Surgical Product of the Year

This award is open to manufacturers or UK distributors of surgical products for the UK aesthetics market. Finalists will be chosen from products that support a specific indication and can show evidence of good safety and efficacy, optimum duration and tangible benefits over similar products on the market. This category is only open to products that have been available for a year or more. The products that can be entered should be used in surgery or for minimally-invasive procedures.


Solutions for Scars

Solutions for Scars

Science of Skin

  • Solution for Scars is ground breaking in scar management.  For the first time it has been demonstrated that it is the only topical scar treatment shown to significantly alter scar outcomes for the better when used in advance of elective, planned surgery.
  • Furthermore, it the only topical scar treatment based on published, extensive basic science and backed up by randomised, double blinded clinical trials.
  • Through these trials it has been scientifically shown that Solution for Scars significantly reduces the thickness and redness of scars and increases their pliability and hydration.
  • The cream modulates the inflammatory response to trauma, to improve scar outcomes.  It is the only topical agent shown to do so, backed up by proper science.
  •  With an estimated 100 million patients acquiring permanent scars following elective surgery each year, scarless wound healing has long been something of a holy grail for surgeons. Whilst it should be used to improve all scars, caused through both surgery or accidental, Solution for Scars should be routinely used for a week in advance of treatment by all patients undergoing elective surgical procedures.
  •  It is an absolute game changer for all concerned; patients and surgeons alike.

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Highly Commended

The Micro Adipose Processing System

The Micro Adipose Processing System

AQ Therapeutics, Inc.

For nearly two decades now autologous fat transfer has been explored and used for many surgical treatment applications in plastic, reconstructive, orthopedics, pain management, and gynecological specialties. Yet, to this day there is still no clear method or system developed that addresses all the potential drawbacks that involve small volume adipose tissue transfer including time, cost, washing, sizing, and most importantly viability. The MAPS Kit is a single-use, sterile, component-based system intended to address these needs. It contains appropriate infiltration and aspiration cannula, filters, and adipose resizer allowing for the transfer of both micro and milli fat back into the same patient during the same surgical procedure without the need for a centrifuge or any other expensive capital equipment.

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Skinade MD Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme

Skinade MD Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme


In the competitive world of aesthetic and plastic surgery, getting your patient care right has never been more crucial. Preparing the body ahead of surgery, providing aftercare to ensure minimal downtime and optimal healing, are paramount in achieving the best results. Ultimately, a surgery is judged on outcome, and with the vast proliferation of images and reviews available on social media, only those practitioners committed to clinical excellence will secure that competitive edge.

Designed in collaboration with leading plastic and aesthetic surgeons, the skinade|MD® Pre + Post Care Programme was created to provide surgeons with an innovative solution tailored to their needs. By integrating the skinade|MD® into their surgical protocols, surgeons can ensure that they are offering their patients the best possible experience and outcome in their surgery.

skinade|MD® Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme works by triggering the wound healing response ahead of surgery and targeting specific issues associated with surgical intervention, resulting in:

» Reduced swelling

» Reduced bruising

» Less bleeding

» Reduced scarring

» Quicker healing

» Reduced downtime

» Superior results

Supported by clinical data, this easy to follow 45 day programme is the perfect differentiator for those practitioners committed to clinical excellence.

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Key Dates 2022/2023

  • 2023 Entries Open 31st July 2022
  • Entries Close 30th September 2022
  • Finalists Announced 3 rd January 2023
  • Voting and Judging Close 1st February 2023
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony after the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition 11th March 2023