and at the right time for them. For example, the 5 C's cosmetic surgery checklist acts as a simple form of guidance, alongside more detailed information about individual procedures – what to expect, potential complications, and aftercare.

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Cynosure UK Ltd

Cynosure UK Ltd

Cynosure UK Ltd

In today’s changing environment, it is more important than ever to be on top of emerging trends, best practices, and new procedures. That's why we created the Aesthetic Exchange as a forum to educate and provide access to today’s top industry performers for discussion and networking allowing practitioners to interact with like-minded professionals that can help solve, create, develop, and expand their practice’s offerings.

Its not just for clinical education either, we understand that whilst our clients may be fantastic clinically, they are not as confident when it comes to marketing or running a successful business. As such, we use the Aesthetic Exchange to share best practice from those who do! 

We believe that people learn in different ways, so we've got several channels for the Aesthetic Exchange:

• Symposiums 

• Educational dinners

• Workshops 

• Newsletter 

For more detail on execution see implementation question below. 

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Personal Wellness Trainer - Kimberley Cairns BSc MSc MBPsS

Personal Wellness Trainer - Kimberley Cairns BSc MSc MBPsS


KLNIK present The Personal Wellness Trainer (PWT), a uniquely defined initiative and position held at KLNIK by Kimberley Cairns (BSc. MSc. MBPsS) that provides a distinguished and inclusive experience to all stakeholders in aesthetics.

• Optimise the patient aesthetic experience and holistic wellness

• Bringing focus to the psychological needs of people considering cosmetic procedures

• Offers an exceptional aesthetic patient experience with the inclusion of a robust 60 minute consultation, cooling off periods and follow up care to identify signs of vulnerability in this cohort.

• Committed continuity of patient care with KLNIK’s unique consultation process and care plan approach as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide alternative or more appropriate ways of managing body image anxiety other than aesthetic intervention.

• Optimise wellbeing for all patients seeking aesthetics through a robust therapeutic model providing a safe space without the fear of exploration.

• Provides skilled Safeguarding to vulnerable adults

• Active contribution to research and development evidenced in the development of the Aesthetic Wellness Scale (Cairns & Ravindran: 2018)

• To drive wellness awareness and education across the industry being featured within national, and international press, presenting as a Guest Speaker at international conferences liaising with the JCCP as the PWT is a member of the fitness to practice panel.

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Aesthetic Entrepreneurs

Aesthetic Entrepreneurs

RCS Consulting

The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs is THE global home for Aesthetic professionals who simply want to get more done. A vibrant and rapidly growing online community with nearly 800 members, originating as a Facebook-led group, that supports and encourage business and help entrepreneurial spirit to live large. 

I identified that Facebook’s wider strategy to use groups and communities to drive engagement, and provide an environment to provide coaching, mentoring and support on a much wider scale than i had previously been able to.

Aesthetic Entrepreneurs (AE) community launched on 1st August 2018. The premise for the community is fun and enjoyment in business, and to wear the “Entrepreneur” label with pride, as that is really what we all are. 

Our vision and values are “to help and empower business owners in the sector to grow and a business and entrepreneurs, and support our them to achieve their goals, what ever they may be”.

Get the help and insight they need to solve most issues, connect with like-minded professionals.

We have daily themes to encourage engagement and participation

We actively encourage friendly banter, gifs, memes and foster a safe environment and have a bit of fun.

Aesthetic Entrepreneurs is free initiative, however it has grown and developed rapidly leading to the creation of additional sub-groups;

Entrepreneurs Club - A subscription coaching group 

Launchpad - Designed for businesses under a year old.

Blueprint - Designed for businesses launching a new product or service.

AE Clinical - Designed for members to discuss clinical issues outside of the main AE group, but with the same ethos and values.

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Academic Aesthetics Mastermind Group

Academic Aesthetics Mastermind Group

Trikwan Aesthetics

The concept of this group is regular monthly meetings with 10-15 aesthetic doctors and surgeons to discuss:

1. Case presentation on a particular topic in the field of aesthetics (For example, Meeting 1 was on Tear Troughs) and anatomy, with current research discussed

2. Research article presentation and discussion (Journal club)

3. Discussion about new research projects on current topics to be completed as a group, with the aim of publishing high quality research 

There is very minimal high-quality research out there on multiple topics within aesthetics. For example, the topic of our first meeting was tear troughs and I designed a prospective research study on this with the aim of collaborating with the community of likeminded aesthetic practitioners to generate research with a large sample size. The data is being analysed and a few papers have been written on the findings which are currently being submitted to multiple journals for publication.

Each doctor that participated will have their names on the paper and be published authors. There are minimal "heavyweight academic aesthetic doctors" in the UK because the industry is poorly researched. The aim is to start one of these projects at every meeting and have multiple papers published between us all. 

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Key Dates

  • Entries Open 1st May
  • Entries Close 28th June
  • Finalists announced and voting opens 2nd September
  • Voting and Judging Close 31st October
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony 7th December

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