The Aesthetics Awards Hall of Fame recognises the Winners, High Commendations, Commendations and Finalists from as far back as the very first Aesthetics Awards. To view, click on the categories below. Note that some categories are no longer applicable or have been updated over time as the Aesthetics Awards and industry has progressed.

Outstanding Achievement in Medical Aesthetics

This Award recognises the outstanding achievements and significant contribution to the profession and industry by an individual with a distinguished career in medical aesthetics. The winner of this category is selected by Aesthetics from within the profession. Individual entries are not accepted for this category.

WINNER: Mr Dalvi Humzah

Mr Dalvi Humzah said, “I am delighted and thrilled to receive this Award, and also very humbled about it. People have said so many lovely things that I have never even thought about and this has really touched me. I would not have got here if not for the friendship and camaraderie from everyone in the industry, and I also want to thank the Aesthetics team for all the opportunities they have provided me over the years.”

WINNER: Amanda Cameron

Amanda Cameron is the co-founder of private label cosmeceuticals supplier 5 Squirrels and aesthetic business consultant. Mandy has been working in the industry for 40 years, and even helped to launch what’s now known as Sculptra in the UK. As well as working for many aesthetic companies, Mandy was also the editor of the Aesthetics journal for six years and helped to host the Awards and organise the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition on many occasions. Ahead of her retirement later this year, we wanted to show Mandy recognition for all of her hard work over the years in helping to shape the industry as we know it!

WINNER: Dr Martyn King

Dr Martyn King, aesthetic practitioner and a founder of the Aesthetics Complications Expert (ACE) Group World, was presented the Award thanks to his dedication to improving standards throughout the specialty.

“I didn’t even know I was coming tonight; I thought we were just having our work Christmas party in London. It was really nice to come to the Aesthetics Awards because we hadn’t entered this year, but then I won this Award, and I am extremely shocked. I am really proud and feel really special to get this, but this is not the end, and I am not done just yet,” said Dr Martyn King.

He continued, “The Aesthetics Awards is great. We have been coming for years. I have done the judging for years and it is nice to see that the winners in the categories that I judged were reflective of the scores that I gave. There are some fabulous well-deserving people who won tonight so congratulations to everyone.”

WINNER: Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett, aesthetic nurse prescriber and BACN chair, was presented the Award due to her dedication, commitment and passion for the specialty.

In 1996, she flew to Sweden with a colleague to clear the UK distribution for a promising new product, which we all know today as Restylane. Since then, she has co-founded and become chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, as well as representing the UK for standards in Europe and working tirelessly to develop the education, training and regulation of aesthetic nurses across the UK.

Bennett said, “It’s amazing, just amazing! It was such a shock and although this is an honour to win, I feel like I have got a lot more to achieve. It is a great recognition of all that I have done, particularly with the BACN and the work that we are doing to try and regulate the industry. It’s the biggest Awards ceremony in our specialty and it’s so nice that this night brings us all together.”

WINNER: Dr Elizabeth Raymond Brown

Dr Elizabeth Raymond Brown, who has spent the last 30 years developing protocols and teaching practitioners how to deliver the safest, most effective laser and light-based treatments, was presented with the Award.

Following the ceremony, Dr Raymond Brown said, “I am overwhelmed to win this Award! I had no idea this was coming, it’s a fantastic honour to be recognised. I think the Aesthetics Awards is about showing that it’s a serious specialism and, at a time where we haven’t got a whole lot of regulation, it’s important to come together and show that patients should be at the heart of what we do. If I have helped in any way to raise standards and the importance of training and education, then that’s a fantastic thing.”

WINNER: Dr John Curran

Dr John Curran, the medical director and founder of Aesthetic Skin Clinics, as well as the founder of a medical aesthetics distributor, was awarded this achievement.

Dr Curran was chosen as the recipient for this prestigious Award due to his continued efforts to improve standards and push the industry forward throughout his 20-year aesthetic career.

Following the ceremony Dr Curran said, “Winning the Award for Special Achievement makes me feel humbled, I’ve had so much help over the years – from people at the beginning who mentored me and taught me, colleagues who’ve supported me, nurses, doctors, everyone within the industry – it’s been a fabulous ride, it’s so amazing to be given recognition for something I didn’t expect. It’s recognition from colleagues and friends, and people working within the industry, so it’s very special to me.”

WINNER: Liz Bardolph

Having worked in the aesthetics industry for more than 15 years, Bardolph was a founding member and first chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN). After many years working for the NHS, she entered the world of aesthetics and was concerned at the lack of regulation of products and people within the industry.

Bardolph said of her recognition, “I was delighted and overwhelmed to receive such a prestigious Award. To be recognised for my contribution to the field of aesthetics was both unexpected and fantastic!”

WINNER: Dr Roy Saleh

Dr Saleh has performed over 20,000 procedures on the face alone and considered an international expert on rejuvenation of the mid-face. He has lectured at home and abroad on this topic, along with many other areas of medical aesthetics.

On receiving the Award Dr Saleh said, “I really didn’t expect anything like this, it came as a big surprise and when I saw my photograph up on the screen I thought ‘That’s me!’ It came as a real shock. He continued, “Winning this Award means that there is a belief, an acceptance and a feeling that you’ve reached a certain level in your career, but it’s important for me to say that my career isn’t over.”

WINNER: Dr Patrick Bowler

Dr John Curran took to the stage to present this special award to his close friend and colleague Dr Patrick Bowler. Dr Curran’s speech was both hilarious and heartwarming as he talked about his friend’s 25 years of experience in the profession. A previous winner of an Aesthetic Award for Services to the Industry, the huge number of nominations that he received are a testament to his popularity and the respect that he commands amongst his peers. This high opinion was shared by the Aesthetics Awards team who all agreed he was a worthy winner.

Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year

This Award will recognise the aesthetic doctor or dentist in the UK or Ireland who is deemed to have contributed most to the profession and/or has provided the most outstanding care and treatment to their patients in the last 12 months. The winner will be judged on their clinical expertise, continuous professional development, commitment to patient safety and the difference they make to their patients, clinic and the profession as a whole. 

Winner: Dr Sophie Shotter

Highly Commended: Dr Uliana Gout

Commended: Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar & Dr Shirin Lakhani


Dr Rehanna Beckhurst

Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme

Dr Mayoni Gooneratne

Dr Anna Hemming

Dr Steven Land

Dr Brian McCleary

Dr Aileen McPhillips

Dr Dev Patel

Dr Emma Ravichandran

Dr Eleanor Reid

Dr Souphi Samizadeh

Dr Sobia Syed

Dr Preema Vig

WINNER: Miss Sherina Balaratnam (S-Thetics)

Miss Sherina Balaratnam said, “I’m absolutely over the moon. I just feel so proud – I’m speechless and so honoured to even be shortlisted amongst so many amazing colleagues, let alone win. This goes out to my amazing team for being a part of my world. This also goes to my mum and dad’s legacy because everything that I have done comes from them. So, this one’s for you, mum and dad.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dr Uliana Gout (London Aesthetic Medicine)

COMMENDED: Dr Beatriz Molina (Medikas Medispa) and Dr Emma Ravichandran (Clinetix)


  • Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme (Adonia Medical Clinic)
  • Dr Mayoni Gooneratne (The Clinic by Dr Mayoni)
  • Dr Anna Hemming (Thames Skin Clinic)
  • Dr Bhavjit Kaur (Health & Aesthetics Clinic)
  • Dr Steven Land (Novellus Aesthetics)
  • Dr Anjali Mahto (55 Harley Street)
  • Dr Dev Patel (Perfect Skin Solutions)
  • Dr Sophie Shotter (Illuminate Skin Clinic)
  • Dr Sobia Syed (Dr Sobia Medispa)

WINNER: Dr Uliana Gout

As president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, key opinion leader, course director, author and appraiser, judges commented that Dr Gout demonstrated that she is a consummate professional and is passionate about educating the aesthetic community.


COMMENDED: Miss Sherina Balaratnam


  • Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme
  • Dr Brian W. McCleary
  • Dr Nestor Demosthenous
  • Dr Sobia Syed
  • Dr Rekha Tailor
  • Dr Dev Patel
  • Dr Anna Hemming
  • Dr Ioannis Liakas
  • Dr Vincent Wong

WINNER: Dr Jonquille Chantrey

According to her entry, Dr Chantrey’s aim is to empower patients to make informed choices whilst encouraging self-acceptance in an increasingly superficial society. For more than 11 years she has taught on the global stage and has been involved from the inception to launch of five Juvéderm products as a principal investigator, medical advisor, clinical trial injector and international demonstrator.

Dr Chantrey said, “There were some really amazing people in this category, so I feel really surprised that I was presented with the Award. Thank you also to the judging panel; I am really deeply humbled by this win. I entered this year because I felt that there had been a lot that I have personally contributed and maybe this time I should put myself forward and go for something. I really believe in everything that the Aesthetics Awards and the Aesthetics journal do. It’s always evidence based and about real-life clinical practice, but with research that goes behind it, and I completely believe in it.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Miss Sherina Balaratnam

COMMENDED: Dr Emma Ravichandran


  • Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar 
  • Dr Nestor Demosthenous
  • Dr Benji Dhillon
  • Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme
  • Dr Brian W. McCleary
  • Dr Beatriz Molina
  • Dr Dev Patel
  • Dr Simon Ravichandran 
  • Dr Souphiyeh Samizadeh 
  • Dr Daron Seukeran 
  • Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai
  • Dr Sophie Shotter 
  • Dr Rekha Tailor
  • Dr Patrick Treacy

WINNER: Dr Simon Ravichandran

12 years on from starting out, Dr Simon Ravichandran has showcased his commitment, passion and dedication to the specialty and to his patients, with one judge describing him as having an “excellent approach to patient care.”

Dr Ravichandran’s achievements include co-founding the Aesthetic Training Academy and Clinetix clinics, guest lecturing and course designing a Master’s degree at Northumbria University. In 2011, he co-founded the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners, providing the first annual conference of its kind in Scotland.

He said of his win, “I am overwhelmed – it’s still not sinking in as this was totally unexpected and I think every finalist in this category deserved to win. Winning means a great deal to me as it’s a reflection of the good work we try to do for the industry and for our patients.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Miss Sherina Balaratnam

COMMENDED: Dr Kate Goldie and Dr Stefanie Williams


  • Dr Steven Harris
  • Dr Beatriz Molina
  • Dr Peter Prendergast
  • Mr Taimur Shoaib
  • Dr Rekha Tailor
  • Dr Patrick Treacy

WINNER: Dr Beatriz Molina

Dr Molina is the founder of Medikas clinics, based in the South West, and is a key opinion leader and aesthetic trainer. In addition, Dr Molina has previously served as the vice president for the British College of Aesthetic Medicine until 2016 and is a board member of the Royal Society of Medicine Council. Judges praised Dr Molina on covering advanced aspects of medical aesthetics without losing sight of the basics.

Dr Molina was delighted to receive the accolade and said, “I’m really excited; I never expected to win as it was such high competition, and everyone is so good. It’s so important to raise the standards in the industry, as aesthetics is a highly specialised area. I’m thrilled to win.”


COMMENDED: Mr Taimur Shoaib


  • Miss Sherina Balaratnam
  • Dr Miguel Montero Garcia 
  • Dr Kate Goldie
  • Dr Steven Harris
  • Dr Tapan Patel
  • Dr Sam Robson
  • Dr Daniel Sister
  • Dr Patrick Treacy

WINNER: Mr Dalvi Humzah

Mr Humzah, who spent 10 years as a skin cancer lead and consultant in the NHS, proved to be a favourite with the panel of judges, who were impressed with his private practice in non-surgical and surgical procedures, as well as his award-winning training course.

Mr Humzah was delighted to receive the accolade and said, “I am very, very touched and honoured that the whole of the specialty should think I deserve this. Everyone works really hard and we all work together. Everyone on that list is a colleague; I have worked with them, they have worked with me, and I am absolutely touched with this award.”


COMMENDED: Dr Raj Acquilla and Dr Maria Gonzalez


  • Dr Nestor Demosthenous
  • Dr Katherine Goldie 
  • Dr Beatriz Molina 
  • Dr Simon Ravichandran 
  • Mr Taimur Shoaib 
  • Dr Johanna Ward

WINNER: Mr Raj Acquilla

Combining running his busy clinic in the north of England with providing online and classroom-based training, as well as a phenomenal amount of travelling to international congresses to present and demonstrate to practitioners around the globe, Dr Acquilla was a popular winner. In 2014, he lectured and taught more than 40,000 healthcare professionals in 36 countries and six continents, demonstrating his passion for teaching.

With 10 finalists in the category, Dr Acquilla’s award was a tremendous achievement, and he commented, “It’s a great honour to be Aesthetic Medical Practitioner of the Year because I really feel it’s the pinnacle of years of work, dedication, commitment and a quest for excellence in the UK.”


COMMENDED: Dr Maria Gonzalez


  • Dr David Eccleston 
  • Dr Kate Goldie
  • Mr Dalvi Humzah 
  • Dr Beatriz Molina
  • Dr Victoria Dobbie
  • Mr Taimur Shoaib 
  • Dr Preema Vig

WINNER: Dr Linda Eve

Since finding her passion for medical aesthetics in 2003, Dr Eve has worked tirelessly to build her future in the profession with her aim to provide first class, safe treatments with natural results. Her award-winning clinic provides exceptional care to patients across the south of England.

She commented, “I was absolutely delighted to win this Award and it was a great honour to be considered worthy of such high industry recognition. I thank Save Face for presenting the Award and hope that I can continue to inspire and support other practitioners to also achieve excellent standards of care and results.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dr Kate Goldie and Dr Tapan Patel

COMMENDED: Mr Christopher Inglefield


  • Dr Raj Acquilla
  • Dr Tracey Bell
  • Dr Martyn King
  • Dr Terry Loong
  • Dr Beatriz Molina
  • Dr Simon Ravichandran
  • Dr Askari Townshend
  • Dr Johanna Ward

WINNER: Dr Cheralyn Lumley

Dr Cheralyn Lumley was quoted as “A credit to the profession and industry” by one of our readers. One of her patients at Lumley Aesthetics, said, “Cheralyn’s impeccable professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.” Dr Lumley believes that the key to success is effective communication and that the most important thing is that her patients are safe and happy with the results of their treatment.


  • Dr Raj Acquilla 
  • Dr Natalie Blakely
  • Dr Lisa Delamaine
  • Dr David Eccleston
  • Dr Kate Goldie
  • Dr Xavier Goodarzian 
  • Dr Puneet Gupta
  • Dr Martyn King
  • Dr Rekha Tailor

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of the Year

This Award recognises the aesthetic nurse who is deemed to have contributed most to the profession and/or has provided the most outstanding care and treatment to their patients in the last 12 months. The winner is judged on their clinical expertise, continuous professional development, commitment to patient safety and the difference they make to their patients, clinic and the profession as a whole.

Winner: Melanie Recchia

Highly Commended: Michelle McLean, Anna Kremerov

Commended: Susan Young


Amy Bird

Sara Cheeney

Alice Henshaw

Natali Kelly

Tanya Khan

Áine Larkin

Lynn Lowery

Christina Param-Phillips

Khatra Paterson

Lisa Waring

Jan Whiteford

WINNER: Julie Scott (Facial Aesthetics Ltd)

Julie Scott said, “I am completely overwhelmed. I’m just hugely grateful and I wasn’t expecting it at all. The Aesthetics Awards mean everything because they give us a chance to showcase what we can do and give you a chance to reflect on your hard work, and to kind of share what you’re about – it gives you a chance to shine. Winning is just the cherry on the cake!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Susan Young (Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics)

COMMENDED: Jacqueline Naeini (Cliniva Medispa)


  • Sara Cheeney (Pure Perfection)
  • Yuliya Culley (Novello Skin)
  • Alice Henshaw (Harley Street Injectables)
  • Aine Larkin (Younique Aesthetic Clinic)
  • Natali Kelly (Natali Kelly Clinic)
  • Claudia McGloin (The New You Clinic)
  • Lucy Millar-Hume (LA Face Consultants)
  • Jenny O’Neill (Aspire Medical Group Ltd)
  • Lisa Waring (FaceTherapyNI)

WINNER: Mary White

Mary founded her clinic Outline Clinic in 2001 in the heart of Worcestershire. She has previously won Best Clinic Midlands, but this award is a first for her personally! One judge said, “A great entry and a clearly dedicated nurse,” while another praised Mary’s range of treatments. Another highlight was the clinic’s CQC registration, which judges deemed essential for nurse-led clinics!

White commented, “I am thrilled to have been awarded the title of Nurse Practitioner of the Year. I have been in the aesthetic profession since 1995 and started my own clinic in 2001. This award is a culmination of many years of learning and practice, and also reflects the huge support that I have from my team, who work tirelessly to provide excellent service for our patients. I see it as the pinnacle of my career.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Cheryl Marshall Williams

COMMENDED: Jacqueline Naeini


  • Sara Cheeney
  • Emma Coleman
  • Jane Laferla
  • Claudia McGloin
  • Lisa Niemier
  • Julie Scott
  • Lisa Waring
  • Susan Young

WINNER: Jackie Partridge

In her entry, Partridge said, “I love being part of this amazing industry and will always continue to strive for safer patient care and higher standards within the sector.” This was clearly recognised by judges who acknowledged Partridge’s commitment to championing high standards of care from a nationwide point of view.

Speaking of her achievement, Partridge said, “I am extremely excited and just so delighted. Patient safety is my number one priority. It is what counts, and it just means so much to me to be recognised for what I am doing. I love this industry to bits. My children say that I will never retire because I genuinely love what I do, and I just love my industry; I am so happy! Thank you so much.”


COMMENDED: Rachel Goddard and Jacqueline Naeini


  • Adrian Baker
  • Emma Coleman
  • Tracey Dennison
  • Sarah Gillies
  • Claudia McGloin
  • Melanie Recchia
  • Elizabeth Rimmer
  • Alison Telfer
  • Susan Young

WINNER: Jane Leferla

In her aesthetic career, Laferla has undertaken more than 10,000 non-surgical treatments at her private clinic in Cardiff and for national chains within the UK. She has a strong focus on improving industry practice in Wales and the UK. She has worked closely with local governments and societies to offer support and supply all A&E departments in Wales with best practice guidelines and protocols for the management of complications in aesthetic practice, as well as aiming to include cosmetic procedures on the specialist licensing register in Wales. She has been the BACN lead nurse for Wales for the past six years, is a clinical trainer and elected board member of the Welsh Aesthetic and Cosmetic Society.

Laferla was overwhelmed with her win, she explained, “I said if I get Commended or Highly Commended I’d be delighted, but this is just so unexpected! I was up against some really strong contenders; I’m just still in shock to be honest with you. It’s wonderful, I’m absolutely thrilled.”


COMMENDED: Jackie Partridge


  • Sarah Gillies
  • Anna Gunning
  • Jacqueline Naeini
  • Elizabeth Rimmer
  • Lou Sommereux
  • Sarah White

WINNER: Anna Baker

Anna Baker began working in the specialty in 2008, running her non-surgical cosmetic dermatology and injectables clinic from East Grinstead. Baker has been heavily involved in education and training, and currently co-ordinates and teaches for Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training. Judges complimented Baker on her impressive experience, affiliations, and excellent contribution to industry education.

Baker said, “I’m absolutely speechless because, across the board, the judges have seen an exceptionally high standard and it’s increasing every year, so it means even more to win it this year. I’m hugely humbled and quite speechless.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jackie Partridge

COMMENDED: Lou Sommereux


  • Jacqueline Naeini
  • Michelle McLean
  • Simone Sansom
  • Karen Urquhart
  • Libbie Wallace

WINNER: Frances Turner Traill

Having spent more than 10 years practising aesthetic medicine, Turner Traill was noted as an experienced practitioner and worthy winner of this award by the judges. They were also impressed with her continued professional development, having completed a BSc Professional Practice in Dermatology, alongside her professional qualifications. In addition, Turner Traill has served as a BACN board member and Scottish BACN lead for the past five years, which judges felt demonstrated her commitment to raising standards within the industry.

Turner Traill said, “I’m over the moon. It was totally unexpected. It’s the highest accolade so it doesn’t get much better than this! I must say, though, that we are a team. Our #FTTdreamteam won this as much as I did. Our patients are behind us 100% and are as delighted as we are!”


COMMENDED: Jackie Partridge


  • Rosie Cooper
  • Anna Gunning
  • Sharon King
  • Michelle McLean
  • Luisa Scott

WINNER: Sharon Bennett

Having worked in aesthetics for more than 25 years, chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) Sharon Bennett was recognised for her experience and accomplishments by winning this award. She was one of the founding members of the BACN and is also lead of the British Standards Institution (BSI) committee for CEN European Non-Surgical Standards and achieved inclusion for UK prescribing nurses. Her win rewards her tireless work for the Nursing and Midwifery Council to recognise cosmetic nurses, while still running a busy clinic in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Bennett, who was overcome by the win, said, “I love working, I love doing what I do, and getting an accolade is just fantastic. It means more to me that this category is judged, rather than being a public vote, as it’s based on what I do, the essence of me as a practitioner and everything I have tried to do for the industry. It’s also great for the BACN, which is all about being the best you can be, working ethically and responsibly, and ensuring patient safety is paramount.”


COMMENDED: Frances Turner Traill and Jackie Partridge


  • Eve Bird
  • Helen Hannigan
  • Michelle McLean
  • Alison Telfer

WINNER: Lou Sommereux

Lou Sommereux has now garnered more than 12 years of excellence and clinical expertise to the Cambridge area. She was a member of the RCN Aesthetic Forum and in 2009 a founding board member of the BACN, which she continues to serve as vice chair. The expert judging panel considered carefully how the finalists showed evidence of clinical expertise, continuous professional development, commitment to patient safety and the difference they make to their patients, clinic and the profession as a whole.

A highly deserving winner and delighted with her award, Lou said, “The other seven finalists were all worthy winners, so to be chosen is such an honour. To have been judged by my peers, whose knowledge and expertise I respect highly, and to then win this prestigious award is an accolade indeed.”


COMMENDED: Helen Hannigan and Frances Turner Traill


  • Eve Bird
  • Ros Brown
  • Sharon King
  • Malti O’Mahony

WINNER: Sharon King

This category was voted for by readers and The Aesthetic Awards team and Sharon won on both accounts with one voter commenting, “Sharon is an excellent practitioner” and another stating that she was, “extremely professional and knowledgeable.”


  • Elizabeth Bardolph
  • Eve Bird
  • Hayley Cooper
  • Natali Kelly
  • Malti O’Mahony
  • Jackie Partridge
  • Natasha Rankin

Rising Star of the Year

This Award will recognise the doctor, dentist or nurse in the UK or Ireland who is deemed to have contributed most to the profession and/or has provided the most outstanding care and treatment to their patients in the last 12 months. The winner will be judged on their clinical expertise, continuous professional development, commitment to patient safety and the difference they make to their patients and clinic. They will also be assessed on what they are beginning to do to improve the profession as a whole.

Practitioners may enter this category year on year, as long as they have been practising aesthetic medicine for less than five years at the time of application. Those with more than five years of experience should enter the Nurse or Medical Practitioner categories. Consultant surgeons are not applicable to enter this category and should enter the Consultant Surgeon category.

Winner: Mr James Olding

Highly Commended: Dr Jemma Gewargis, Dr Raquel Amado

Commended: Dr Amrita Bhogal


Dr Chloe Aucott

Dr Dorota Chudek

Dr Ahmed El Muntasar

Dr Hannah Higgins

Rebecca Hopkinson

Dr Andrew Kane

Dr Goziem Onuchukwu

Jill Smith

Dr Arreni Somasegaran

Dr Rachel Tunney

Dr Natasha Verma

Sean White

WINNER: Dr Manav Bawa (Time Clinic Medical Aesthetics and Wellness)

Dr Manav Bawa said, “I am just completely lost for words! Thank you so much to everyone, in particular my amazing mentors, my team, and of course my incredible wife. This Aesthetics Award means so much to me, and I have loved being at the ceremony – it’s been such a great atmosphere and I’ve loved meeting everyone. It’s truly been amazing.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dr Ana Mansouri (Kat & Co Aesthetics)

COMMENDED: Jacqueline Cooney (Beautiform Aesthetics) and Dr Paula Mann (Clinetix)


  • Dr Raquel Amado (Dr Raquel Skin and Medical Cosmetics Ltd)
  • Dr Jemma Gewargis (Aesthetics by Dr Jemma)
  • Dr Stephen Humble (True Medispa and Hedox Clinic)
  • Dr Andrew Kane (Dr Andrew Kane Aesthetics)
  • Dr Aileen McPhillips (The Skin Health Clinic)
  • Mr Ashwin Soni (The Soni Clinic)
  • Lauren Turner (Aesthetics by Lauren Turner)
  • Dr Priya Verma (Phi Clinic)
  • Dr Joshua Van Der Aa (Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics)

WINNER: Dr Alexander Parys (Dr Alexander James Aesthetics)

All of the judges were impressed with Dr Parys’s ambition to enhance awareness of aesthetic complications in A&E departments, by creating an educational programme for A&E medics focusing on recognition diagnosis and initial management.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dr Manav Bawa (Time Clinic Medical Aesthetics and Wellness)

COMMENDED: Alice Henshaw (Harley Street Injectables)


  • Dr Marwa Ali (The Wellness Clinic)
  • Dr Zahra Fazal (Tweak Facial Aesthetics) 
  • Dr Jemma Gewargis (Aesthetics by Dr Jemma) 
  • Dr Ana (Anahita) Mansouri (Kat & Co Aesthetics) 
  • Dr Helen McIver (Professional Facial Aesthetics)
  • Dr Aileen McPhillips (Aesthetics by Dr Aileen)
  • Dr James Olding (Max Aesthetics)
  • Nina Prisk (Update Aesthetics)
  • Dr Hannah (Hoda) Ranjbar (L1P Aesthetics)
  • Dr Elle Reid (Paragon Aesthetics)
  • Dr Emily Swift (Dr Swift Aesthetics)
  • Rebecca Taylor (Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics)

WINNER: Dr Johanna Ward

The Award recognised her services to the industry in upholding high standards and practice excellence, with one voter saying, “Dr Ward is amazing. She listens and also gives good advice.” Dr Ward described her win as a “great honour”, “very humbling” and “a symbol of dreams realised.”


  • Debbie Thomas 
  • Dr Sam Robson 
  • Julie Brackenbury

Best Non-Surgical Result

This Award recognises the medical aesthetic nurse, doctor, dentist or surgeon in the UK or Ireland who has created the best non-surgical facial aesthetic result for a patient. The practitioner may have utilised any type of non-surgical treatment, individually or in combination with others, to create the result and it may have been achieved over a number of sessions. The patient must not have undergone surgery as part of the procedure. As well as providing photographic evidence of an excellent aesthetic result, the entry should demonstrate excellent patient care and patient satisfaction with the outcome.

Winner: Dr Manav Bawa

Highly Commended: Dr Zainab Al-Mukhtar

Commended: Dr Tanja Phillips & Dr Rekha Tailor


Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar

Dr Nina Bal

Dr Rehanna Beckhurst

Dr Harriett Cant

Sarah Donaldson

Dr Anna Hemming

Dr Andrew Kane

Dr Varna Kugan

Lynn Lowery

Dr Ana Mansouri

Dr Megan McCann

Dr Emily Stanworth

Dr Jasmin Taher

Dr Joshua Van der Aa

WINNER: Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar (Dr Yusra Clinic)

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar said, “It’s incredible to have the work we do for our patients acknowledged at such a prestigious awards ceremony. Thank you to the judges for this honour and to my patient for allowing me to showcase her results!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dr Ana Mansouri (Kat & Co Aesthetics) and Dr Linea Strachan (Dr Linea Medical)

COMMENDED: Dr Dev Patel (Perfect Skin Solutions) and Dr Vincent Wong (Vindoc Aesthetics)


  • Dr Rehanna Beckhurst (ifab Clinic)
  • Dr Rory Boud (RKB by Dr Rory)
  • Dr Roxi Haasbroek (Fountain of Youth)
  • Dr Victoria Manning (River Aesthetics)
  • Dr Sindhu Siddiqi (No Filter Clinic London)
  • Dr Sonia Soopen (House of Beauty)
  • Dr Rekha Tailor (Health & Aesthetics)

WINNER: Miss Jonquille Chantrey

Miss Chantrey’s case focused on profile rebalancing with submandibular lift, with a patient who had suffered previous facial trauma. After the course of treatment, the patient said she had undergone an incredible experience that enhanced her confidence. Judges said the entry demonstrated an excellent result and strong use of standardised images in animation!




  • Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar 
  • Dr Cormac Convery
  • Dr Tom Cryan 
  • Dr Sunny Dhesi
  • Dr Tara Francis
  • Dr Anna Hemming
  • Dr James Olding
  • Dr Tanja Phillips
  • Dr Poonam Ram
  • Dr Linea Strachan
  • Dr Vincent Wong

Best Surgical Result

This Award will recognise the consultant surgeon who has created the best surgical aesthetic result for a patient. The practitioner may have utilised non-surgical treatments to complement the result. As well as providing photographic evidence of an excellent aesthetic result, the entry should demonstrate excellent patient care and patient satisfaction with the outcome.

Winner: Mr Sotirios Foutsizoglou

Highly Commended: Miss Elizabeth Hawkes

Commended: Mr Jonathan Roos & Mr Daniel Ezra


Mr Duncan Atherton

Dr Furqan Raja

Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi

Mr Tunc Tiryaki

Dr Maryam Zamani

WINNER: Mr Muhammad Riaz (St Hugh’s Hospital)

Mr Muhammad Riaz said, “I was so privileged to be a Finalist in this category, so to win is the best thing I could’ve ever hoped for. I am so proud of our surgery and of our team. It means so much to us to get an Aesthetics Award and to be here, and hopefully it helps to put Grimsby on the map!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Mr Daniel Ezra (Moorfields Eye Hospital)

COMMENDED: Miss Elizabeth Hawkes (Cadogan Clinic)

WINNER: Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai

Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai showed how she treated a patient with severe festoons. One judge commented, “This surgery is technically difficult to perform but has significantly improved the excess skin of the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid result also produced a significant improvement in the facial aesthetics.”


COMMENDED: Mr Tunc Tiryaki


  • Mr Mo Akhavani
  • Mr Yannis Alexandrides
  • Dr Grant Hamlet
  • Mr Dirk Kremer
  • Mr Dan Marsh

Manufacturer of the Year

Finalists are chosen from companies who manufacture their products in the UK or are subsidiaries of a global company. They must offer an up-to-date range of equipment and product development and be able to demonstrate excellent customer service, along with ongoing support for practitioners using their products.

Winner: VIVACY Laboratories

Highly Commended: Teoxane UK Ltd

Commended: Lumenis Be UK Ltd


Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd

Bottled Science Ltd


Crown Aesthetics


Prollenium Medical Technologies®

WINNER: Teoxane UK

Jordan Sheals, deputy country manager, said, “This Award is testament to the team here at TEOXANE and their commitment to excellence on behalf of the brand. We are delighted to be recognised for the value that we can bring to clinical practice, including both an innovative range of dermal fillers and the business support we can offer clinic partners across the UK and Ireland. Thank you to the aesthetic community for your votes and support.”




  • BTL Industries
  • Candela 
  • InMode UK 
  • Sciton UK
  • Skinade
  • VIVACY Laboratories

WINNER: Aesthetic Technology Ltd

One judge stated, “Aesthetic Technology has proven to be a reliable company who has responded well to the COVID-19 pandemic and should be applauded for this.”


COMMENDED: Lynton Lasers Ltd


  • Establishment Labs
  • Fotona D.o.o

WINNER: Lynton Lasers Ltd

This year, Lynton celebrates 25 years in the industry. Judges praised the company, highlighting, “A solid manufacturer which takes regulations and patient safety seriously with good supporting clinical evidence for their technology,” while a voter said, “Reliable, sophisticated, state of the art, user-friendly equipment. Gives amazing results. Training is exemplary and amazing staff in all areas.”

Hayley Jones, sales and marketing director at Lynton Lasers, said, “We feel absolutely ecstatic, we are so pleased to win this Aesthetics Awards because it’s not an award that’s judged, it’s voted for on behalf of our customers. We have been a British manufacturer for 25 years and we pride ourselves in looking after our customers and being the top in terms of customer service. To have an Award that represents our customers’ votes and what real clinics out there on the ground are experiencing from their suppliers is very important to us.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aesthetic Technology Ltd

COMMENDED: Medik8 and Trucryo Limited

WINNER: Aesthetic Technology Ltd

According to the entry, Aesthetic Technology’s approach allows the team to control component quality and push boundaries in terms of technology and reliability, resulting in the production of high quality products that are sold all over the world. One voter said the team delivered, “Excellent customer service”, while another said “Innovative and stringent quality system that provides industry-leading product performance, backed by medical device safety and reliability.”

Louise Taylor, director of Aesthetic Technology, commented on the win saying, “This is a fantastic achievement for us. The Aesthetics Awards recognises those who follow best practice and excellence and this award demonstrates our continued commitment to the quality and efficacy of our technology to ensure it is results driven, industry leading and safe. We would just like to thank all of our clients and partners across the world for their continued support.”


COMMENDED: Sterimedix Limited

WINNER: Lynton Lasers

Judges of the Award commented that Lynton displayed, “Innovative research and development to create and introduce new technology to enable the offering of new, effective treatments within the clinic.”

Lynton sales and marketing director, Hayley Hutchings, said of the win, “It feels fantastic to win because it is an award that is focused on UK manufacturing, so it is something that makes you feel proud to be British!” Hutchings added, “Events like these are important for the industry as it shows who is following best practice, as the application that you go through is very thorough. So, I think the Aesthetics Awards is important to show the different processes used and best practice so that we can always strive to improve things.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Clinical Health Technologies


Distributor of the Year

This Award acknowledges the vital role played by UK suppliers who support aesthetic clinics with the latest treatments, products and innovations. Finalists will be selected on the basis of their customer service, product representation and ongoing support to practitioners. When entering this award, distributors must focus on the products they distribute exclusively to the UK market.

Winner: Healthxchange Group

Highly Commended: HA-Derma Ltd

Commended: AestheticSource


Church Pharmacy

Cosmeditech Innovations Ltd

Harpar Grace International

Sculpt Pro Aesthetics

Wigmore Medical

WINNER: Healthxchange Group

Steve Joyce, marketing and technology director, said, “Wow! This Award is an amazing recognition from our clients and is great for the whole team. It really means a lot to all of us because when you do a good job it’s so important to be able to get that praise. This is absolutely fabulous, because we work so hard and so does our whole team.”


COMMENDED: AestheticSource


  • Cosmeditech Innovations Ltd
  • HA-Derma
  • Harpar Grace International

WINNER: Church Pharmacy

Church Pharmacy received this Award for the second year running. The team had fantastic feedback from voters, one of which commented, “Church Pharmacy are a great team who go above and beyond.”


COMMENDED: AestheticSource


  • Aspire & Co
  • Best Brothers
  • HA-Derma
  • Med-FX

WINNER: AestheticSource

Committed to providing customers with clinically-backed, award-winning products that work, the AestheticSource team say they see themselves as a ‘partner’ to practitioners. A judge noted, “Excellent evidence-based entry which obviously understands business, the practitioner and consumer,” while voters said, “I love the way this company looks after you – their delivery system and constant support is amazing!” and “Lorna is supportive, professional, helpful and friendly. The team’s dedication, commitment and passion show in all aspects of their business and their team.”

CEO of AestheticSource Lorna Bowes commented, “I feel giddy! I am so thrilled the team have put so much work in this year; I don’t think they have worked harder and I am just so happy for everybody in the team.”


COMMENDED: Cambridge Stratum


  • Best Brothers

WINNER: Church Pharmacy

According to the entry, Church Pharmacy is the one-stop-shop for all your medical aesthetic supplies and continually invests in technology to provide innovative solutions to users. Voters said the team always deliver excellent, friendly service, with one noting they had not had any problems in more than 10 years.

Zain Bhojani, director of Church Pharmacy, said of the win, “This year has been a challenging and interesting year, so winning this Award means the world. It really is very special for us. The team has worked extremely hard under some quite difficult circumstances this year and winning is all down to them and we are really happy to receive this. Thank you very much! It’s the second year we have won, so we are looking forward to 2020!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Healthxchange Pharmacy


  • Med-FX Limited

WINNER: Healthxchange Pharmacy

According to the entry, the distribution company has been providing excellent products and services since 2000, serving more than 10,000 aesthetic medical professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. The team claims Healthxchange is different because it provides exceptional bespoke customer service, concierge services, exceptional educational clinical support and unique pre-market product assessment.

Dr John Curran, chairman of the Healthxchange Group, said, “I am so proud of all the people who have put so much time into the company. We entered because we think this is the number one aesthetic industry award, I think it’s the one to be recognised for. We enter not only for ourselves, but for our team and clients too.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: ABC Lasers and AestheticSource


  • Eden Aesthetics Distribution Ltd
  • HA-Derma Ltd
  • Medical Aesthetic Group (MAQ)
  • Naturastudios Ltd
  • Schuco Aesthetics

WINNER: Healthxchange Pharmacy

The company aims to provide exceptional and bespoke customer service, with a commitment to investment in educational support. The team specialises in supplying products for practitioners whose patients require facial contouring, volumisation, skincare, adipose fat management and antiageing treatments. Judges agreed that Healthxchange Group supplies excellent, ethical products and pioneering skin treatment machine technologies.

Operations and sales director of Healthxchange, Karen Hill, said, “It feels fantastic and really exciting to win – there is a lot going on behind the scenes. It means a lot to us to win this award and get recognition because it’s been a year of really hard work.”


COMMENDED: Church Pharmacy


  • ABC Lasers
  • AestheticSource
  • Consulting Room
  • Harpar Grace International
  • Med-FX
  • Medical Aesthetic Group

WINNER: AestheticSource Ltd

The team were recognised for their extensive product range and great customer service and ethics, with one voter commenting that ‘nothing is ever too much’ for the company. Other voters noted the extremely high knowledge of the company’s staff, with one saying that they are a ‘brilliant company to deal with – the team are amazing and so knowledgeable’.

Director of AestheticSource Lorna Bowes said, “Winning this award feels amazing, we are so thrilled! The team has worked their socks off this year and each member is simply brilliant at what they do! To us, it’s a huge endorsement – we’ve spent the last five years trying to establish a company that is based on ethical practice that only offers world-leading products that are clinically proven. We treat all our customers as long-term relationships based on trust and goodwill and to win this award means that we are winning the trust of our customers. We would like to congratulate all of the other finalists and winners at the Aesthetics Awards 2016, and in particular we would like to thank and celebrate with our customers who join us on the list of Commended, Highly Commended and Winners.”


COMMENDED: Church Pharmacy and Medical Aesthetic Group


  • Eden Aesthetics Distribution Ltd
  • Healthxchange Pharmacy
  • Med-FX
  • NeoPharma UK Ltd

WINNER: Healthxchange Pharmacy

For the second year in a row, Healthxchange Pharmacy picked up the title of Distributor of the Year. Dr Maria Gonzalez handed the company the Award on stage, which recognises the vital role played by UK distributors who bring new, international products and treatments to the UK medical aesthetic market.

Chairman of the company, Dr John Curran, said, “I am so happy! It’s been a great night to be able to catch-up with industry colleagues. The comedian is very funny, the music is great and the dinner was wonderful.” Voters of the category commended Healthxchange on their proficient and personal approach from ‘helpful and knowledgeable staff’.


COMMENDED: Church Pharmacy and Eden Aesthetics Distribution


  • Harpar Grace International for iS Clinical
  • AestheticSource
  • Medical Aesthetic Supplies Limited
  • Vida Aesthetics Ltd

WINNER: Healthxchange Pharmacy

Voters commended Healthxchange on their ‘excellent customer service’, ‘wide range of products’ and ‘fantastic training support’. Founded in 2000, Healthxchange Pharmacy supply products including toxins and fillers, Obagi Medical Products, INTRAcel, Lustre Pro, and Aqualyx.

Chairman of the company Dr John Curran said, “I am delighted that the Healthxchange team has been recognised in this way. They work hard to take extra care of our customers and it is really lovely to see them recognised for those efforts. We strive hard to deliver high levels of customer service and a range of products that healthcare professionals can rely on to deliver on promise, increasing satisfaction for both the patient and the clinic.”

COMMENDED: Church Pharmacy and Harpar Grace International


  • AesthetiCare
  • Med-FX
  • Medical Aesthetics Supplies

WINNER: Wigmore Medical

We received an influx of feedback from voters who praised their excellent customer service, prompt reliable delivery and hands-on support. One voter said, “They do everything the others do and more!”


COMMENDED: Church Pharmacy


  • AestheticSource
  • Medical Aesthetic Group
  • Med-FX
  • Skinbrands

Product Innovation of the Year

This Award recognises the most innovative products that are widely available on the market. The judges look for genuine innovation or product advancement leading to treatment for new indications, quicker or easier treatments, better treatment outcomes and enhanced patient safety, all backed up by sound evidence.

Winner: HArmonyCa™ Lidocaine (Allergan Aesthetics)

Highly Commended: Topilase® (Prollenium Medical Technologies®)

Commended: Letybo® (Croma Pharma UK)


Alluzience (Galderma)

Biretix Tri-Active Gel (AesthetiCare)

Cyspera Intensive System™ (AestheticSource)

GF5 Bio-Regenerative Growth Factor Serum (CellDerma)

GlycoAla (Medical Aesthetic Group)

Revision Skincare Revox™ Line Relaxer (AestheticSource)

WINNER: EmSculpt Neo (BTL Aesthetics)

Susie Bennison, territory manager for BTL Aesthetics UK, commented, “We are so privileged to be here. First off, it was a great honour to be nominated – to win, it’s even better. I just think the Aesthetics Awards are a great opportunity for any product or any device to come into the market and show what they can do. It’s really nice to see everyone again and just get involved with the atmosphere and share the love for the industry that we’re all in. Thank you Aesthetics!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Purifeyes (Face Restoration Ltd)

COMMENDED: Profhilo Body and Body Kit (HA-Derma) and Revanesse (Prollenium Medical Technologies)


  • Definesse Threads (RELIFE)
  • Eternal (Luna Microcare)
  • MaiLi (Sinclair Pharma)
  • The Pollution Shield 5PF (Dr LEVY Switzerland)

WINNER: Morpheus8 (InMode UK)

Our judges commented that the Morpheus8 device by InMode is a fantastic new product on the market with incredible proven results!

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Emepelle (AesthetiCare)

COMMENDED: Juvéderm VOLUX (Allergan Aesthetics)


  • Lasergen (Endor Technologies by elenzia)
  • Custom DOSE (SkinCeuticals)

WINNER: Celluma

With products in more than 70 countries worldwide, Celluma is proud of its developments and recent launch in the UK. Judges praised its CE and FDA approvals, noting it is a very affordable and innovative device, particularly for its benefits in conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Denise Ryan, vice president of brand management at Celluma by bioPhotas, said, “This was a very important year for Celluma. We just launched in the UK and I believe we have the most innovative light device in the world! This device was a clear winner for us, we are so excited to be here in the UK and are thrilled to win. Our managing director of Celluma UK and Ireland Paul Cowen has been a great representative for us.”


COMMENDED: EverActive C&E + Peptide (Alumier Labs)


  • Celltense Serum (Elenzia)
  • Medik8 r-Retinoate Intense (Medik8)
  • Plasma Shower (Beamwave Technologies)
  • Skinbetter science Alto Defence Serum (AestheticSource Ltd)
  • Soprano Titanium (Alma Lasers)
  • Sunekos (Med-FX Limited)

WINNER: SkinPen Precision (BioActiveAesthetics)

Launched in the UK in January 2017, the microneedling pen was created to reduce the risk of cross contamination thanks to its protective sheath and 100% double-lined sealed cartridge. In March 2018, Bellus Medical – the manufacturer of SkinPen Precision – earned the first and only FDA clearance of a microneedling pen.

Kathy Taylor Brewin, managing director of UK distributor BioActiveAesthetics, said, “I am just so proud to win The Barry Knapp Award for Product Innovation of the Year, supported by Medical Aesthetic Group. Joe Proctor from Bellus Medical gave us this opportunity and I hope I have made him proud! It’s just amazing, Bellus Medical has changed the whole face of microneedling so I just want to say thank you! I’m thrilled!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Tixel and Mezotix (Aztec Services)

COMMENDED: Derma-Seal (Derma-Seal Ltd)


  • Skinbetter science Alpharet Overnight Cream (AestheticSource)
  • Celluma (Celluma by BioPhotas)
  • PRX-T33 (Medical Aesthetic Group)
  • Cellfina (Merz Aesthetics)
  • BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser (Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd)
  • TSK Antimicrobial Ice Mask (TSK Laboratory Europe)

WINNER: Clinisept+ (AestheticSource)

The manufacturer claims that the product delivers not only greater protection against infection than existing skin disinfectants, but also greater levels of skin compatibility. Judges said that the entry had, “Excellent responses to each question” and was “Clear, concise, well written and easy to read.”

Ross Walker of Clinical Health Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of Clinisept+, added, “It’s tremendous and gratifying and our thanks go to AestheticSource for all the effort they’ve put into making the launch of Clinisept+ such a marvellous success.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Novoxel Tixel (Aztec Services)

COMMENDED: Prolon UK (Skinbrands)


  • 3Dose Unit Dose Injector (TSK Laboratory Europe and Vlow Medical)
  • Biofibre Hair Implant (FusionGT)

WINNER: Profhilo (HA-Derma/IBSA)

The dermal filler impressed judges with its innovative BDDE-free, thermally stabilised hyaluronic acid technology for skin remodelling. Produced by IBSA Farmaceutici Italia, an Italian pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Switzerland, Profhilo is distributed in the UK by HA-Derma. Tania Pirazzini, the managing director of the aesthetic unit at IBSA, said, “We think that we’ve done a great job this year in the UK thanks to HA-Derma, so we decided to try our luck entering the Awards. We hoped we’d succeed somehow, but winning was beyond our expectations and we’re delighted to take home this Award!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Invisible Needle (TSK Laboratory Europe)

COMMENDED: Radara (Innoture) and earFold (Allergan Ltd)


  • Esthechoc (Medical Aesthetic Group)
  • DEKA Moveo Technology (Globe AMT)
  • PicoWay Resolve (Syneron Candela)
  • SculpSure (Cynosure)

WINNER: Fillerina (Medical Aesthetic Supplies Limited)

Fillerina from Medical Aesthetic Supplies Limited won the Award. Since its launch in March 2015, Fillerina has attracted a wide range of interest in the aesthetics market. The topical gel filler aims to plump the skin without the use of needles and is described by the manufacturer as ‘the first generation of topical dermal filler’. With research and clinical trials supporting the efficacy of Fillerina in reducing wrinkle volume and depth, and having undergone safety assessments, the product was popular with judges for its unique approach.

David Gower, managing director of Medical Aesthetic Supplies, said, “I’m absolutely ecstatic! We have worked very hard and it truly is an innovative product. I think it’s got a long way to go and I am absolutely delighted that the industry has recognised it.”


COMMENDED: PicoSure (Cynosure)


  • Teosyal Pen (Teoxane UK)
  • ResurFX (Lumenis)
  • Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Recovering Complex (Pure Swiss Aesthetics)
  • ULTRAcel (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

WINNER: miraDry (Aesthetic Business Partners LLP)

The judging panel were particularly impressed with the consistent results miraDry has achieved for more than 20,000 patients.

Ron Myers, director of the company said, “We’re delighted that miraDry has been recognised for the Pinnell Award for Product Innovation as it provides, for the first time, a simple, permanent, non-surgical solution for patients suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis. We were up against seven other worthy finalists and to win the Award really highlights just how revolutionary the judges felt this product is.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: 3Dose BoNT Syringe (TSK Laboratory Europe B.V)

COMMENDED: Restylane Skinboosters SmartClick System (Galderma UK Ltd)


  • 3D-Lipomed (3D-Lipo Ltd)
  • Aneva Derma (AestheticSource)
  • Regenlite Transform (Chromogenex)
  • ResurFX Module of M22 (Lumenis UK Ltd)

WINNER: eDermastamp eDS Skin Rejuvenation (AesthetiCare)

This year’s Award for Best Product Innovation was given in honour of Dr Sheldon Pinnell. 2013 saw a new beginning in medical skin needling with the introduction of eDS Skin Rejuvenation, using the eDermastamp.

The precision engineering of the electronic medical device enables a high level of control and accuracy over the intensity of the procedure.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Pliaglis (Galderma)

COMMENDED: CE-Thione Rechargeable Vitamin C (Medik8)


  • Harmony Clear Life (ABC Lasers)
  • Iovera (myoscience)
  • 5% Viora V-Touch (Aztec Services)

Injectable Product of the Year

This Award is open to manufacturers or UK distributors of injectable products for the UK aesthetics market. Finalists will be chosen from products that support a wide range of indications and can show evidence of good safety and efficacy, optimum duration and tangible benefits over similar products on the market.

Winner: Teosyal RHA (Teoxane UK Ltd)

Highly Commended: Restylane Lyft (Galderma)

Commended: Revanesse Contour™ (Prollenium Medical Technologies®)


Profhilo® Body (HA-Derma Ltd)

Sunekos® (Med-fx)

WINNER: Profilo (HA-Derma)

Iveta Vinkler, sales and marketing director, “This is an amazing Award to win, and we are so delighted to receive it. The Aesthetics Awards means so much to the industry, and it is the ultimate way for practitioners, clinic and companies to come together as a whole and really unite.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Restylane (Galderma)

COMMENDED: Teosyal RHA Range (Teoxane UK)


  • Juvéderm VYCROSS (Allergan Aesthetics)
  • Sculptra (Galderma)
  • WOW Fusion (WOW Facial Ltd)

WINNER: Teosyal Rha (Teoxane UK)

Voters praised the range’s dynamic properties, commenting that they gave a natural but effective result, with less complications and great patient satisfaction.


COMMENDED: Aliaxin (HA-Derma Ltd)


  • Sunekos (Med-fx)
  • APTOS Threads (Novus Medical)

WINNER: Botox (Allergan)

This product received hundreds of votes and saw high scores from judges, who praised how all questions were answered clearly and comprehensively with peer-reviewed clinical studies to support answers. Voters said, “The original and still the best”, “Excellent product – delivers fantastic results every time” and, “Brilliant product which gives patients so much satisfaction!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Profhilo (Ha-Derma Ltd)

COMMENDED: Teosyal RHA (Teoxane UK)


  • Ellansé (Sinclair)
  • RRS (AestheticSource Ltd)
  • The JUVÉDERM VYCROSS Collection (Allergan)


Since its launch in 2016, the entry cited that Teosyal RHA has been popular amongst thousands of clinics across the globe, with a HA gel rheology adapted to maintain performance under stretch and strength conditions beneath the dermis. Teoxane says that Teosyal RHA is developed under unique preservation technology, and features long-chains, mimicking the HA found naturally in our bodies, with the aim of giving the most natural result with the ability to integrate into the tissue.

Voters described Teosyal RHA as, “The most innovative HA filler range on the market delivering excellent injector and patient satisfaction’, being deserving of a win, ‘Due to its innovative technology’ and, ‘A natural, flexible product that integrates into tissues well.”


COMMENDED: V Soft Lift (Medical Aesthetic Group) and Belotero Lips (Merz Aesthetics)


  • Aliaxin (HA-Derma)
  • Cellular Matrix (Rosmetics Aesthetics Ltd)
  • Ellansé (Sinclair)
  • RRS – Repairs, Refills, Stimulates (AestheticSource)
  • Restylane Lyft (Galderma UK Ltd)
  • Princess Volume Plus (Schuco Aesthetics)

WINNER: Belotero (Merz Aesthetics)

According to the company, the products provide subtle and smooth results, respecting the personality and expression of the face. Category voters commented, “Lovely product with lots of support and marketing materials” and “Easy to work with, great instructions. Very nice results.”

Simon Poustie, marketing director of Merz Aesthetics, said, “It feels amazing – we are so happy to have won it. We have put a lot of effort into the brand this year and we have just launched a new campaign, Own Your Beauty, which is patient focused.” Poustie added, “We are really delighted to win this Award – onwards and upwards for Belotero!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Profhilo (HA-Derma Ltd)

COMMENDED: Juvéderm Volite (Allergan)


  • Princess Dermal Fillers (Schuco International)
  • Radiesse (Merz Aesthetics)
  • RRS (AestheticSource)
  • Xela Rederm (Institute Hyalual)


Teosyal Laboratories claims that the excellent results seen with the product are due to TEOSYAL’s innovative manufacturing process, which aims to allow the HA gels to better preserve their natural length and arrange themselves into a 3D, dynamic network.

Sandra Fishlock, managing director of Teoxane UK, said, “We’re pleased and excited, it’s a brilliant product, it’s done really well this year and we’ve seen huge growth, so we’re really delighted. We decided to enter the Awards as we feel they are a good thing for the industry and it’s nice to be recognised. Whenever you have a great product it’s really good to be voted for by your peers.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aqualyx (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: Profhilo (HA-Derma/IBSA)


  • Neauvia Organic (Schuco International)
  • Nithya (Vida Aesthetics Ltd)
  • Xela Rederm (Hyalual)

WINNER: Juvéderm VOLIFT with Lidocaine (Allergan)

A combination of reader and judges’ votes deemed the hyaluronic acid dermal filler to be the best available on the UK market. Designed for facial contouring and the treatment of deep skin depressions, the HA dermal filler was praised by both the judges and voters for the product’s ‘excellent results’, ‘versatility’ and its ‘safety profile’.

Dan Stewart, UK business unit director of Allergan Medical Aesthetics, said, “Allergan is delighted that Juvéderm VOLIFT with Lidocaine has won the Sterimedix Injectable Product of the Year at the Aesthetic Awards. The product has been designed to be easy to use and we’re exceptionally proud of the training we provide to ensure our customers get the most from this innovative product.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Belotero (Merz Aesthetics)

COMMENDED: Aqualyx (Healthxchange Pharmacy) and TEOSYAL PureSense Redensity (II) (Teoxane UK)

WINNER: Belotero (Merz Aesthetics)

Voters commented on Belotero’s ‘safety and dependability’, along with its ‘versability and amazing results’.

Lucy Dowling, Merz brand manager said, “Belotero being voted Injectable Product of the Year represents an important accolade in an important year. It is true that not all HAs are created equal and the unique injection characteristics that Belotero’s CPM technology confer on the product was recognised by the readers of Aesthetics. We are enormously proud of this achievement.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Juvéderm VOLIFT with Lidocaine (Allergan)

COMMENDED: Aqualyx (Healthxchange Pharmacy)


  • Emervel Deep (Galderma UK Ltd)
  • Sculptra (Sinclair Pharma)
  • Stylage (Rosmetics)

WINNER: Juvéderm VOLBELLA with Lidocaine (Allergan)

One judge said, “Volbella is certainly the most exciting lip filler I have used for years, and sets the bar higher than ever.” Another stated, “I agree that Volbella should win this category. It is a great innovation and the Vycross technology will change treatments moving forward.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Belotero (Merz Aesthetics)

COMMENDED: Restylane Skinboosters (Galderma)


  • Emervel Lips (Galderma)
  • Stylage with Lidocaine (Medical Aesthetic Group)
  • Uma Jeunesse Velvet (Cambridge Medical Aesthetics)

Energy Device of the Year

This Award will be given to the manufacturer or supplier considered to offer the best energy-based device in the UK or Ireland. The category is open to any energy-based device available in UK or Irish medical aesthetic clinics, as well as energy powered devices, hand-held devices, machines etc. Entrants should showcase good evidence that their device is effective, safe and easy-to-use, with high practitioner satisfaction, all backed by scientific evidence.

Winner: Stellar M22™ (Lumenis Be UK Ltd)

Highly Commended: Secret PRO (Cutera)

Commended: GentleMax Pro Plus (Candela)


Alma Hybrid (Alma Lasers)

BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser (Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd)

CRISTAL Pro® (Deleo)

Emerald™ Laser (Erchonia Lasers Ltd)

LaseMD ULTRA™ (Lutronic UK)

Potenza (Cynosure UK)

SkinPen® Precision (Crown Aesthetics)

Sofwave™ (Sofwave Medical Ltd)

Thermage FLX (Solta Medical)

XCellarisPRO Twist (mi.to.pharm UK Ltd)

WINNER: Nordlys (Candela)

Tim Stevens, territory manager, commented, “It is truly incredible to receive this Aesthetics Awards and we are so excited by it. It’s a great showcase for the equipment and it really means everything to be recognised by customers and peers. It shows that it’s not all about marketing, it’s about the products and the science behind them.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: CoolSculpting Elite (Allergan Aesthetics) and Dermalux Tri-Wave MD (AESTHETIC TECHNOLOGY LTD)

COMMENDED: Secret RF (Cutera UK)


  • BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser (Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd) 
  • Emerald Laser (Erchonia Lasers Ltd)
  • ENDYMED 3DEEP Skin Science (AesthetiCare)
  • Stellar M22 (Lumenis)
  • Thermage FLX (Solta Medical)


Our judges had great things to say about EMSCULPT, praising its efficacy by noting that the entry was, “Very detailed and impressive with lots of evidence supplied.”


COMMENDED: Soprano Titanium (ABC Lasers) and truSculpt Flex (Cutera)


  • BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser (Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd)
  • Dermalux Flex MD (Aesthetic Technology Ltd)
  • Emerald Laser (Erchonia Lasers Ltd)
  • Fotona StarWalker (Fotona)
  • ONDA Coolwaves (DEKA in partnership with Lynton Lasers)
  • Picosure (Cynosure UK)
  • Teslaformer (BeautyForm Medical)
  • Thermage FLX (Solta Medical)

WINNER: CoolSculpting

Out of 10 worthy finalists, Allergan’s CoolSculpting was recognised as the top energy device of 2019. Launched in the UK in 2010 and available in more than 101 physician-led clinics across the UK and Ireland, with 177 systems in place, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared and CE marked. In 2018, the treatment received FDA clearance to treat the submandibular area, which was then expanded to include patients with a BMI of up to 46.2. This recent clearance makes CoolSculpting the first and only non-surgical fat reduction treatment that is FDA-cleared to contour the area below the jawline and improve the appearance of lax tissue in conjunction with submental fat treatments, according to Allergan.

One judge commented, “Strong entry, well supported with clinical data and widespread use.” While voters said, “Great research papers, support and results!” and, “A fat reduction system that actually works!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser (Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd)

COMMENDED: Soprano Titanium (Alma Lasers) and VBeam Prima (Candela)


  • Aerolase Neo Elite (Belle)
  • Elite+ Aesthetic Workstation (Cynosure UK Ltd)
  • Plasma BT (Beamwave Technologies)
  • M22 (Lumenis Ltd)
  • miraDry (miraDry)
  • ULTRAcel (Healthxchange Group)

WINNER: PicoWay (Syneron Candela UK Ltd)

Syneron Candela recently introduced a third wavelength to the device, allowing practitioners to treat all colours and types of tattoos, skin irregularities, signs of ageing and pigmentation. Voters said that it was, “A reliable and well-designed laser’ and claimed that treatments are, ‘Easy to perform, with no pain and it offers amazing results.”

Dianne Burkill, marketing manager of Syneron Candela, said of the win, “It’s just fantastic! The whole team tried so hard and winning this is recognition for our team in the UK and globally. As a company, we have put a lot of funds into research and development so it means so much to us that we have won. The treatments PicoWay offers changes people’s lives – it’s not just a tattoo removal device but can address scarring, pigmentation and ageing. It’s been a lovely evening, we always have a really nice time here every year but winning has put the icing on the cake.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Ultracel (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: Alma Clearlift (ABC Lasers) and Dermalux (Aesthetic Technology Ltd)


  • ENDYMED (AesthetiCare)
  • CoolSculpting (Allergan)
  • PicoSure Laser System (Cynosure UK Ltd)
  • Ultherapy (Merz Aesthetics)

WINNER: Dermalux LED (Aesthetic Technology Ltd)

According to the company, the Dermalux LED systems have been uniquely designed to offer the most innovative and technically advanced LED phototherapy treatment available. The judges praised the company for monitoring and reviewing best practice, protocols and patient studies. One voter commented, “I have been using Dermalux for five years, as a stand-alone treatment and as a complement to other treatments. My patients love it, so do I.”

Louise Taylor, co-director of Aesthetic Technology Ltd, said, “Winning is amazing. This is the fifth year we have won an Award, we have been Treatment of the Year for four years and now best Energy Treatment of the Year for the first time. We are very proud.”


COMMENDED: Ultracel (Healthxchange Group) and Dermapen (Naturalstudios)


  • Accent Prime (ABC Lasers)
  • CoolSculpting (CoolSculpting)
  • Ultherapy (Merz Aesthetics)

Topical Skin Product / Range of the Year

This Award is given to the manufacturer or exclusive UK distributor of the best topical skin product or range offered in UK medical aesthetics clinics. The judges select finalists who show evidence that their product is effective, safe, easy-to-use and well accepted by patients.

Winner: Obagi Medical (Healthxchange Group)

Highly Commended: skinbetter science® (AestheticSource)

Commended: PCA Skin (Church Pharmacy)


Heliocare 360 (AesthetiCare)

iS Clinical Cosmeceuticals (Harpar Grace International)

Prep & Enhance Collections (AlumierMD)

Profhilo® Haenkenium® (HA-Derma Ltd)

Pro Restore (Dermalogica PRO)

Revision Skincare® (AestheticSource)

SkinCeuticals AOX Authority (L’Oreal)

SkinCeuticals AOX Authority (L’Oreal)

VIVACY Beauty (VIVACY Laboratories)

ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical)

WINNER: skinbetter science (AestheticSource) /

One voter said, “It never fails me. Whether it’s for a summer holiday or daily SPF I have full confidence when recommending Heliocare 360 to patients of all skin types.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical)

COMMENDED: skinbetter science (AestheticSource) and PCA Skin C&E Advanced (Church Pharmacy/PCA Skin)


  • Dr Levy Switzerland (Dr Levy Switzerland) 
  • Profhilo Haenkenium (HA-Derma Ltd)
  • Medik8 (Medik8) 
  • SkinCeuticals Antioxidants (SkinCeuticals)

WINNER: Heliocare 360 (AesthetiCare)

Lorna Bowes, CEO, said, “To win this Award has been absolutely wonderful and extraordinary. It has been a hard two years for everyone, so to be back has been amazing – the atmosphere is electric! This was the Award that mattered the most to us because it’s really about the science behind the skinbetter science brand and our products, so to be recognised for this is wonderful.”


COMMENDED: Heliocare 360 (AesthetiCare)


  • Your Signature Range (5 Squirrels)
  • AQ Active Serum (AQ Skin Solutions) 
  • iS Clinical Cosmeceuticals (Harpar Grace International) 
  • The Perfect Peel (Medica Forte Ltd) 
  • Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum (PCA Skin)
  • SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF (SkinCeuticals)
  • ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical)
  • Synergy 6 NX GEN SPF50 By Intradermology (WOW Facial Ltd)

WINNER: Obagi Medical (Healthxchange Pharmacy) 

According to the entry, Obagi has 30 years of science and innovation in skincare and encompasses a range of clinically-proven products to meet the needs of every skin tone and type. Both judges and voters praised the winner for its, “Robust clinical data,” and “Advice on protocols,” while stating that it had a, “Great on-the-road team.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Heliocare 360 (AesthetiCare)

COMMENDED: NeoStrata Skin Active Range (AestheticSource Ltd)


  • CALCIM Professional Serum (Church Pharmacy)
  • Epionce (Epionce/Eden Aesthetics) 
  • Medik8 Crystal Retinal 1 & 3 (Medik8) 
  • PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum (Church Pharmacy/PCA Skin) 
  • SkinCeuticals Blemish+ Age Defence (SkinCeuticals) 
  • Your Signature Range (5 Squirrels)

WINNER: NeoStrata Skin Active Tri Therapy Lifting Serum (AestheticSource)

According to AestheticSource, the UK distributor of the NeoStrata range, the Tri Therapy Lifting Serum is supported by multiple clinical studies, which have demonstrated impressive results in as little as four weeks, showcasing the power of the product and how it improves skin health.

One judge commented that, “The submission is backed up well,” whilst a voter said, “Exceptional brand, innovative and high quality ingredients and formulations with clinical data behind every product.”

Lorna Bowes, director of AestheticSource, said, “We have won the first Award of the night for Skin Product/Range of the Year! It’s just amazing to win with NeoStrata and we are so happy! The Aesthetics Awards is the place to be and winning this means so much to us!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Obagi Medical (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: Heliocare 360 (AesthetiCare)


  • Epionce (Eden Aesthetics Distribution Ltd) 
  • iS Clinical (Harpar Grace) 
  • Oxygenetix (Medical Aesthetic Group) 
  • Crystal Retinal 6/10 (Medik8) 
  • Antioxidant Product Range (SkinCeuticals) 
  • ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical Ltd) 
  • ZENii (ZENii)

WINNER: NeoStrata (AestheticSource)

According to the entry, clinical skincare brand NeoStrata is heavily invested in research and development, launching new technologies and new products every year. The UK distributor of NeoStrata, AestheticSource, explained that for each individual ingredient incorporated in the products, in vitro studies are performed, followed by in vivo studies, penetration studies, final formulation studies – product vs. vehicle assessments, skin biopsies, silicone replicas, and ultrasound scans to measure skin density. The company’s effort in accumulating clinical data was acknowledged by the judges, with one commenting, “NeoStrata is a tried and true cosmeceutical range that is well formulated and has good scientific data.”

After the win, director of AestheticSource, Lorna Bowes, said, “I can hardly speak! It’s so amazing – we have worked so hard this year and the competition is so strong. It’s just brilliant to have the support from our clients and judges.” She added, “The Aesthetics Awards are important to enter because it’s important to have proper measures to determine what works and what doesn’t. The balance between part judging and part voting for this category just shows that both the judges and our customers love what we do and our focus on science.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Obagi Medical (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: Oxygenetix (Medical Aesthetic Group) and ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical Ltd)


  • Elizabeth Arden Pro (Skinbrands)
  • Epionce (Eden Aesthetics Distribution Ltd)
  • Dermaceutic Laboratoire (Unique Skin Ltd)
  • H.A. Intensifier (SkinCeuticals)
  • HydraFacial (Consulting Room Group)

WINNER: Heliocare (AesthetiCare) 

Judges were impressed with the clinical peer-reviewed literature supporting the product and the development of the range since its launch in 2008. Since this launch, Heliocare has been under constant development with numerous formulation enhancements and clinical studies. It is now supplied to more than 700 clinics across the UK and also through the wider aesthetic pharmacy distribution network.

Managing director of AesthetiCare, Roger Bloxham, said, “We’re elated; it’s always great to win an award. Heliocare has been Highly Commended in the past so this is the first year of winning and it feels like a fantastic achievement to be awarded by our peers as the best cosmeceutical – we’re delighted.”

Voters noted that ‘the products are excellent, cost effective, the training is very informative and the company are so easy to work with.’ They also praised the great results they have seen and the positive feedback received from patients who have used Heliocare.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Obagi Medical (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: Epionce (Episciences Europe) and NeoStrata Skincare Range (AestheticSource Ltd)


  • Elizabeth Arden PRO (Skinbrands)
  • Medik8 (Medik8) 
  • SkinCeuticals Range (SkinCeuticals)
  • SWISSCODE PURE (Pure Swiss Aesthetics)

WINNER: NeoStrata Skincare Range (AestheticSource) 

The NeoStrata Skincare Range was named the Winner, having received the highest combined score from Aesthetics journal readers and the judging panel. The cosmeceutical range was praised for its ‘innovative’ products and voters commended the clinical trials and research that supported the range. NeoStrata skincare products aim to improve the visible signs of ageing, as well as treat some dermatological conditions, including acne, dry skin and hyperkeratosis.

Company directors of AestheticSource, the UK distributor of NeoStrata, Lorna Bowes and David McDonnell, said, “We’re just over-the-moon to have won Cosmeceutical Range/Product of the Year! We are so proud of our team, we have worked tirelessly to spread the word about the scientific heritage and proven efficacy of NeoStrata.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Epionce (Episciences Europe) and Obagi Medical (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: SkinCeuticals Range (SkinCeuticals)


  • IMAGE Skincare (Skin Geeks)
  • ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical Ltd)
  • Heliocare (AesthetiCare) 
  • Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR Europe Ltd)

WINNER: Obagi Medical Products (Healthxchange Pharmacy) 

The judges selected finalists who were able to demonstrate that their product is effective, safe, easy-to-use and well accepted by patients, and voters praised the ‘brilliant results’ they had seen with the Obagi range, noting they liked the ‘great clinical evidence’ that supported it. Obagi Medical Products, Inc., is a specialty pharmaceutical company founded in 1988, and is now owned by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. Obagi systems are flexible in order to allow them to be tailored to the physician, to meet individual patient needs. The range treats skin conditions such as severe to mild hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and adult acne, and can be used pre and post procedure with other treatments.

The award was presented to the Healthxchange Pharmacy team by chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, Sharon Bennett. Chairman of the company, Dr John Curran, said, “Obagi is such a fantastic product and it’s great that such an emphasis has been put on the clinical evidence behind this medical skin care line in a market increasingly crowded by products with unsubstantiated claims. Obagi really is the number one simple choice for clinics wanting to deliver tangible results time and time again.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Epionce (Episciences Europe LLP)

COMMENDED: NeoStrata Skin Active Cosmeceutical Range (AestheticSource Ltd)


  • Dermamelan by mesoestetic (mesoestetic UK)
  • Heliocare Advanced Colour and 360 (AesthetiCare)
  • Medik8 Range
  • Retriderm – Retinol Protein-Rich Serums (AesthetiCare)
  • SkinCeuticals Range

WINNER: Obagi Nu-Derm System (Healthxchange Pharmacy) 

The Obagi Nu-Derm System from Healthxchange is an antiageing therapy that transforms skin cell functions at the cellular level by penetrating below the skin’s surface to help combat the effects of daily sun exposure. It was voted the winner of this category by the majority of judges and readers, with one judge commenting, “Obagi is streets ahead of the competition.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Heliocare (AestheiCare)

COMMENDED: Medik8 (SkinBrands), NeoStrata Skin Active (AestheticSource) and SkinCeuticals (L’Oreal/SkinBrands)


  • Medik8 (SkinBrands)
  • NeoStrata Skin Active (AestheticSource)
  • SkinCeuticals (L’Oreal/SkinBrands)

Best Clinic Support Partner / Product

This Award is given to the partner company deemed to offer the best non-clinical support for clinics. These companies offer business services or product support tailored to the aesthetics market such as imaging software, CRM software, PR, advertising, marketing, financial support, legal and insurance. The judges select finalists who show evidence that their products and services benefit the running and success of aesthetic clinics.

Winner: Sophie Attwood Communications Ltd

Highly Commended: Aesthetic Nurse Software

Commended: DermaFocus



T Chauhan Consultancy Ltd

The Clinic Builders

WINNER: GetHarley

Charmaine Chow, CEO, commented, “Thank you so much! We are very, very excited to receive this Award. I think people should enter the Aesthetics Awards in the future because it’s a great recognition of everyone’s hard work. Being part of the nominated group was truly a great honour. It has been great to be at the ceremony as we have been able to meet so many new people and network.”


COMMENDED: Aesthetic Nurse Software and Allergan Spark


  • Delivering Demand
  • EnquiryBot
  • Julia Kendrick PR
  • MeTime
  • Success in Aesthetic Business
  • The Aesthetics Accountant


The company received excellent feedback on its entry. One judge commented, “The entry had well presented evidence and story from a group that is providing real value to clinics and their clinicians.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aesthetic Nurse Software

COMMENDED: Allergan Spark


  • Aesthetic Response
  • Inspire to Outstand Ltd
  • Julia Kendrick PR
  • Mantelpiece PR
  • Sophie Attwood Communications Ltd
  • The Tweakments Guide
  • Web Marketing Clinic

WINNER: 5 Squirrels

Offering a unique solution to support the business needs of practitioners through its medical-grade skincare, 5 Squirrels was praised by judges and voters for its environmentally-ethical company and dedicated service.

One voter said, “5 Squirrels is clearly committed to working hand-in-hand with their business partners. Their industry knowledge and passion is apparent in everything they do.”

Co-founder of 5 Squirrels Amanda Cameron commented, “After five years of hard work, together with 5 Squirrels co-founder Gary Conroy, to be recognised with our team here is amazing. We had a very special evening. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and to the judges. We are looking forward to continuing to support our current, and new customers in 2020 and beyond!”

WINNER: Kendrick PR

“Julia is exceptional at what she does and provides an excellent all-round service at Kendrick PR”, said one voter, while another commented, “I absolutely love working with the team – always friendly, professional and full of knowledge on getting visible by the right people.”

Kendrick said, “It is an absolute honour to win Best Clinic Support Partner at the Aesthetics Awards. I have won Highly Commended for the last two years running, which has always meant a lot, but winning was just such a huge achievement. The Awards are critical in this industry, there is a lot of competition and it is really important to differentiate yourself and always strive for excellence – we all work together to do that which is wonderful.”


COMMENDED: Web Marketing Clinic


  • Clever Clinic
  • ClinicSoftware.com
  • e-Clinic
  • Fertile Frog Ltd
  • Truly Content Ltd

WINNER: Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance

The company strives to always ‘be ahead of the curve’ and in 1996 was the first broker to set up a bespoke insurance policy for cosmetic practitioners. The entry also emphasised how the team genuinely cares about customers and goes the extra mile to provide useful advice for aesthetic practitioners. One judge commented, ‘Hamilton Fraser shows great experience and is setting standards for others’, while another added that the insurance company, ‘Provides a very comprehensive portfolio of insurance and risk management services’. A voter emphasised that the team is, ‘Always supportive and cost effective’.

Naomi Di-Scala, aesthetic insurance manager at Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance was thrilled with the win. She said, “We are absolutely over the moon, we are very emotional! This means everything to us; we didn’t think we would win and I am so proud of everyone that we work with. It’s the biggest and best event of the year; we love celebrating with everyone.”


COMMENDED: Truly Content Ltd


  • Enhance Insurance
  • Mantelpiece PR
  • Web Marketing Clinic

WINNER: Aesthetic Response

The company is the UK’s first enquiry management software dedicated solely to aesthetics. Judges described the company as ‘well-organised and customer-focused, that seems to know their area of expertise exceptionally well’.

Co-director of Aesthetic Response, Gilly Dickons said, “It feels incredible to win this Award, we are ecstatic. We have an amazing team and are all so excited to win. Events like this are so important to raise and champion standards in the industry.”




  • Blank Canvas
  • Cosmetic Insure
  • IMAGE Box PR
  • Lucy Dartford Public Relations
  • RKM Communications

Supplier Training Provider of the Year

This Award is presented to the supplier who is deemed to offer the best training events on their products or services. Judges look for engaging methods of delivery, a high-quality, relevant programme and achievement of measurable outcomes.

Winner: Lynton

Highly Commended: HA-Derma Ltd

Commended: Teoxane UK Ltd


SkinPen® Precision Microneedling Masterclass

VIVACY Laboratories

Wigmore Medical

WINNER: Teoxane UK

Jordan Sheals, deputy country manager, said, “TEOXANE UK believe wholeheartedly that our responsibility to practitioners and patients goes beyond product performance alone. We believe that innovation paired with clinical advancement represents excellence, and our training allows healthcare practitioners to achieve this excellence in practice. This Award is a testament to the Teoxane Academy team and their commitment to serving the aesthetic community with tailored education. We also would like to thank our incredible faculty for their commitment and passion to best-in-class clinical education.”


COMMENDED: AestheticSource Training


  • Cynosure Clinical Training Team 
  • HA-Derma
  • Wigmore Medical

WINNER: Teoxane UK

Judges commented that Teoxane’s training covers all needs for both a beginner and an advanced injector with one saying, “Excellent training with amazing support from all the team.”




  • AlumierMD 
  • Cynosure UK Ltd 
  • Lynton Lasers Ltd
  • SkinCeuticals Training Team 
  • VIVACY Laboratories

WINNER: Teoxane UK

Voters praised Teoxane’s mission to deliver best in-class medical education to injectors at all levels. They said, “Their suite of training for beginners, intermediate and master is excellent,” while another added, “I wouldn’t be the injector I am now without their support and training.”

Mr Humzah commented, “We were delighted to sponsor the Supplier Training Award this year because I think giving practitioners the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out their jobs is very important. It can’t just be on independent trainers; the companies take a lot of responsibility for training because they understand their product and can make sure that the practitioner know everything about it and have the right skills to use it safely. This is one of the ways we can help to raise standards in the industry.”

Aesthetic practitioner and Teoxane trainer, Dr Raul Cetto said, “We are so excited to be the winners of The Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training Award for Best Supplier Training Provider. Training is the most important thing in this industry because patient safety comes first, so training and keeping up-to-date with our skills is by far the best thing we can do. It is such an honour and a privilege to work with this dedicated team and I am extremely honoured to be here.”


COMMENDED: HA-Derma Ltd and Healthxchange Academy


  • AestheticSource Ltd
  • Alumier Labs 
  • Cynosure UK Ltd Clinical Training Team

WINNER: Healthxchange Academy

According to the entry, Healthxchange Academy offers a comprehensive syllabus with flexible CPD-approved learning covering skincare, injectables, medical technology, life support and business topics. The training is delivered by recognised expert doctors, nurses and industry professionals, provided in state-of-the-art facilities in Manchester, Dublin and leading medical venues regionally in the UK and Ireland.

“Just one word – Superb!” said one judge, while another praised the professional presenters and high clinical content. Steve Joyce, marketing and technology director at Healthxchange, said following the win, “We are delighted to be recognised as the premier supporter of training in the aesthetic specialty and we want to stay at the forefront for aesthetic training in the UK. The Aesthetics Awards is always amazing as it recognises everybody in the specialty.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: AestheticSource Training



  • Cynosure Clinical Training Team 
  • The Galderma Academy Train the Trainer Programme
  • Sinclair
  • Skinbrands
  • Wigmore Medical Ltd

WINNER: Healthxchange Academy

The Academy’s training, which takes place at state-of-the-art, bespoke facilities in Manchester and Dublin, as well as other medical venues, aims to offer CPD-approved learning with a comprehensive syllabus, injectables, medical technology and business topics.

Marketing and Academy director at Healthxchange Group, Steve Joyce said, “It is great recognition for all of the hard work from the Healthxchange training team, and we are very dedicated to see people training, and continuing to uphold the professional ethics of the industry – we are proud to win this Award in recognition of that.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: AestheticSource Training

COMMENDED: Lynton Lasers


  • Skinbrands 
  • Wigmore Medical

Independent Training Provider of the Year

This Award is be presented to the independent training provider whose training programme is considered to have advanced the education of medical aesthetic professionals most effectively during the last 12 months. Judges look for engaging methods of delivery, a high-quality, generic programme, a continuous development strategy and achievement of measurable outcomes.

Winner: Cosmetic Courses

Highly Commended: Interface Aesthetics

Commended: Clinical Point of Care Ultrasound in Aesthetics (Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training) & MAP-IQ


Acquisition Aesthetics

Athena Medical Aesthetic Training Ltd

Inspired Cosmetic Training

JCCP Fast Track Assessment & PgCert (Learna Limited)

Skin Masterclass PRO (CHIDEM Ltd)

Younique Aesthetics Academy

WINNER: Acquisition Aesthetics

Miss Lara Watson and Miss Priya Chadha, said, “We are over the moon to be recognised for a second year running as the UK’s Best Independent Training Provider! We are immensely proud of our amazing team of trainers and operations staff for demonstrating once again that passion, hard work and a sense of humour is a winning combination and worthy of celebration.”


COMMENDED: Cosmetic Courses


  • Avanti Aesthetics Academy 
  • Dr Uche Academy
  • Inspired Cosmetic Training 
  • Interface Aesthetics
  • Medical Aesthetics Training Academy Ltd (MATA Courses) 
  • Younique Aesthetics Academy

WINNER: Acquisition Aesthetics

Voters said the training was exceptional, delivered by a very knowledgeable and professional team, as well as noting the great hands-on experience and fantastic aftercare supplied.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Avanti Aesthetics Academy



  • Cosmetic Courses 
  • Harley Academy Post Graduate Aesthetic Courses
  • Interface Aesthetics
  • Learna Ltd
  • SkinDerma Pro

WINNER: Avanti Aesthetics Academy

Avanti offers comprehensive theory and hands-on education that has been well-received by delegates. Voters commented, “Very professional and knowledgeable trainers who are passionate about education to a medical standard within the aesthetics arena,” while another stated, “Lovely teaching environment with a deep focus on risk management and safety.”

Dr Rikin Parekh, medical director of Avanti Aesthetics Academy said, “We wanted to enter the Aesthetics Awards just to get some recognition for all the hard work that the team has put in and recognition of the good work that we put in for our delegates. We are elated. We are so thankful for the recognition and that all our hard work has been worthwhile.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Academy

COMMENDED: Totally Aesthetics


  • Cosmetic Courses
  • Dermaplaning Training Courses
  • Great British Academy of Aesthetic Medicine 
  • Inspired Cosmetic Training
  • MATA

WINNER: Cosmetic Courses

The organisation provides more than 22 CPD certified practical courses on injectables and skin rejuvenation across seven training centres nationwide. According to the entry, Cosmetic Courses has also created an OFQUAL-accredited Level 7 certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine along with an online learning platform. Voters listed the training provider as, ‘Phenomenal’ with one stating it is, ‘The most innovative, quality-driven training course in the industry’.

Jim Savin, managing director of Cosmetic Courses said, “We are absolutely delighted to win such a fantastic Award. I’d like to thank everybody for voting for us! We had a lovely night meeting people in the aesthetic industry.”


COMMENDED: Skinviva Training


  • Acquisition Aesthetics 
  • Aesthetic Training Academy
  • Avanti Aesthetics
  • Inspired Cosmetic Training

WINNER: Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training

Judges were impressed with the training company’s anatomical focus and multi-platform approach to learning and mentoring. Mr Humzah said, “I’m amazed to win this Award. I’m excited to see a lot of new names coming through, there’s now a real growth in training in the specialty. There are a lot of new people teaching, training and raising the standards. We are delighted that this is the fourth time we have won.”


COMMENDED: Acquisition Aesthetics


  • Aesthetic Training Academy
  • Cosmetic Courses
  • Harley Academy
  • Inspired Cosmetic Training 
  • Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Academy

WINNER: Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Clinical Training Courses

With key topics covered, including facial anatomy and management of nonsurgical complications, this initiative wowed the judges with its practical CPD-accredited courses, which take place at The Royal College of Surgeons and University of Glasgow. The programme coordinators, consultant plastic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah and cosmetic and dermatology nurse prescriber Anna Baker, were both delighted with the win. “We’re very honoured that the specialty has recognised us and made us a multi-award winning course,” said Mr Humzah. “We had a lot of very stiff competition; I think any of the Finalists could have won this Award. I hope this will inspire others to go into the training category and raise the standards in aesthetics.” Baker added, “I feel very honoured and very humbled. We’ve worked very hard, and we’re very passionate about providing an independent training resource for aesthetic professionals. We’re delighted!”




  • Allergan Medical Institute
  • Aesthetic Complication Training
  • Cosmetic Courses
  • Dr Kate Goldie, Advanced Training and Masterclass
  • Healthxchange Academy 
  • Inspired Cosmetic Training 
  • MATA

WINNER: Facial Anatomy Teaching (Medicos-RX)

Facial Anatomy Teaching is an independent, anatomically focused treatment programme for General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, and General Dental Council registered professionals undertaking non-surgical treatments, and proved to be a worthy winner of the Award.

Led by consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah, and assisted by cosmetic and dermatology nurse practitioner and prescriber Anna Baker, the course is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. The award was announced by Aesthetics journal editor Amanda Cameron and Mr Humzah was overjoyed to win for a second year running, “We were extremely delighted to win the Training Initiative of the Year award for the second time! It has reassured us that we are providing the right level and type of teaching and training to practitioners, that will enable them to achieve the best possible result for their profession.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Allergan Medical Institute and RA Academy

COMMENDED: Cosmetic Courses


  • Dr Kate Goldie, Advanced Training and Masterclass
  • Dr Tapan Patel’s Aesthetic Masterclass
  • Mr Taimur Shoaib/Carolyn Fraser (Inspired Cosmetic Training) 
  • Healthxchange Academy

WINNER: Mr Dalvi Humzah Facial Anatomy Teaching

In deciding the winner for the Training Initiative of the Year Award, judges looked for engaging methods of delivery, a high-quality, relevant, generic programme, a continuous development and improvement programme and achievement of measurable outcomes by delegates. Delivering purposeful teaching to small groups of no more than six delegates per session, acclaimed expert facial anatomist and consultant plastic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah provides a truly bespoke experience to participants via courses accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Commenting on his achievement he said, “I was delighted and honoured to be recognised in teaching Facial Anatomy within the aesthetic specialty, and thrilled to receive the Award from Mandy on behalf of all those who continue to support and help develop the Facial Anatomy Teaching.” Mr Humzah was presented with the award by Aesthetics journal editor Mandy Cameron, who said, “Given that education is one of the core values of Aesthetics, I was delighted to be able to present this award to Mr Dalvi Humzah. The content of his courses is exceptional, with anatomy and complications extensively covered, as well as all aspects of technique.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Galderma Facial Anatomy Course

COMMENDED: Allergan Medical Institute


  • CanuSCULPT
  • Cosmetic Courses
  • European Medical Aesthetics Ltd
  • Obagi Medical System Training
  • RA Academy
  • The Facial Aesthetics Masterclass

WINNER: Mr Dalvi Humzah and Galderma Facial Anatomy Training

New for 2013, was the Award for Training Provider of The Year, presented by Managing Director of Oxford Medical Training; Peter Charlesworth. Regarding his win, Mr Dalvi Humzah, said, “As a regular campaigner for improved standards for patients, it is an honour to be recognised for our achievements. The awards do a fantastic job at celebrating high standards and excellence in the industry.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Sterex Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

COMMENDED: Facial Aesthetic Masterclasses with Dr Tapan Patel and Dr Raj Acquilla


  • Boston International Training Academy Ltd
  • Innomed Training

Best Clinic Ireland & Northern Ireland

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally and include: North England, South England, London, Scotland, Midlands & Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland. They are judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients.

Winner: Array Aesthetics

Highly Commended: Elite Aesthetic Clinic Ltd

Commended: Dr Bonny Clinic


Belfast Skin Clinic

Eden Medical Clinic


ORA Skin Clinic

The Laser and Skin Clinic

WINNER: Younique Aesthetic Clinic

Aine Larkin, clinic owner, said, “It’s just amazing to be recognised for all the hard work that our team put in! We won this Aesthetics Award back in 2018 and this year we have won for our new Belfast clinic too, which is incredible. Winning just brings so much positivity and motivation to the clinic.”


COMMENDED: Beyond Skin and The Laser and Skin Clinic


  • Eden Medical Clinic
  • Elite Aesthetics Clinic Ltd
  • Revive Clinic
  • The New You Clinic

WINNER: Beyond Skin

Winning this category for the second year in a row, judges said that they were very impressed with Beyond Skin’s company protocols, praising their detailed entry that answered each question well.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Elite Aesthetics Clinic Ltd

COMMENDED: The Laser and Skin Clinic


WINNER: Beyond Skin

The clinic’s entry states that it is committed to customer care and driven by results. The clinic has enjoyed steady growth in just three years and are supported by several global brands. One judge commented that they would be happy to go there as a patient!

Jennie Wallace, co-owner of Beyond Skin Clinic and clinic manager Gillian Lowe, said, “We just won Best Clinic in Ireland which is amazing. We are a relatively new clinic so to be in the room with so many people we aspire to was a great achievement. We have done well in local awards, but to be at the top awards ceremony in aesthetics is amazing. To win is just unbelievable and we can’t wait to be back again next year.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Elite Aesthetics Clinic Ltd

COMMENDED: The New You Clinic


WINNER: Younique Aesthetics Ltd

According to the entry, the team at Younique, led by aesthetic nurse prescriber Áine Larkin, have performed more than 20,000 treatments and is one of Ireland’s leading aesthetics clinics. The clinic incorporates a training academy used by Galderma, HA-Derma, Beamwave Technologies, Schuco Aesthetics, Cosmedic Training and Cellenis to produce workshops for medical professionals in Ireland. In addition, Younique write the Monthly Aesthetics Column for Ireland’s largest local magazine. One judge said the entry had, ‘Good use of ambassadors and PR, great feedback systems’. Lesley McGarrity, clinic manager at Younique Aesthetics, commented, “In the last year we have expanded our team, launched a training academy and our very own skincare range. This is the most prestigious award that you can win! We have won a few awards but honestly, this is the one we really wanted!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Laser and Skin Clinic

COMMENDED: Ailesbury Clinic


WINNER: Ailesbury Clinic

Established in 1999, the clinic run by Dr Patrick Treacy showed the judges that their ethos is all about helping patients to be the best version of themselves, aiming to achieve subtle, natural looking results. Clinical director Marie Loftus of the Ailesbury Clinic said, “It feels absolutely amazing to win this award tonight. We’ve won loads of awards this year but this one is especially important to us; this is the award we really wanted to win. We didn’t think we were going to take home the award, we’ve had a tough year, but we’re ecstatic to win.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Laser and Skin Clinic

COMMENDED: Elite Aesthetics Clinic


WINNER: The DermaClinic

Celebrating a fantastic 17th year in practice, The DermaClinic impressed judges with the teams’ experience and recent development in introducing new treatments to the clinic. In their entry, the clinic team claimed that their success is also due to the strong relationships that they build with patients, which are based on trust. Patricia Molloy, director of The DermaClinic based in Dublin, said, “Winning this award means so much – I’ve been in the industry for 18 years now and to achieve Best Clinic Ireland gives us the drive to move forward and do more – to get this recognition means so much!”


COMMENDED: ClearSkin Clinic


WINNER: The Laser and Skin Clinic

The Laser and Skin Clinic impressed judges with its emphasis on in-house and external training, as well as the team’s efforts to continuously seek new and innovative technology to product the best outcomes for patients. Clinical director Anna Gunning leads the team of doctors, nurses and aesthetic therapists at the Laser and Skin Clinic, which prides itself on its relationship with patients. Gunning said, “We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to have won The SkinCeuticals Award for Best Clinic Ireland at the prestigious Aesthetics Awards 2015! It’s a fantastic recognition for our amazing team of nurses and aesthetic therapists at our three clinics, who have worked so hard to deliver outstanding service, results and medical expertise to our patients for the past 10 years.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dundrum Skin and Laser Clinic

COMMENDED: The DermaClinic


WINNER: River Medical

In just six years River Medical have risen to be one of Ireland’s leading cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatment providers, with clinics in Dublin, Clane, Belfast and, soon to be, Cork. The clinics offer patients various procedures, including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and non-invasive procedures such as facial rejuvenation and tattoo removal. The team impressed our judging panel with demonstration of their commitment to outstanding customer care and range of treatment offering, providing an excellent experience for their patients. Aileen Gillic, business manager at River Medical, said, “It’s great to get industry kudos for what we’ve done. We work really hard, we try and provide great service, great products, great results, and for the industry to say we’ve done a good job, that means a lot to us. It’s also important for the team – to go back and say we’re an award-winning clinic, that’s a fantastic thing to be able to say. No one else has ever achieved that in Ireland.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dundrum Laser and Skin Clinic



Best Clinic London

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally and include: North England, South England, London, Scotland, Midlands & Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland. They are judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients.

Winner: London Aesthetic Medicine

Highly Commended: Cadogan Clinic

Commended: PICO London


111 Harley St.

Adonia Medical Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Harley Street Injectables

Laser Clinics UK, Brent Cross

London Professional Aesthetics


Simply Clinics

Thames Skin Clinic

The MediShed by Dr Dil

WINNER: London Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Uliana Gout, clinic owner, commented, “To win this Award is so amazing, and we are so truly humbled. Thank you so much – it means so much to us. It’s been phenomenal coming to the Aesthetics Awards tonight and seeing so many friends, new and old. The celebration of the community of aesthetic medicine together is amazing, and we really appreciate the Aesthetics Awards.”


COMMENDED: Adonia Medical Clinic


  • Cadogan Clinic
  • Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics
  • Juve Medical and Aesthetics
  • LINIA Skin Clinic
  • London Professional Aesthetics
  • Premier Laser Clinic UK Ltd
  • The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

WINNER: Adonia Medical Clinic

This is the second time the clinic has won Best Clinic London! Judges commented that the clinic provided an impressive entry, with very clear and logical processes.


COMMENDED: London Professional Aesthetics


  • 111 Harley St.
  • BelleCell
  • Cavendish Clinic
  • Dermasurge Clinic
  • LINIA Skin Clinic

WINNER: Adonia Medical Clinic

Founded in 2017 by Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Adonia Medical Clinic was born to create a perfect blend of both medicine and aesthetics, while helping patients reclaim their skin confidence with proven and personalised care. Judges acknowledged the dedication and care given by the Adonia team. “I feel on top of the world! We set up Adonia Medical Clinic nearly three years ago now to develop a space where all skin types felt that their skin wasn’t ‘difficult skin’ and where we could help,” said Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, medical director of the clinic. She continued, “I think the Aesthetics Awards is fantastic. The Awards are of the highest calibre and it’s great to see your colleagues and all celebrate together. For me this is the gold standard. Last year we entered best new clinic and this year we did more; we listened to the constructive feedback and did more for our patients and were thrilled to win The Celluma Award for Best Clinic London.”


COMMENDED: Juvea Aesthetics and The Clinic by Dr Mayoni


  • LINIA Skin Clinic
  • London Professional Aesthetics
  • The Glasshouse Clinic
  • True Medispa
  • VIVA Skin Clinics

WINNER: Eudelo

A practice dedicated to cosmetic and medical dermatology and aesthetic treatments, Eudelo was founded in 2007 and its flagship clinic opened in 2016, offering its treatment menu to 7,500 patients. According to the entry, Eudelo is known for its ‘natural results guarantee’ approach. Dr Stefanie Williams, German board-certified dermatologist and founder of Eudelo, said, “It feels absolutely amazing to win, I feel so pleased. It was completely unexpected and I couldn’t be happier. It’s really lovely to meet up with colleagues, it’s a great atmosphere and even better to be acknowledged.”


COMMENDED: Askinology


  • Health & Aesthetic Clinic 
  • Juvea Medical and Aesthetics
  • LINIA Skin Clinic
  • London Professional Aesthetics (LPA)
  • The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

WINNER: The Cadogan Clinic

Opened by Mr Bryan Mayou in 2008, The Cadogan Clinic offers medical, surgical and non-surgical treatments with the aim of providing and developing world-leading, pioneering aesthetic treatments in a boutique setting, with a holistic and individualised approach to each patient. Judges said, “This clinic excels in creating defined roles to deliver and measure patient outcomes, satisfaction and business return.”

Mr Mayou said, “It is a huge honour to receive the prestigious award of Best Clinic London and we are all absolutely delighted. This is a testament to the outstanding work of everyone at The Cadogan Clinic, not only the doctors, nurses and aestheticians, but also the support staff and strong leadership team. Our dermatologists and plastic surgeons will continue to rigorously assess and monitor new treatments to bring the very best and most innovative procedures to our growing number of patients.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: London Professional Aesthetics

COMMENDED: Health & Aesthetic Clinic and Medicetics


  • Dr Leah’s Cosmetic Skin Clinics
  • Juvea Aesthetics
  • Linia Skin Clinic


For the third time in a row, PHI Clinic won The Med-fx Award for Best Clinic London for its commitment to patient safety, investment in business development and new treatment offerings.

Dr Tapan Patel, director of PHI Clinic, said he was extremely surprised to be recognised for a third time. He commented, “I am thrilled. Winning it once was amazing, winning it the second year was really unexpected, but to win it three times! I really have to dedicate it to the team. This was not possible without the fantastic bunch of people that we have managed to bring together and I have to say that it is a privilege as a clinic owner to have such a marvellous team to work with. This Award reinforces and validates what we stand for, which is excellence and quality, and when the team see that it is rewarded, I think it allows them to believe that pursuing that high level of excellence brings true recognition.”


COMMENDED: Juvea Aesthetics and London Professional Aesthetics Ltd


  • Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics
  • Health and Aesthetic Clinics
  • Dr SW Clinic
  • Viva Skin Clinics


After opening less than two years ago, the PHI clinic wowed judges again with its impressive customer base, wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, and constant strive to improve and innovate.

Medical director Dr Tapan Patel and the rest of the PHI clinic team were thrilled with the win. “I’ve got to be honest, we had such low expectations of winning, since we were so honoured to win last year,” said Dr Patel, adding, “we understand it’s a very competitive category and the fact that we were nominated was amazing, and to win it was outstanding. It’s a real testament to my team, the dedication, their professionalism, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of that team. Thank you so much. This Awards ceremony improves every year, and I cannot wait to come back next year!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Cadogan Clinic

COMMENDED: The Glasshouse Clinic and EF Medispa


  • The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa
  • London Professional Aesthetics
  • Aesthetic Skin Centre
  • Absolute Aesthetics


Since opening this year on Harley Street, the clinic built an impressive customer base of over 5,500 patients, averaging examinations of 100 new patients every month and offering a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Dr Patel said, “This Award is the culmination of over a year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears. We have all worked extremely hard in building up the clinic, and it is our goal to not only maintain, but also exceed the high standards and expectations we have set in 2014. We cannot thank our patients and all our colleagues within the industry enough for all the support and loyalty.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: London Bridge Plastic Surgery

COMMENDED: The Rejuvenation Clinic and Medispa


  • Aesthetic Skin Centre
  • EF Medispa
  • Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic
  • Harley Street Treatments Ltd
  • Harpal Clinic

Best Clinic Midlands & Wales

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally and include: North England, South England, London, Scotland, Midlands & Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland. They are judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients.

Winner: MediZen Clinic

Highly Commended: Air Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic

Commended: Secret Aesthetics


Dr CP Aesthetics

Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics

Freyja Medical

Kat & Co

Laser Clinics UK, Birmingham Grand Central

Pure Perfection

WINNER: Hampton Clinic

Dr Lorraine Hill, clinic owner, said, “It means everything to win this Award – we spent so many years perfecting our business and just really looking after our patients and loving what we do. I have such a fantastic team behind me. We have come third for so many years, so it is great to finally win and be recognised for all of our hard work.”


COMMENDED: Air Aesthetics Clinic and MediZen Clinic


  • Secret Aesthetics 
  • So Aesthetics 
  • The Beauty Medics

WINNER: Air Aesthetics

The judges were seriously impressed with this entry. One commented, “Some really fantastic business practice – proactive and clearly very passionate about their business. Impressive”


COMMENDED: Hampton Clinic


  • Outline Clinic
  • So Aesthetics
  • Pure Perfection Clinic

WINNER: Outline Clinic

Founded by aesthetic nurse prescriber Mary White, Outline Clinic remains family owned and run with the aim of retaining its luxury ethos. One judge commented, “An outstanding, caring clinic with excellent customer service, paying attention to detail and safety.”

White said, “It’s the second year we have won and I am just really proud of the whole team. We work tirelessly all year round to provide excellent service and an amazing patient experience, so I am thrilled for my whole team. The Aesthetics Awards is a fantastic experience.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Air Aesthetics Clinic

COMMENDED: Hampton Clinic

WINNER: Outline Clinic

Founded by aesthetic nurse prescriber Mary White, Outline Clinic first launched in 2001. According to the entry, White’s aim when establishing the clinic was simple. She wanted to provide a pioneering aesthetic treatment, in a boutique setting, which would meet all patients’ needs by being a one-stop clinic, that was registered with the Care Quality Commission.

White was delighted with the win, saying, “I’m thrilled to win The John Bannon Award for Best Clinic Midlands and Wales this year. It’s a credit to my team who work tirelessly all year round and we’re just thrilled to have been recognised with this award! Winning an Aesthetics Award is a mark of achievement for creating a standard and delivering the highest quality service to your patients.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Air Aesthetics Clinic

COMMENDED: Hampton Clinic


  • Harley Skin & Laser 
  • MC Aesthetics
  • MediZen Clinic Ltd 
  • Skinfinity
  • Sky Clinic

WINNER: Cellite Clinic

The Cardiff-based clinic, established by Dr Harryono Judodihardjo in 1998, performs around 2,500 procedures annually, and its founder cites high staff retention rates and an unblemished track record as part of its success. Judges described Cellite’s entry as ‘Superb!’

Medical director of Cellite Clinic, Dr Judodihardjo said, “It feels amazing to win a second time in a row. Again, it’s very unexpected as there was tough competition. The Award now covers the Midlands as well as Wales, so it’s covering a bigger region. I’m really, really chuffed.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Specialist Skin Clinic

COMMENDED: Harley Skin and Laser


  • Air Aesthetics
  • Outline Clinic
  • The Grove Skin Clinic

WINNER: Cellite Clinic Limited

Established in 1998 winner by Dr Harryono Judodihardjo and his wife Susan, the Cardiff city centre practice was the first aesthetic medical clinic in Wales. Since its inception, it has grown to now perform more than 2,500 procedures annually with a wide range offered. Judges believed that the clinic demonstrated its growth in treatment offering, continual training and development of staff, as well as a strong focus on the wellbeing of patients.

Dr Judodihardjo said, “We’re very surprised, we didn’t expect it at all – we were just coming to enjoy ourselves and we are so happy. We just wish we’d brought our whole team now! As the longest running Welsh clinic, I’m very happy that we’ve been recognised and maintained the high standard for such a long time. Wining Best Clinic Wales really means a lot to us.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Specialist Skin Clinic

COMMENDED: Skinfinity


  • The Cardiff Clinic
  • The Grove Skin Clinic

WINNER: Specialist Skin Clinic

Led by consultant dermatologist Dr Maria Gonzalez, the clinic team has more than doubled the size of its database within the past year and has also increased admin staff, in order to effectively manage the vast growth. The Welsh clinic impressed judges with its focus on preparation to manage side effects and complications in the clinic’s Award entry and the integration of dermatological, surgical and aesthetic treatments offered.

Dr Gonzalez said, “The evening has been brilliant and winning has been even more exciting. I’m still relatively new to the aesthetic world, as I was mainly focused on dermatology before, so I’m very pleased with this acknowledgement. My clinic team is so excited to be here and winning the award is just the icing on the cake! It’s a really nice reward for the effort that everybody made to be here.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Cellite Clinic Limited

COMMENDED: Skinfinity


  • Peaches Bespoke Beauty & Aesthetics 
  • Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic

WINNER: Specialist Skin Clinic

The Specialist Skin Clinic team has worked tirelessly to embody their core values of continuous training, utilisation of innovative technology and commitment to the highest levels of ethics and integrity, making them a clear winner for our judging panel. The Specialist Skin Clinic is based in Whitchurch, Cardiff, with patients coming from across South Wales including Newport, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Bridgend, Swansea, Chepstow, Monmouth and Bristol, to be treated.

Dr Gonzalez said of the clinic’s win, “As the medical director of a new clinic which has only been open for 10 months, it was a moment of great pride to receive an Aesthetics Award for ‘Best Clinic Wales’. The entire process was motivating for the team of clinic staff whose work was rewarded by this success. All in all, an excellent night.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Transform Cardiff

COMMENDED: Peaches Skin Clinic

Best Clinic North England

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally and include: North England, South England, London, Scotland, Midlands & Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland. They are judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients.

Winner: Dr Yusra Clinic

Highly Commended: Dr Sobia Medispa

Commended: MySkyn Clinic Ltd


Aesthetically You

Bank MediSpa

Freyja Medical

KP Aesthetics

Laser Clinics UK, Manchester

Paragon Aesthetics

Skyn Doctor

The Wynyard Clinic

VL Aesthetics

Yorkshire Skin Centre

WINNER: Dr Sobia Medispa

Dr Sobia Syed, clinic owner, said, “I just don’t know how to express how emotional I feel about winning tonight. It’s so amazing to be recognised and valued for the work we have done over the years. It means so much to get the credit for all the time and effort we’ve put in to helping our patients and transforming lives.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aesthetic Health

COMMENDED: Lumiere Clinic and MySkyn Clinic Ltd


  • Cliniva Medispa
  • DD Clinical
  • Discover Laser Ltd
  • Dr Bejma Medical Clinic 
  • Dr Natalie Clinics 
  • Novellus Aesthetics
  • Paragon Aesthetics 
  • SkinHQ 
  • VL Aesthetics

WINNER: Aesthetic Health

Founded in 2008 by Dr Julia Sevi, Aesthetic Health received an Outstanding review on its most recent CQC report. The team say their overall goal for the clinic is to create the warmest welcome and a sense of ease like ‘coming home’ for patients. This year, they’ve also aimed to spread joy through charitable treatments.

Dr Sevi said, “The Aesthetics Awards allows us to pause, reflect and appreciate the good that we and the entire industry can achieve. Our daily focus is striving to better serve our patients, but on this night we turn the spotlight on ourselves, celebrate each other, giving a well-deserved pat on the back. It’s a joy-filled and inspirational evening.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Discover Laser Ltd and Emma Chan Ltd

COMMENDED: Careforskin Aesthetics and SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa


  • Burgess Hyder Dental Group
  • Cliniva MediSpa
  • Innersense Aesthetics
  • LoveSkin Clinic
  • Rachel Goddard Aesthetics 
  • Skyn Doctor

WINNER: Aesthetic Health

Founded in 2009 by director Dr Julia Sevi, Aesthetic Health was born out of an aspiration to create an indulgent boutique clinic, dedicated to delivering an exceptional standard of integrated care that is both innovative and evidence based. According to the entry, the clinic has a core of 2,000 patients and opened a pop-up Harley Street clinic to serve Southern patients this year.

Aesthetic Health was congratulated by the judges for its ‘dynamic’ and ‘excellent entry’. Dr Sevi said of the win, “Winning this Award has made us all feel so proud, it’s a testament to the dedication of a dream team who work tirelessly every day to uplift lives.”


COMMENDED: Harrogate Aesthetics


  • Blemish Clinic Ltd
  • Cliniva Medispa 
  • Re-Enhance Medical and Dental Clinic 
  • Roberts McCarron Skin Clinic 
  • SDS Rejuvenate

WINNER: Discover Laser

The clinic, founded by Dr Miguel Montero and his wife Gill Montero, was founded on the ethos of enhancing and improving the way people feel and look, by offering safe and effective non-surgical treatments.

Dr Montero said, “It is fantastic to win the Award, it means a lot to me personally, and to my team, that all these years of hard work have been recognised. We are grateful to all the patients, business partners and colleagues who have been supporting us through the years. This Award motivates us to work even harder to keep offering the highest standards of patient care in the years to come.”




  • Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics Ltd
  • Surface Clinic
  • The ESHO Clinic

WINNER: Harrogate Aesthetics

Run by aesthetic nurse practitioners Sharon Bennett and Anthea Whiteley, they claim their ethos has never wavered since the clinic was first established in 2007. The team aim to maintain a personal service whilst ensuring their patients are cared for by delivering safe, evidenced-based cosmetic treatments underpinned by medical ethics and professionalism.

Bennett said, “I didn’t expect to win Best Clinic North at all – I’m astounded enormously! It was the first time we have entered this Award and just to be shortlisted was incredible. To win has been amazing and it’s just due to the massive hard work everyone has put in at the clinic.”


COMMENDED: Outline Clinic Ltd and SkinViva


  • Air Aesthetics Clinic 
  • Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd 
  • Internal Beauty Clinic
  • Skinqure Clinic

WINNER: Good Skin Days

Priding itself on a ‘warm and welcoming environment’, Good Skin Days proved to be the worthy winner with the judges, who awarded the clinic the title in this category. The panel was impressed with the clinic’s emphasis on ‘moving things forward’ with investment in new treatments over the past year, and the team’s objective to raise standards as high as possible.

Managing director Chris Gill said, “This year has been absolutely fantastic. When we won, it was the first time in my life I’d ever been genuinely speechless. To win two years in a row is an absolute privilege. The first year you win – it’s great, the second year – you can call yourself a multi-award-winning clinic! For the past year we’ve had countless members of the public come to the clinic saying ‘I came to you because you’re an award-winning clinic.’”


COMMENDED: Face Etc…Medispa


  • Medizen Limited
  • Air Aesthetics Clinic
  • Mulberry House Clinic 
  • Internal Beauty Clinic 
  • CC Kat Aesthetics

WINNER: Good Skin Days

Since opening its doors five years ago, Good Skin Days has been treating patients across Yorkshire with the aim of providing an exceptional standard of care to patients requiring skin surgery and cosmetic skin laser treatments. Priding itself on setting these high standards, this clinic proved the winner for our judging panel.

Led by consultant plastic surgeon Mr David Watt, the team at Good Skin Days treat patients for non-surgical treatments such as laser hair removal, laser mole removal, anti-wrinkles injections and laser skin resurfacing, as well as providing surgical treatments.

Managing director and clinic manager Chris Gill said, “When it was announced that Good Skin Days were the winners of the award for Best Clinic North England we were obviously delighted. A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that our clinic continues to achieve the gold standard that we set for ourselves, and to be recognised in this way is absolutely fantastic.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Air Aesthetics Clinic and Myskindesign Ltd

COMMENDED: Botastic Aesthetics Ltd


  • Cosmedic Skin Clinic 
  • Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd
  • Soul Care Aesthetics 
  • Smileworks

Best Clinic Scotland

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally and include: North England, South England, London, Scotland, Midlands & Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland. They are judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients.

Winner: FTT Skin Clinics

Highly Commended: Clinetix

Commended: Dermal Clinic Ltd


Alpha Clinic

Est-Ethics Clinic

Laser Clinics UK, Glasgow

Platinum Medi Cosmetic Clinic

WINNER: Clinetix

Dr Simon Ravichandran, clinic owner, said, “I think winning is a fantastic testament to the effort and hard work we have put in. Everyone who was a Finalist deserves to be a winner, but it’s such a reward for us to get this Award. After such a difficult couple of years, it’s so good to be back and we are absolutely delighted to win.”


COMMENDED: The Canmore Clinic


  • Clinica Medica Ltd 
  • Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre
  • Renu Skin Clinic

WINNER: Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre

Based in Edinburgh and led by Dr Nestor Demosthenous, this clinic team believes in continued development and constant innovation to provide the highest level of care to patients. Their efforts were recognised by judges who said this was an, “Excellent performing clinic and it’s very clear to see patient safety is at the heart of what it does.”

Dr Demosthenous said, “I have a fantastic team and we have worked together to win this Award. We just love aesthetics so much and it’s great to be a part of an amazing community, so that’s why we entered. We are and just so happy and so proud, grateful and humbled. We are always striving to think bigger and do better so are looking forward to coming back again next year.”


COMMENDED: Dermal Clinic and Face and Body Ltd

WINNER: Clinetix

With two clinics based in Bothwell and Glasgow, established in 2011, Clinetix aims to deliver the highest standards of clinical care and service to patients by ensuring the team’s training and knowledge are continually at the forefront of the sector.

Judges praised the “excellent” entry, noting that the clinic team had, “Answered every point of each question in detail.” Dentist and aesthetic practitioner Dr Emma Ravichandran, the co-founder of Clinetix said, “We can’t believe that we have won The Profhilo Award for Best Clinic Scotland for the second year in a row. Everyone who was nominated as a finalist deserved to win this Award; it was a very close competition.” Fellow co-founder, aesthetic practitioner Dr Simon Ravichandran added, “I really appreciate winning this Award. It is recognition of our commitment to customer service, patient care and providing the best possible services we can offer.”


COMMENDED: Dermal Clinic


  • Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre 
  • Elanic 
  • FTT Skin Clinics

WINNER: Clinetix

With two Health Improvement Scotland regulated clinics in Glasgow, the team sees in excess of 750 patients per month. As well as providing first class aesthetic treatments, Clinetix, which was handed the award by aesthetic practitioner Dr Raj Acquilla, also supports the local community through prize donations and sponsorships.

Dr Emma Ravichandran said, “It’s totally unexpected winning this Award but it’s an amazing feeling. Our team are so hard-working, enthusiastic, passionate and engaged in delivering the best possible results for our patients so it means a lot to us all.”


COMMENDED: Temple Medical


  • Age Refined Medical Cosmetic Clinic
  • Dermal Clinic
  • Frances Turner Traill Skin Clinic 
  • Innocent Aesthetics Limited
  • Renu Skin Clinic Limited

WINNER: La Belle Forme

The judges noted that this category had a particularly high standard of entries, but thought that La Belle Forme triumphed. La Belle Forme is led by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Taimur Shoaib, who said, “We are delighted and overwhelmed by this Award. There was such high competition and we all know each other in Scotland, so we were all routing for each other – it’s an honour to have the team win this Award. It’s important to us to get recognition of quality of care – I think every practitioner in this industry should try and develop their standards to a high degree so that they can be rewarded for the excellence they provide.”


COMMENDED: Frances Turner Traill Skin Clinic


  • Age Refined 
  • Clinetix Rejuvenation
  • Dermal Clinic

WINNER: Face & Body

The Face & Body clinic, which opened in Edinburgh’s West End in 2008, was said to have ‘gone from strength to strength’ and boasts a patient database of more than 12,000. The clinic offers a wide array of aesthetic treatments and has five treatment rooms and a team of 10 clinic staff. The winners were delighted to receive the award, which was handed to them on stage by author and aesthetic business consultant, Wendy Lewis, who flew in from the US to present the accolade.

Clinical director Dr Victoria Dobbie said, “We’re elated to win Best Clinic Scotland and my team has done an amazing job in the last few months to really improve the service and how we look after our patients during their journey at our clinic.” Director Hamish Dobbie added, “It felt wonderful to win the Award as we have a great team who continuously work hard to improve the patient experience and their professional knowledge. Whilst we get lots of positive feedback from our patients, it is terrific to receive acknowledgement of our achievements from our industry peers. But we won’t rest on our laurels, we have already started to implement exciting new projects for 2016!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Age Refined Medical Cosmetic Centre

COMMENDED: Temple Medical Ltd and Dermal Clinic


  • Clinetix
  • Renu Skin Clinic Ltd
  • La Belle Forme Clinic 
  • Grampian Cosmetic Clinic Ltd

WINNER: La Belle Forme

After opening five years ago, La Belle Forme has treated over 8,000 patients. The judges recognised this clinic’s wide range of available treatments and excellent customer service. Founder of La Belle Forme, Mr Taimur Shoaib said, “We’re honoured and thrilled to have won this prestigious award. All the staff at La Belle Forme work very hard to ensure we maintain the highest standards of quality and provide holistic care to all our patients, customers and clients. We would like to thank the awards committee for their consideration of our entry and for recognising us in this way. It means so much to us and we’re delighted.”


COMMENDED: Spire Edinburgh Hospital and Age Refined Medical Cosmetic Centre


  • Dermal Clinic
  • Face and Body Cosmetic Clinic 
  • Innocent Aesthetics
  • Temple Medical

Best Clinic South England

Best Clinic categories are awarded regionally and include: North England, South England, London, Scotland, Midlands & Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland. They are judged on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as evidence of good feedback from patients.

Winner: Facial Aesthetics Ltd

Highly Commended: Health & Aesthetics

Commended: Atelier Clinic



Cosmex Clinic

Elite Aesthetics Ltd

Escape Aesthetics

Koha Skin Clinics

L1P Aesthetics

Perfect Skin Solutions

Radiance Aesthetic Clinic

Revitalise Skincare Clinic

Romsey Medical Practice

Vie Aesthetics

WINNER: S-Thetics

Miss Sherina Balaratnam, clinic owner, said, “I am absolutely buzzed to win this Aesthetics Award – I am immensely proud of the entire group of ladies on my team, it’s such an amazing team to be a part of. A big thank you to the event organisers, and to all our partner suppliers as well for allowing us the opportunity to work with you and bring our patients the best.”


COMMENDED: Illuminate Skin Clinic and River Aesthetics


  • Aspire Medical Group Ltd
  • Finesse Skin Clinic
  • Health & Aesthetics
  • Hunar Clinic
  • Koha Skin Clinics
  • Perfect Skin Solutions
  • The Hartley Clinic
  • The Shore Skin Clinic Ltd
  • Weston Beauty Clinic

WINNER: Perfect Skin Solutions

The Portsmouth-based clinic received positive reviews from our judges, with one commenting, “Perfect Skin Solutions is a well led and organised clinic focused on both patient care, and safety with a proactive business model!”


COMMENDED: S-Thetics and River Aesthetics


  • Atelier
  • Cosmex Clinic
  • Elite Aesthetics
  • Health & Aesthetics 
  • Illuminate Skin Clinic 
  • Weston Beauty Clinic Ltd

WINNER: Illuminate Skin Clinic

The clinic was founded by Dr Sophie Shotter just five years ago. The clinic has a vision of delivering a selection of the best holistic services that blend aesthetics with wellness, teamed with an unrivalled patient consultation protocol and aftercare service.

Dr Shotter said, “We are just so delighted to win The Profhilo Award for Best Clinic South England. The competition is so stiff and I know that absolutely every finalist really wanted to win this Award. It’s the first year I have entered and it’s just nice to recognise all the team’s hard work. I felt that I had to earn the right to enter the Aesthetics Awards and wanted to get the foundations in place to really go for it. All the team are really over the moon; I have the best team behind me and we are all just so delighted.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Health & Aesthetics Ltd

COMMENDED: Elite Aesthetics and Perfect Skin Solutions


  • Salisbury Cosmetic and Beauty Clinic
  • Sandbanks Clinic
  • Weston Beauty Clinic

WINNER: Health & Aesthetics

The clinic was established by Dr Rekha Tailor in 2008 in Surrey and, according to the team’s entry, Health & Aesthetics was one of the first clinics to offer Femilift and Ultherapy in the South East. Together, Dr Tailor says her team bring more than 100 years of trusted aesthetic experience. The entry emphasised that the clinic is devoted to delivering treatments in a friendly, knowledgeable and professional way, taking great care to make the journey from first enquiry to final follow-up as smooth and patient-centric as possible.

Health & Aesthetics was described as an ‘exceptional’ entry by judges, who were impressed with the focus on customer service. Following the win, Dr Tailor said, “I wanted to show that we are an excellent clinic and winning the iS Clinical Award for Best Clinic South England is a recognition of the hard work that myself and my team put in. I want to say thank you very much. This is the best Awards ceremony in the best industry so it’s an honour to win!”


COMMENDED: Perfect Skin Solutions


  • Elite Aesthetics 
  • Medikas Medispa
  • The Doctors Laser Clinic Ltd
  • The Skin to Love Clinic
  • Weston Beauty Clinic

WINNER: S-Thetics

Since opening in 2015 with a database of zero, the S-Thetics team has now treated more than 1,575 patients. Led by medical director of S-Thetics, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, the clinic aims to place a strong emphasis on research-based innovation when selecting all products and treatments. Miss Balaratnam said of the win, “It feels incredible, absolutely incredible! I feel so proud of my team and am so happy for them. It is such a privilege to be given this Award, among so many deserving finalists too.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Medikas Medispa and Perfect Skin Solutions

COMMENDED: Harpenden Skin Clinic


  • Barstable Medical Clinic
  • Aspire Clinic
  • Bella Vou 
  • Cosmedica Beauty Medical Aesthetics 
  • Cosmex Clinic
  • Health & Aesthetics

WINNER: Purity Bridge

Tunbridge Wells-based clinic Purity Bridge was successful in impressing the judging panel. After achieving more than 4,000 patient visits at the time of entering, Purity Bridge has had a fantastic year.

Mr Marc Pacifico, the director and consultant plastic surgeon who leads the team at Purity Bridge, said, “I’m absolutely thrilled for the recognition, particularly for the hard work that the team has put in. It’s been an evolving and constant quest for improvement and quality of what we’re doing, and I feel we’ve got the recognition that the team has worked really hard to have.” Judges were impressed with initiatives implemented by the clinic, which include providing an extra free consultation with an experienced nurse for all patients seeking cosmetic surgery, while talking them through the wider aspects of the surgical journey.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Health & Aesthetics

COMMENDED: Radiance Medispa and The Skin to Love Clinic


  • Absolute Aesthetics
  • Changes Clinic of Excellence
  • Cosmex Clinic
  • S-Thetics Medical Aesthetic Clinic

WINNER: Medikas

Led by aesthetic practitioner Dr Beatriz Molina and established 10 years ago in the South West of England, Medikas has since opened a second clinic in Bristol, and has shown itself to be worthy of recognition due to the team’s passion for aesthetics and the high priority they give to the duty of care of patients. Dr Molina, said, “Winning best clinic was totally unexpected! But I am absolutely delighted. It’s a wonderful achievement!” The clinic, which offers a variety of non-invasive treatments for the body, face and skin, aims to provide natural results that will boost patients’ confidence.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Skin to Love Clinic

COMMENDED: Purity Bridge and Riverbanks Clinic


  • Radiance MediSpa
  • Health & Aesthetics
  • Woodford Medical Ltd
  • Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

WINNER: The Skin Clinic Sevenoaks

Delivering treatments to over 2,000 clients, The Skin Clinic in Sevenoaks has grown enormously since opening in 2011. Our judging panel was impressed by the high calibre of staff and the clinic’s ethos of delivering safe and professional treatments, and maintaining high standards of clinical excellence.

Medical director Dr Johanna Ward said, “Winning Best Clinic South of England at the Aesthetics Awards was a wonderful and huge achievement for us all at The Skin Clinic Sevenoaks. The Award recognises the amazing new facilities that we have, and the quality of care that we try to give to each and every one of our patients. This year we expanded our premises to an eight treatment room, state-of-the-art clinic. It was a huge task, with months of work taking place at the new premise to make it bespoke, luxury and simply beautiful. The Award is the icing on the cake for all of our team that worked so hard to achieve and realise the dream of our new clinic. Thank you so much.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Health & Aesthetics

COMMENDED: Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic


  • Firvale Clinic
  • Medikas
  • Persona Cosmetic Medicine
  • Spire Southampton Hospital

Best New Clinic, UK and Ireland

The Award for Best New Clinic is open to any clinic in the UK and Ireland that was established in the last 12 months. The Best New Clinic is judged on initiatives designed to promote growth, evidence of commitment to customer service, patient care and patient safety, as well as good feedback from patients.

Winner: Beechwood House Healthcare

Highly Commended: The Clinic by Dr Maryam Zamani

Commended: Taktouk Clinic


Dr A Aesthetics Clinic

Dr Kane Aesthetics Co.

House of Saab

Natali Kelly Clinic

The Courtyard Aesthetic Clinic

The Clinic Holland Park

WINNER: Thames Skin Clinic

Dr Anna Hemming, clinic owner, said, “Myself and the team have been working in this industry for about 15 years, and we’ve worked so hard, but winning an Award like this seemed impossible. It was like something I could never get my hands on, but today it’s happened and I’m so proud. Aesthetics is about making people’s lives happier and giving them the opportunity to do what they want to do – I truly love what we do and I would never change it.”


COMMENDED: Yorkshire Skin Centre


  • Ambra Aesthetics Clinic
  • Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic 
  • Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics 
  • Harley Street Injectables 
  • House of SAAB 
  • Natali Kelly Clinic
  • Natural Nurse Aesthetics 
  • Skinfluencer LTD
  • The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms
  • The Dr Jenni Clinic

WINNER: Hunar Clinic

Hunar Clinic, located in Denham, was opened in 2019 by Dr Puneet Gupta and Dr Prerna Mittal. One judge commented that it was, “A very strong entry which shows a lot of ambition and competence from the owners.”


COMMENDED: Koha Skin Clinics


  • Azthetics
  • Beautox
  • Finesse Skin Clinic
  • NassifMD Medical Spa UK
  • Vitalize Clinic
  • Younique Aesthetics Skin Clinic Ltd

WINNER: Lumiere Clinic

Founded by consultant dermatologist Dr Nicole Chiang in April 2018, Lumiere Clinic has received consistently good reviews and a high patient retention rate in its first year, which Dr Chiang says is, “Largely due to having an amazing team at Lumiere Clinic, contributing to high levels of patient satisfaction, consistently good reviews and a high client retention rate.” Judges said the entry was very comprehensive and informative.

Dr Chiang said of her win, “We are honoured to win this prestigious Award. It is a great achievement for our amazing team and a testament to the high standard of care we strive to provide at Lumiere Clinic.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Wentworth Aesthetics

COMMENDED: Eternal Clinic


  • Define Clinic
  • Dr Rasha Clinic
  • Facetherapy NI
  • Grand Aura Skin and Wellbeing Clinic
  • Sazthetics
  • Smooth Line Clinic
  • The Clinic Burton
  • The Glasshouse Clinic

WINNER: Tay Medispa

The clinic was established by husband and wife team Simon and Dr Julia Langford in February 2017.

Dr Langford had been providing aesthetic treatments in Perthshire since 2009 and wanted to centralise her services. According to the clinic’s entry, the concept was born out of changes on the horizon in relation to Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the need for a high-end clinic in the area. Dr Langford said of the win, “We’ve had an amazing time since opening and this is the pinnacle of it really – this is a big Award! We are so chuffed and really lucky to have such a great team around us!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Klnik and Quayside Medical Aesthetics

COMMENDED: Belgravia Dermatology Limited


  • Adonia Medical Clinic 
  • Advanced Skin Limited 
  • Susan Kitchen Aesthetics
  • Yuva Medi Spa

WINNER: Emma Chan Limited

Since opening in April 2016 after a two-year development process, the Chorley clinic has treated 5,167 patients and increased its database from 800 to more than 2,000 patients. Patient satisfaction scores are said to be exceptionally high, with more than 95% stating the treatments and services are excellent. Aesthetic nurse prescriber and founder of the clinic, Emma Chan, said, “It feels great to win and have the team recognised for all of their hard work. They put 100% into everything they do, so we are absolutely thrilled.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: River Aesthetics

COMMENDED: The Clinic by Dr Mayoni


  • Chester MediSPA
  • Cliniva Medispa 
  • Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre 
  • The Clinic Newton Place
  • Yuva MediSpa by Dr Raj Acquilla

WINNER: Askinology

Run by clinical director Dr Askari Townshend, the clinic is described as ‘the coming together of advanced beauty and medical aesthetics – a cosmeceutical boutique’. The clinic is situated in the City of London and provides treatments to more than 1,250 patients.

Dr Townshend was delighted with the win and said, “It is lovely to have the team here tonight and share in the excitement. It has been hard work for the last 18 months, but it has finally paid off.” He continued, “When we didn’t see our names in the Commended list, we wondered if we were going to get anything at all, so we felt a bit nervous, but I am very happy. It really has been a lot of hard work, especially from the team, and so I think this is for all of us.”


COMMENDED: RejuvaMed Skin Clinic


  • Botastic Aesthetics Ltd
  • Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre
  • Skin Philosophy

WINNER: The Aesthetic MediSpa

The clinic, which is situated on London’s Harley Street, is led by aesthetic practitioner and former president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Sam Gammell. The panel of judges acknowledged the clinic’s excellent service and growth over the past 12 months, in what was a highly competitive category. Dr Gamell said, “I’m really excited for the team, it’s great morale for the clinic and this will be great moving forward into 2016. The whole evening has been lovely, the food was great, the atmosphere’s lively and it’s great to network – brilliant evening.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Perfect Skin Solutions and S-Thetics



  • River Medical
  • Facial Aesthetics NI
  • FAB Clinic 
  • Dr SW Clinics


Led by award-winning aesthetic practitioner Dr Tapan Patel, the PHI clinic stood out clearly for our judging panel, who recognised its five-star service and unparalleled delivery of care. Set over four floors, PHI Clinic comprises of three injectable rooms, a grand consulting room, two theatres and recovery pods, five laser rooms and a unique state-of-the-art training facility. The clinic takes its inspiration from Ancient Greek scholars and artisans for both its name and its high-calibre offering, specialising in innovative surgical procedures and non-invasive alternatives, with a strong emphasis on laser and skin rejuvenating treatments.

Dr Patel said, “We are truly delighted to win the Aesthetic Award for Best New Clinic, UK and Ireland. This is a fantastic achievement and the whole team here at PHI really do deserve it for all their hard work and dedication. We set out to reinvent the patient journey, offering them the widest range of treatment options, clinicians, devices and solutions in the most beautiful clinical setting.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Specialist Skin Clinic

COMMENDED: Elite Aesthetic Treatment Clinic


  • Changes Clinic Limited
  • Cosmex Clinic 
  • Dr Leah Skin Clinic
  • Radiance MediSpa
  • Rosmetics Skin Clinic

WINNER: The Skin Energy Clinic

Clinic founder Dr Terry Long described winning the Award as ‘amazing’ and said it made her feel as though all the hard work setting up her new clinic had really paid off. The clinic scored a huge 99/100 by our mystery shopper who said, “I could hardly have been dealt with more effectively.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Persona Cosmetic Medicine


  • The Skin Clinic
  • Temple Medical
  • Waterhouse

Clinic Team of the Year

This Award is open to medical aesthetic clinic teams of any size working in a clinic in the UK or Ireland. In selecting finalists and a winner for this award, the judges look for evidence of ongoing, outstanding customer service, a continuous training programme, strong practitioner support and effective teamwork for the benefit of the clinic and its patients.

Winner: Elite Aesthetic Clinic

Highly Commended: Dr Sobia Medispa

Commended: Trikwan Aesthetics


Atelier Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Freyja Medical

Health & Aesthetics

Laser Clinics UK, Richmond

Look Lovely London

Natali Kelly Clinic

Radiance Aesthetic Clinic


Taktouk Clinic

The Clinic Holland Park

VL Aesthetics

Younique Aesthetics Clinic

WINNER: Dr Sobia Medispa

Dr Sobia Syed, clinic owner, commented, “This is absolutely amazing! It’s hard to express how happy I feel – getting the Award for Croma-Pharma Award for Best Reception team shows that the end-to-end experience for the patients is exquisite. The atmosphere tonight has been electric and everybody is just in a magical mood. It’s just brought a life back to the industry and it’s due to Aesthetics! Thank you.”


COMMENDED: River Aesthetics and Vie Aesthetics


  • Adonia Medical Clinic
  • Bank Medispa
  • Cadogan Clinic
  • Clinetix
  • Cliniva Medispa
  • Hampton Clinic
  • Health & Aesthetics
  • Perfect Skin Solutions
  • Skinfluencer LTD
  • The Clinic by Dr Mayoni
  • Younique Aesthetic Clinic

WINNER: Freyja Medical

Our judges said that Freyja Medical’s entry had evidence of excellent documentation of training and processes, making it a stand-out competitor!

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Vie Aesthetics Ltd

COMMENDED: Illuminate Skin Clinic


  • Adonia Medical Clinic
  • Cliniva Medispa
  • Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre
  • Dr Sobia Medispa
  • Hampton Clinic
  • Health & Aesthetics
  • Outline Clinic
  • Perfect Skin Solutions
  • Younique Aesthetics Clinic

WINNER: The Glasshouse Clinic

The close-knit team led by nurse prescriber Alison Telfer and manager Ann-Marie Kyprianou work across multiple sites, supporting clinicians to deliver patient-centred care that the clinic’s foundations were built on.

Telfer, said, “I am so thrilled that The Glasshouse Clinic team has won. Four years ago we were here with two members of staff and now we have 10! We have invested in training and the best staff – our team is amazing and without them I have nothing.” She continued, “We entered this category for our team. They really need to know how special they are. Coming to the Awards is a brilliant way to reward our team, so for them to win is just amazing.”


COMMENDED: Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre and Health & Aesthetics


  • Adonia Medical Clinic
  • Cliniva Medispa
  • Define Clinic
  • Illuminate Skin Clinic
  • Outline Clinic
  • Rachel Goddard Aesthetics

WINNER: S-Thetics

The clinic was founded in Beaconsfield in 2015 by aesthetic practitioner Miss Sherina Balaratnam. According to the entry, S-Thetics aims to continuously provide high standard treatments and strives to deliver achievable and measurable results, helping patients to reach their aesthetic goals. The reception team consists of patient coordinators Louise and Krupa. In their entry, Miss Balaratnam explains that they are warm, professional and committed to delivering exceptional patient care.

Miss Balaratnam added, “I’m so proud that my team has won. This Award is about the patients and serving them well during their time in the clinic. My team makes the patient journey as seamless as possible and I feel they do it extremely well. The Aesthetics Awards is a fantastic opportunity to get together with our peers and be recognised by the profession, celebrate with them and congratulate all the finalists. I’m incredibly proud to be recognised amongst many top tier colleagues in aesthetics.”


COMMENDED: Health & Aesthetics


  • Cliniva Medispa
  • FTT Skin Clinics 
  • Outline Clinic
  • Premier Laser and Skin Clinic
  • Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics Ltd

WINNER: Temple Medical

The clinic was founded by Dr Sam Robson in 2007 and, according to the clinic, has since established itself as one of the most respected clinics in the UK. The reception team consists of office manager, Pauline Chillingworth, patient coordinator, Rebecca Clements, and receptionists, Catriona Morrison, Leanne Paterson, Kirsten Marshall and Carrie Clark.

Dr Robson said of the win, “Winning feel absolutely amazing – it’s a true recognition of how fantastic our reception staff are – they are just the best. I think this Award is great because it just confirms to patients that they have a choice of who treats them and that they can go to clinics who look after them. My team does that!”


COMMENDED: Frances Turner Traill Skin Clinic and Health & Aesthetic Clinic


  • Cosmex Clinic
  • Dr Nestor’s Cosmetic Centre
  • Outline Clinic
  • Select Medical Group

WINNER: S-Thetics

Winner of The Alumier Labs UK Award for Clinic Reception Team of the Year, S-Thetics Samantha Summerfield impressed the judging panel with the detail-oriented approach of the front-of-house staff, including clinic walk-throughs to ensure the calm and serene atmosphere of the practice, as well as patient checkout information folders and good follow-up procedures.

Medical director of S-Thetics, Miss Sherina Balaratnam was elated after winning this category. She said, “I feel incredibly proud especially because the calibre of the clinics is impeccable. The standards are so high this year so I feel proud to have won this Award for Clinic Reception Team of the Year. I’m exceptionally proud of my team who have worked so hard for this and also thanks to our patients – we wouldn’t be where we are without them.”


COMMENDED: La Belle Forme and Outline Clinic Ltd


  • FAB Clinic
  • Radiance MediSpa
  • Smileworks

WINNER: La Belle Forme

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Taimur Shoaib and his team took to the stage to accept the Award, which recognises the hard work of front-of-house clinic staff in the UK medical aesthetics industry. The judging panel was impressed with the new initiatives for customer care that had been introduced by the clinic over the past year, including continuous training for staff, mystery shopping and team discussion and feedback. The high score given by the judges to La Belle Forme reflects the great deal of time the clinic has invested in perfecting the patient journey.

Mr Shoaib said of the win, “It’s such an honour to be a winner tonight, because it’s a recognition of the team that works so hard to give our customers the best support that they need.”


COMMENDED: Riverbanks


  • Good Skin Days
  • Temple Medical
  • PHI Clinic
  • Dermal Clinic
  • Dr Leah’s Cosmetic Skin Clinic

WINNER: Temple Medical

The judges commended the five strong team at Temple Medical for their commitment to customer care and personification of the ethos of the clinic since opening in 2010.

Clinic founder Dr Sam Robson said, “We were really delighted to win the Award for Best Clinic Reception Team. Most of the reception girls from Temple came down to London to celebrate being finalists, with it being the first ever trip to the capital for one, so you can imagine how extra special it was to also win first prize.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and PHI Clinic

COMMENDED: The Skin Clinic


  • Firvale Clinic
  • Radiance MediSpa
  • Harley Street Treatments Ltd
  • Persona Cosmetic Medicine

WINNER: Waterhouse Young Clinic

Duncan Long’s professionalism, friendly nature and willingness to go above and beyond for the customers at the Waterhouse Young Clinic made him a worthy winner for the Clinic Receptionist of the Year Award. One patient said, “He has a wonderful demeanour that lights up the practice reception. He is engaging and charming in the very best way.”


  • Cosmedic Skin Clinic
  • Xavier G Medispa
  • The Skin Clinic, Sevenoaks
  • The Dermal Clinic

Company Representative of the Year

This Award recognises the valuable contribution that company representatives in the UK and Ireland make to the aesthetics industry, their workplace and customers, and ultimately patients. Any company representative is eligible to enter this category, including sales, marketing, management, and more. Finalists will be able to show outstanding levels of support for their team and customers, a strong commitment to the medical aesthetics industry, and a proven ability to have a positive impact to their own business, as well as assisting in supporting clinics and growing the success of their business.

Winner: Julie Hope (AlumierMD)

Highly Commended: Daniel Cohen (Bottled Science Ltd)

Commended: Chloee Alesbury (VIVACY Laboratories)


Katie Bennett (Prollenium Medical Technologies®)

Amy Cameron (L’Oreal)

Elaine Krebs (Galderma)

Grainne Miskelly (BF Mulholland and Med-fx)

Kerry Stewart (AestheticSource)

Sue Thomson (SJ Partnership)

Kelly Tobin (Artemis)

WINNER: Terina Denny (VIVACY Laboratories)

Comments from Terina’s customers included, “She works harder than any other rep I know,” and “The most efficient enthusiastic and supportive rep ever.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Thom Klein (SkinCeuticals)

COMMENDED: Jordan Sizer (Allergan Aesthetics)

WINNER: Kelly Tobin (Med-FX Limited)

Med-fx’s Kelly Tobin picked up The Healthxchange Award for Sales Representative of the Year, which recognises the hard work and excellent service she provides in the aesthetic specialty.

After 18 years in aesthetics, Tobin, of Med-FX, noted on her entry how lucky she was to have a job she loves and be surrounded by such amazing people. Voters were quick to praise her too, saying, “Kelly is in one word – fabulous. Nothing is too much trouble and she always goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer care and quality products – she works hard and always maintains a sense of humour.” Another added, “Kelly is passionate about what she does with a committed, hard work ethic but her uniqueness is that she makes us feel special as if we were her only client. Her memory is amazing, which enables her to offer a truly bespoke service.”

Tobin commented on her win, “After nearly 19 years in this industry I am absolutely blown away that I have won this Award and that everybody voted for me! Thank you so much to everyone. It’s so amazing to get together at the Aesthetics Awards and celebrate everyone’s successes.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Blair Stevens (Sinclair)

COMMENDED: Nicola Francis (Skinbrands Ltd) and Nik Kane (Beamwave Technologies)


  • Kerri Cain (Alumier Labs)
  • Sarah Hickey (Venus Concept)
  • Katie Macdonald (Skinbrands Ltd)
  • Elizabeth Thompson (Allergan Limited)

WINNER: Agostina Murgia (Bottled Science)

The Healthxchange Group Award for Sales Representative of the Year was presented to Agostina Murgia, sales representative for nutraceutical drink Skinade from Bottled Science Limited.

Murgia was presented this Award for her dedication and commitment to the specialty over the last 15 years. Judges praised her entry with one commenting, ‘Agostina is dedicated, professional and extremely passionate and devoted to her product, patient satisfaction and her customers. She is an asset to our profession’.

After winning, Murgia said, “I’m so overwhelmed! I really have to thank everyone who voted for me. It’s been an amazing journey and it’s a huge satisfaction for me to achieve this Award. I have been coming to the Aesthetics Awards from day one and have been voting and supporting everyone else for years. It’s the most prestigious and rewarding awards ceremony. I know a lot of people here and for me it is a very personal achievement.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Vanessa Bird (BTL Aesthetics)

COMMENDED: Terina Denny (Teoxane) and Heather Morton (Galderma UK Ltd)


  • Judith Nowell (Medical Aesthetic Group)
  • Kerry Lavin (Merz Pharma UK Ltd)
  • Blair Stevens (Sinclair)

WINNER: Deirdre MacMahon (Merz Aesthetics)

Deirdre MacMahon from Merz Aesthetics works for the Merz Irish territory, and has built a database of key clients that she says she has strong, long-lasting and trusting relationships with. She claims to have maintained an above-target sales performance, and strives to impress with enthusiasm based on facts and clinical data.

MacMahon said, “It feels super amazing to win this Award. It’s so surprising, I literally had no idea I would win – I’m chuffed to bits!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Julie Purdy (Galderma UK Limited) and Kelly Tobin (Med-FX)

COMMENDED: Lorraine McLoughlin (Med-FX)


  • Paula Dene (Merz Aesthetics)
  • Nik Kane (Beamwave Technologies) 
  • Karen Houlihan (Merz Aesthetics)
  • Kerry Lavin (Merz Aesthetics)

WINNER: Bill Lewis (Teoxane UK)

It was Bill Lewis of Teoxane UK who received the accolade. Lewis was described by voters as ‘always supportive and encouraging’ and ‘willing to go the extra mile’, as well as ‘extremely informative and knowledgeable’.

Having recently won an internal Teoxane global competition for sales in dermal fillers, his Teoxane colleagues, who entered him in the category, said Lewis showed both his commitment to customers as well as fantastic results for his company. “I’m in shock, I didn’t expect to even get shortlisted, never mind win,” Lewis said. “There are so many people who have helped me achieve this, so winning this Award is a team thing rather than just for me. I would definitely recommend entering the Awards; if someone like me can win, then anyone can.” He added, “I think it will raise the profile of your company even more; Texoane UK has made giant strides in the last few years and I just feel privileged to be part of it.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Caroline Gwilliam (AestheticSource Ltd)

COMMENDED: Kerrie Smythe (Wigmore Medical Ltd)


  • Sarah-Jayne Tipper (Pure Swiss Aesthetics)
  • Simon Ringer (NaturaStudios Ltd)
  • Toni Warren-Smith (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

WINNER: Caroline Gwilliam (AestheticSource)

The Award was won by AestheticSource sales representative Caroline Gwilliam, who since joining the company, has been said to have stood-out for her skills in building strong relationships with her customers and supporting their practices. “It’s really important to be recognised and I never thought I’d win in a million years!” said Gwilliam, “I didn’t even think I’d get ‘Commended’ so when I won, I was completely shocked and really happy. I’m amazed that I won and want to thank everyone who voted for me. AestheticSource are massive supporters of these Awards and we understand the importance of the recognition. What an amazing night!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Liz Robinson (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

COMMENDED: Louise Taylor (Aesthetic Technology Ltd) and Linda Wormald (Healthxchange Pharmacy)


  • Belinda Aloisio (L’Oreal – SkinCeuticals)
  • Iveta Vinklerova
  • Simon Ringer (Naturastudios)
  • Karen Smyth Gaffney (Merz Aesthetics)

WINNER: Emma Barlow (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

Emma Barlow, who received the Award from chairman of Healthxchange Pharmacy Dr John Curran, has worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with her customers, resulting in a huge number of readers voting for her to win this special category. One voter noted, ‘Emma is a true professional. What a star!’, with another calling her a ‘valuable resource’ for their clinic. She has actively assisted many clinics in starting up with Obagi products, from opening accounts, through to consultation and providing marketing assistance. Delighted with her Award, Emma commented, “There were some brilliant reps in the finalist group and I was just pleased to be alongside them, I never expected to win,” she added, “It’s one of those things you’ll never forget.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Louise Taylor (Aesthetic Technology Ltd)

COMMENDED: Paula Dene (Merz Aesthetics)


  • Belinda Aloisio (L’Oreal – SkinCeuticals)
  • Daniela Mighall
  • John Campbell (Allergan) 
  • Iveta Vinklerova (Boston Medical Group Ltd)
  • Linda Wormald (Healthxchange Pharmacy)

WINNER: Gemma Bloxham (Wigmore Medical)

This year the Sales Representative of the Year Award was given in memory of Obagi Territory Manager Janeé Parsons and presented by Dr John Curran, Chairman of Healthxchange. Hundreds of readers voted for their winner of this important category with Gemma Bloxham, Regional Sales Manager for Wigmore Medical, receiving the highest number of votes. One voter said “She is professional, knowledgeable and fabulous.”


  • John Campbell (Allergan)
  • Sarah Deacon (Cosmeceuticals Ltd)
  • Karen Smyth Gaffney (Merz)
  • Michael Hathaway (Merz) 
  • Donna Ofsofke (SmartMED) 
  • Julie Purdy (Galderma)
  • Louise Taylor (Dermalux UK) 
  • Iveta Vinklerova (Boston Medical Group Ltd) 
  • Roisin Wood (AesthetiCare)


These categories are not applicable to this year's awards

Professional Initiative of the Year

This Award will celebrate an initiative that has brought about positive change across an organisation or within the medical aesthetics industry. It will have a lasting impact and pave a new way to practise or do business within aesthetics. It could be a patient-focused or industry-focused campaign, promoting best practice, practitioner or consumer education and safety.

It could potentially involve how you have embraced or actioned ESG (environmental social governance), championed regulation and other initiatives that have progressed the aesthetics specialty in the past year. It is open to associations, companies and individuals. Judges will look for evidence of demonstratable excellent practices, procedures and policies designed to benefit the industry as a whole.

Winner: Black Skin Directory

Highly Commended: Aesthetics United Charity Conference

Commended: Human Health by The Clinic™


IBSA Derma Me as a Masterpiece Campaign

Integrated Practitioners of Aesthetic Wellness

In the Consulting Room by S-Thetics Clinic

WINNER: BACN Code of Professional Conduct

Jenny Pabila, board member, said, “This is absolutely incredible – it’s amazing to see the work we do behind the scenes get recognised and all we want to do is set a great example to people and guide and shape the future for the journey of aesthetic medicine. For all the nurses out there, this is to setting standards and for best practice!”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: BCAM 20th Anniversary Mindfulness and Wellbeing Initiative

COMMENDED: iS Clinical Cancer Care Programme


  • British Society of Aesthetic Examiners and Assessors
  • In the Consulting Room by S-Thetics Clinic
  • MAP-IQ

WINNER: BCAM Educational Framework

One judge commented that the BCAM Educational Framework was “A fantastic educational entry and will be a shining light for the future of aesthetics.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Consulting Room Relaunch Centre

COMMENDED: AlumierMD Professional Portal


  • Academic Aesthetic Mastermind Group
  • Allergan Aesthetics Beauty Decoded Podcast (Allergan Aesthetics) 
  • Black Aesthetics Advisory Board
  • #IAmMe (Dr Vincent Wong) 
  • ‘In the Consulting Room’ by Miss Sherina Balaratnam
  • The National Medical Weight Loss Programme
  • The Plastic Fantastic Podcast (Cosmetic Courses)
  • The Safe Aesthetic Practitioner (SafeAP)

WINNER: Black Skin Directory

Founded by aesthetician Dija Ayodele to tackle misconceptions and educate both practitioners and patients on treating skin of colour, the initiative has gone from strength to strength. The team has seen triple figure increases in user numbers, as well as a 340% uplift in views of its platform. One judge highlighted that it was an “Excellent service that fills a real niche in the skincare market.”

Ayodele said, “I’m really excited to have won the Professional Initiative of the Year Award for the second time. This win means so much more because almost two years in, it shows that we have established BSD as a credible platform for both consumers, professionals and the brands we work with. In this day and age, it’s really important to give the skin of colour audience a voice and I am glad that this is being increasingly heard. This win means that in 2020 we are poised to raise the bar and make an even more significant contribution to the aesthetic industry – that is something we really look forward to.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Beauty Decoded (Allergan/Black&White Comms)

COMMENDED: Think Over Before You Make Over (The British Association of Plastic, Reconstrcutive and Aesthetic Surgeons)


  • Academic Aesthetic Mastermind Group (Trikwan Aesthetics) 
  • Aesthetic Entrepreneurs (RCS Consulting)
  • Aesthetic Exchange (Cynosure UK Ltd)
  • Personal Wellness Trainer (KLINIK)

WINNER: Black Skin Directory

In an Aesthetics Awards first, two organisations were recognised with The PHI Clinic Award for Professional Initiative of the Year, the first being the Black Skin Directory. The initiative is the first of its kind; a platform designed to communicate the needs of patients of colour. Voters described the Black Skin Directory as, ‘Making waves in the industry’ and, ‘A much-needed service’, with another saying, ‘It has answered the prayers of millions of black women all over the UK!’

Dija Ayodele founder of the Black Skin Directory said, “It’s amazing to win this Award because the Black Skin Directory is not even one year old; this was something that was sketched on the back of a napkin. The Aesthetics Awards is the pinnacle of the specialty and it is recognising that women of colour have specific needs and concerns which weren’t being addressed. Being recognised with this award validates the women’s concerns that I hear every single day! Thank you!”

WINNER: Visual Loss Management Guidance in Collaboration with Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Complications Management

The initiative was launched to produce a peer-reviewed guidance that is incorporated into the teaching on complication management, particularly focusing on blindness. The guidance is being promoted nationally and internationally, as well as to specialist organisations. One voter described Mr Dalvi Humzah as, ‘Approachable and reassuring’ with the initiative being dubbed, ‘Simply amazing’.

Mr Humzah said of the win, “This Award is a recognition of all of the work that we have put in working with the Aesthetic Intervention Induced Visual Loss (AIIVL) Group and then taking it with Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training into the aesthetics arena. We are delighted to win!”


  • BACN and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance GDPR Campaign (The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance)
  • Personal Wellness Trainer (PWT) (KLNIK) 
  • Prevention of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPCAM) (Medika Medispa)
  • Welsh Aesthetic and Cosmetic Society (Welsh Aesthetic and Cosmetic Society)

WINNER: Aesthetic Complications Expert Group World

New for 2018, this Award recognised the important role that both patient-focused and professional campaigns play in promoting consumer education and patient safety, and it was the Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) Group that scooped the trophy!

The ACE Group provides consensus guidelines to support practitioners in their work, amongst numerous other initiatives. At the time of their entry submission, there were 585 members, with an average of 10 new members joining per week. Vice chair of the ACE Group, Emma Davies, said, “It feels fantastic to win tonight – it’s important as this group has worked so hard voluntarily to benefit the wider aesthetic community, so it’s really nice to have that hard work recognised.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aesthetic Nursing Revalidation Mentor Programme

COMMENDED: DH Aesthetic Training & Mata


  • AIIVL Consensus Group
  • BCAM Academy 
  • Level 7 Fast Track
  • The ESHO Initiative

Consultant Surgeon of the Year

This Award recognises the consultant surgeon who is deemed to have contributed most to the profession and/or has provided the most outstanding care and treatment to their patients in the last 12 months. The winner will be judged on their clinical expertise, continuous professional development, commitment to patient safety and the difference they make to their patients, clinic and the profession as a whole. Entrants may be practising in surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetics, or just surgery alone.

Winner: Mr Jeff Downie

Highly Commended: Miss Rachna Murthy

Commended: Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi


Mr Sotirios Foutsizoglou

Mr Lorenzo Garagnani

Miss Elizabeth Hawkes

Dr Maryam Zamani

WINNER: Miss Rachna Murthy (Face Restoration)

Miss Rachna Murthy said, “I am humbled, surprised and excited! It’s my first time attending the Awards and it’s been incredible to see everyone face-to-face. Winning is the icing on the cake. It’s really nice to be recognised, but coming to the Aesthetics Awards is more than that because it means you can come and enjoy time with people who share the same values as you and that you want to collaborate with.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai (Perfect Eyes Ltd)

COMMENDED: Mr Ali Ghanem (The Aesthetic Regenerative Clinic)


  • Mr Naveen Cavale (Real Plastic Surgery Ltd)
  • Mr Sotirios Foutsizoglou (SFMedica) 
  • Miss Elizabeth Hawkes (Cadogan Clinic)
  • Mr Adrian Richards (The Private Clinic)

WINNER: Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai (Perfect Eyes Ltd)

Judges said Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai submitted a thoroughly answered application with impressive detail.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Mr Ali Ghanem (The Ghanem Clinic & Cranley Clinic)

COMMENDED: Mr Adrian Richards (The Private Clinic)


  • Mr Mo Akhavani (The Plastic Surgery Group)
  • Mr Sotirios Foutsizoglou (SFMedical)
  • Mr Dalvi Humzah (P&D Surgery)
  • Mr Gerald Lambe (Reflect Clinic) 
  • Mr Dan Marsh (The Plastic Surgery Group)
  • Miss Rachna Murthy (Aesthetic Clinic Training Academy)

Surgical Product of the Year

This Award is open to manufacturers or UK distributors of surgical products for the UK aesthetics market. Finalists will be chosen from products that support a specific indication and can show evidence of good safety and efficacy, optimum duration and tangible benefits over similar products on the market. This category is only open to products that have been available for a year or more. The products entered are used in surgery or for minimally-invasive procedures.

WINNER: Solutions for Scars (Science of Skin)

Mr Douglas McGeorge, co-founder, said, “We entered these prestigious awards in the hope that our science and ever growing support from customers and the medical and aesthetic professionals who use our products would be recognised. To win is such an accolade for the SOS team and everyone who’s supported our research and products. As the only topical scar treatment based on Level 1 science we are delighted to get recognition for our breakthrough surgical product and the people we continue to support and help with scarring.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Micro Adipose Processing System (AQ Therapeutics, Inc)

COMMENDED: Skinade MD Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme (Skinade)

WINNER: Piezotome (BioSpectrum Ltd)

There was just one finalist in this category, but the judges highlighted that they were hugely impressed with Piezotome’s success, so it was awarded the highest accolade!