Dr Maryam Zamani, MZ SKIN
Dr Maryam Zamani
Oculoplastic Surgeon, Facial Aesthetics Doctor and founder

Dr. Maryam Zamani is a Board-Certified Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon and leading facial Aesthetics Doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience spanning between the USA and the UK. With an international reputation for her skilled rejuvenation techniques, Dr Zamani is particularly sought-after for both surgical and non-surgical peri-orbital and facial optimisation. Her signature aesthetic is exceptionally subtle, and her ethos is to look and feel good at every age. Famed for her meticulous approach, Dr Zamani has garnered a dedicated, sophisticated clientele. Dr Zamani is a pioneer in women led, high-performance, doctor formulated skincare and is the founder of the cult, award-winning MZ SKIN products. Owing to her extensive experience in Oculoplastic surgery and skin rejuvenation, Dr Zamani is known as ‘the eye doctor’.