The ReLife Award for Best New Clinic, UK & Ireland

The award for Best New Clinic is open to any clinic in the UK and Ireland that was established after 1 January 2020. If you enter Best New Clinic you will not be eligible for entry in any of the regional clinic categories. The Best New Clinic will be judged on initiatives designed to promote growth, evidence of commitment to customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as good feedback from patients. Aesthetics Media reserves the right to move your clinic entry to a regional category if deemed appropriate.


Thames Skin Clinic

Thames Skin Clinic is a fabulous, successful, CQC regulated clinic. Thriving in the heart of the community with a following of patients from across the UK. Our team work as one to make patients feel comfortable and give them the Thames experience they deserve. We are honoured to be considered one of the best clinics in the UK. 

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Highly Commended

Dr Yusra Clinic

It is an honour to apply for Best New Clinic at the Aesthetic Awards.

We have worked so hard over the pandemic to launch this new clinic. Opening a clinic in the midst of 3 lockdowns was nothing short of challenging, and the story of the clinic is one of resilience, determination and passion.  It has been a real labour of love and a passion project. My biggest pride and joy is walking in daily and working alongside a phenomenal team, knowing that they understand the vision, and our raison d'etre; to provide a holistic wellness experience, treating our patients ethically, gently, and holistically with the underpinning philosophy of 'Radiance on the outside, Wellness on the inside'.

There is no greater reward than being in the service of others, and I am thankful every day for the opportunity to do what I love daily, and will forever be on a life long mission of the pursuit of excellence.

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Yorkshire Skin Centre

We are so proud of the premises, team and ethos we have sculpted here and formed the Yorkshire Skin Centre. Every intricate detail has the patient journey at the heart of its design. We wanted to make a space where patients feel warm, welcomed and treated with respect and dignity. That coupled with scientific excellence and results driven treatments from an approachable and friendly team. Trying to juggle all these variables and make our dream clinic hasn't not been easy but its been one hell of a ride!

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Ambra Aesthetics Clinic

Ambra Aesthetics Clinic is a state of the art clinic specialising in facial aesthetics and dentistry.  Its highly experienced and knowledgeable team includes dentists, a medic and dental nurse as well as therapists, with an accomplished administrative team.

Ambra’s mission statement is to deliver self confidence and authentic wellness through understanding physical, emotional and aspirational desires

Its positioning statement is … for patients that want to look and feel beautiful inside and out, Ambra provides a premium medical aesthetic experience tailored to their needs. Out team has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and obsessive commitment to aesthetic excellence beyond the surface. 

Ambra offers a wide range of bespoke treatments including an injectable portfolio, aesthetic dentistry as well as specialist treatment such as Morpheus8, Hydrafacial and Lumeca. 

Ambra prides itself on providing ethical and professional patient care, underpinned by its CQC registration and industry recognised certifications. 

Ambra’s branding, website, logo and interior and exterior design have been overseen by an award winning designer making for a cohesive and memorable brand. 

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Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic

Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic is a boutique medical aesthetic clinic located in the beautiful village of Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

We specialise in high quality, non surgical aesthetic procedures for the face, skin and body.

Dr Grace Kelly and her team deeply care about taking the time to get to know all of their patients personally, listening to their concerns and aspirations, in order to create bespoke treatment plans  to address their individual needs. 

We are continually investing in our state of the art  facilities, the best clinically proven products, training and excellent medical equipment so we can offer our patients the highest quality of care. 

Our ethos is to create natural results so you can look and feel your very best.

The safety of our patients is of upmost importance to all of our team, we ensure our patients are given the best care possible throughout their treatment as well as an efficient aftercare service. 

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Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics

I run my thriving clinic from a light-filled loft space atop 10 Harley Street, an area measuring approximately 300 square feet, fractionally larger than the average UK living room. I took the lease early in 2020, and after seven solid days-and-nights of largely DIY renovation, I officially launched on March 9. Six working days later, in anticipation of the first Lockdown and for the safety of my patients, I closed.

So, having welcomed the first 22 patients through my door during those exciting inaugural days, my second Monday was spent refunding booking deposits before closing it again to go home and volunteer for the NHS Covid rota; not exactly the look or start I was going for.

But thanks to resilience, belief and sheer hard work, I circumvented that confounding standstill-to-stuttering beginning to build a flourishing and promising venture fast-gaining reputation for offering reliably safe, natural and innovative solutions that are always at the forefront of aesthetics.

Mine is a bijou clinic with a mighty heart and a truly personal touch; one where I infuse my enjoyment and love for the profession by first-and-foremost delivering consistently ethical, honest and collaborative consultations, followed by meticulously administered treatments - even launching my first trademarked signature eye technique during this time. In a mere handful of months since going solo so early in my career, 460 people and counting have already awarded me a verified five-star review for doing exactly that: praising me for the difference their experience in my hands has made in their lives.

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Harley Street Injectables

In the space of five years Harley Street Injectables has grown from a single rented room driven by the passion of a nurse for aesthetic beauty onto the renovated listed building consisting of 5 clinical rooms occupied by medical aesthetic professionals. The new clinic reflects the company; modern machines and finishes set within a listed building. Entwining the evolving industry but respecting its history. 

The clinic is all on one level with easy access to all rooms off a central passage replicating the flat hierarchy of the company. All employees are treated equally, as everyone has the role to play in the success of the business.

We see over thousands of patients every year and perform over 10,000 procedures, with one of the highest – if not the highest – patients’ satisfaction in the sector with a google 5 star rating of 300 reviews

With Harley Street Injectables, you can enjoy a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures from a highly trained professional. This includes treatments to improve the effects of aging, preventative treatments and life-changing transformations. Achieving natural results that promote subtle revitalisation is always the goal of ours, so that patients can be happy with their experience and feel more confident in their own skin.

Harley Street Injectables mission is to achieve the highest standards of quality of care and to do that we put patients’ safety, medical expertise, and patients’ satisfaction at the core of what we do – always!

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"The real secret behind flawless skin, is that there are no secrets, just proper skin care"

Welcome to House of Saab. With your wellbeing at the heart of everything we do, our Doctor led team delivers more than just a service. 

We combine masterful aesthetics with excellence in wellness to deliver London’s most revered personal experience. 

We believe that to truly offer exceptional care takes more than just our expert knowledge and aesthetics artistry. It takes time, patience and an unrivalled attention to detail. 

Caring for patients after your procedure is just as important as the consultation session and treatment process. We continue to look after their well-being long after they have left the clinic to ensure that not only do they reach their aesthetic goals, but maintain them long into the future.

We are proud to have enforced voluntary standards in our practice, that should be pre-existing across the country, but lack in execution. In our belief, a non-surgical injectable treatment is nothing short of a precise, controlled and risky medical procedure, and that fact is reflected onto our practice by being one of few aesthetic practices with only level 7 qualified practitioners, nurse and doctors on board, with years of experience in fields of public health policy, emergency care, anaesthesia and psych evaluation care. Our medical director overseas all activities and plans current and future protocols with respect to required and necessary standards of the industry.

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Natali Kelly Clinic

Natali recently opened her flagship clinic based on Walton Street, Chelsea. Drawing on her vast experience to create a beautiful, prestigious clinic where Georgian townhouse meets Parisian chic; they offer the most innovative procedures covering everything from holistic wellness, anti-wrinkle injections to skin rejuvenation treatments and cosmetic dermatology. With a keen eye for best in class technique and protocols, Natali travels the world in search of anything and anyone that can be of benefit to her clients; skincare, treatments, crystals, energy practitioners, health supplements and more.

The attention to detail Natali applies to the treatment journeys of all her clients is reflected in every square inch of her breath-taking clinic. From the monochrome pallet, brass accents and art-meets-interior accessories, it’s clear that this is the fruit of a perfectionist, who has patiently and painstakingly sourced the best of everything. Her staff choice is just as important as the treatments and results themselves. Her team is made up of exceptional practitioners, all of whom are experts with a large amount of experience, some of whom have travelled the globe providing their service and skill. Natali is keen to make sure they offer all patients the best in face and body treatments.

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Natural Nurse Aesthetics

Natural Nurse Aesthetics has come a long way since being established in 2019. I pride myself for being known for giving natural enhancements whilst aiming to boost confidence in all of my patients. Opening up the clinic has enabled me to keep the 'natural' ethos of the business, by making the clinic very modern and relaxing whilst maintaining a professional and clinical look. This was a huge step for the business, especially during a pandemic but it has continued to grow from strength to strength. I firmly believe this is due to always making my patient's feel welcomed and cared for, ensuring a high quality experience. My aim is to educate patient's as part of their treatment journey and to develop a long term plan to get the results that they desire. Listening and focusing on what their goals are helps me to gain a better understanding of their needs and helps to set realistic targets. Going forward I would like to keep promoting natural enhancements and building patients' knowledge of aesthetic treatments. 

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Skinfluencer LTD

With a flagship clinic located in Chelsea and branches set to open in other global hotspots, Skinfluencer is a ground-breaking luxury aesthetics brand that offers cutting-edge medical grade treatments through a seamless client journey service experience in boutique settings.

The clinic’s doctor-led team has devised a range of scientifically backed and proven protocols that uniquely combine and layer energies and techniques from multiple “hero” technologies to transform skin at a cellular level, ensuring its optimum health, youthfulness and radiance.

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The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms

The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms was founded by Dr Helen Whyte and Miss Rachel Davison in October 2020. The pandemic highlighted to us how important it was to make people feel good on a daily basis. Our primary goal was to be able to offer a personal and genuine service, a tailored plan that would enable people to feel good inside and out.

Both of us have strived to provide the highest quality of surroundings and medical level care to our patients. Following guidelines from organisations such as ICO and Save Face we have met the required standards to ensure we are practicing to the approved levels of care.

We have researched the available treatments with the aim to provide alternatives where there may be gaps in the market.

Our aim was to provide a range of desirable treatments whilst attempting to avoid the pitfalls of fashionable treatments.

We endeavour to help everyone find their confidence by providing beautiful and natural results from top quality aesthetic treatments, delivered by highly qualified and skilled clinicians. We want to diminish the stigma around aesthetics, allowing these fantastic treatments to be available to everyone, without judgement, regardless of age or gender.

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The Dr Jenni Clinic

“I founded The Dr Jenni Clinic because I feel passionate about helping people to look and feel their best. We are all wonderfully and beautifully unique and at The Dr Jenni Clinic we embrace this fact – treating everyone with a personalised, functional, whole-person approach, rather than the limited, one-size-fits-all approach that many of us have become used to.”

Despite being launched in one of the most turbulent years in our history, The Dr Jenni Clinic has played a major role in helping patients with their wellness both inside and out. The clinic has helped so many people to achieve health, vitality and confidence, with the added benefit of having their physical, mental and emotional health concerns looked after, from the same wonderful venue.

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Key Dates 2022/2023

  • 2023 Entries Open 31st July 2022
  • Entries Close 30th September 2022
  • Finalists Announced 3 rd January 2023
  • Voting and Judging Close 1st February 2023
  • Winners Announced The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony after the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition 11th March 2023