The Aesthetics Awards is recognised as the most prestigious and longest-serving awards ceremony of its kind in the UK. Established in 2011, the ceremony brings together the very best in medical aesthetics and is open to those new and established to celebrate the achievements of the past year. Our ethos is to endorse excellence in the medical aesthetic specialty, continually striving to improve best practice, regulation, and clinical outcomes.

For more information about the Aesthetics Awards, click here, and to view the 25 categories and to enter once entry opens, click here. Below are the answers to common questions we get in relation to The Aesthetics Awards. Should you have further questions about entry, judging or the ceremony, please contact our team on 0203 096 1228 or email

Q&A: Aesthetics Awards entry

Whether you’ve been in the industry for 5 years or 25 years, we have a category for everyone at the Aesthetics Awards! The ceremony is designed to celebrate the hard work of everyone in our specialty, and provide you with the recognition you deserve. Even if you don’t become a Winner, or receive Commendations or High Commendations, simply becoming a Finalist in this competitive industry is a huge achievement, and is something well respected by your peers, colleagues, clients, and patients. It will help to excel your business, providing your clients with assurance that you are top of your game, providing your staff satisfaction that they are working for a successful company, and it also allows you to have something to shout about to the press!

The Aesthetics Awards is only open to practitioners and companies who are based or have a subsidiary in the UK and Ireland. If you are unsure if you are eligible to enter, please contact the team at

The Aesthetics Awards are open to individuals and companies within the UK and Ireland medical aesthetic specialty. You should check the requirements for each individual category, which can be found here. Those entering the practitioner categories must be healthcare professionals who are registered with their regulatory body (i.e. GMC, NMC, GDC) and have no limitations to practice. All clinic entries must have a registered Medical Director.

Entry to the Aesthetics Awards is completely free of charge to all Aesthetics journal Full, Print and Digital members. If you are not already a member, you can do so for as little as £60 per year. To become a member, click here.

The Aesthetics Awards has an in-depth entry process, so no practitioner or company can be ‘nominated’. In order to be considered as a Finalist for the Aesthetics Awards, every individual must submit an entry. You cannot submit an entry on someone else’s behalf, unless they are working for you or as your PR or similar representative. The only category that you can nominate someone for is The Aesthetics Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Aesthetics. If you would like to nominate a peer or colleague, email explaining why they deserve to win.

Each application has a strict word limit of 1,700 words and you must not exceed this; however, your entry does not have to meet it. References will be included in the word count, although you may supply a reference list as part of your supplementary materials if it exceeds the word count. Remember it should be clear what references you are referring to in the text of your entry. Supplementary materials which provide extended answers to the questions will be discounted.

How long is a piece of string? This very much depends on the category you are applying for, how long it takes to gather your evidence and accompanying materials, as well as how much information you are including. If you have entered before you might be a bit quicker as you are already accustomed to the process and what you want to showcase. Entrants often tell us that writing, checking and submitting the entry takes anywhere from a day to a week! The thing to remember is that it isn’t something you can just do in an hour or so, so make sure you dedicate plenty of time and get started early!

Your Aesthetics Awards entry is completely confidential and will only be viewed by the Aesthetics team and judges of your specific category. Nobody will be able to access your application through our website. Please note that you will be asked to submit a summary of your entry that may be shared as part of the voting process on the Aesthetics website and in the journal if your entry is chosen as a Finalist. Those entering the result categories must also confirm they have permission to use the images for marketing purposes as these may be displayed at the Aesthetics Awards ceremony, on the Aesthetics Awards website, in the Aesthetics journal and Beauty Uncovered consumer magazine, and across social media.

There will be no opportunity to amend your entry once you have submitted your application online, unless you pay a £100 +VAT administration fee and this information is received before shortlisting has begun. If you need to amend your entry, please contact our team

You may add relevant supplementary materials to your entry such as: videos, images, references, testimonials, statistics, references, patient surveys, and anything you feel is applicable to your entry. The supplementary materials should be relevant to the entry and mentioned in the relevant question it relates to. Supplementary materials that are deemed irrelevant by the judges or that provide extended answers to the questions will be discounted. Judges will not be expected to read pages upon pages of supplementary materials, so also ensure they are condensed, and remain relevant.

Yes! As long as the category is applicable to you and you fulfil the criteria, you’re eligible to enter, so make sure you don’t restrict yourself to just one. You can enter the same category twice, but it must be a different entry. For example a company entering two different products for Product Innovation of the Year is acceptable but the same clinic entering Best New Clinic twice or Best New Clinic and Best Regional Clinic will not be accepted into both.

We know how busy everyone in aesthetics is at the moment, so if you’re worried you don’t have the time to complete your entry you can enlist the help of other people in your team, such as your marketing manager, or go through a PR company who can assist you. There are also several companies out there who specialise in assisting businesses and individuals with their awards writing, so have a search online.

Entries submitted after the closing date will also be subject to a £100 fee. Of course, we are empathetic to exceptional circumstances, so do get in touch and email for more information. Note that no entries are accepted after the judging process has begun.

If you are chosen to be a Finalist your before and after images will be displayed at the Aesthetics Awards ceremony, on the Aesthetics Awards website, in the Aesthetics journal and Beauty Uncovered consumer magazine, and across social media. Entrants must therefore confirm they have permission from the patient to use the images for marketing purposes, and must be able to show proof of this.

Q&A: Aesthetics Awards shortlisting, judging and voting

Finalists for the next Aesthetics Awards will be announced on January 3 2023, and will be published both in the Aesthetics journal and on The Aesthetics Awards website. Of course, we will also be covering the Awards extensively on social media, so be sure to follow us – @aestheticsjournaluk on Instagram.

Becoming an Aesthetics Awards Finalist is something to shout about! You should take pride in any recognition you have received and communicate this news throughout your business. This prestigious recognition can help you to generate more sales and clients. Let the local press know and make sure you’re posting it on your social media. Every Finalist will receive marketing assets and Finalist logos that they can use. For more information on how to market that you are a Finalist, click here.

As well as the high recognition you will get from your peers in the industry, as an Aesthetics Awards Finalist you will also receive:

  • An announcement in the Aesthetics journal
  • Aesthetics Awards Finalist logos for your marketing
  • Social media mention on the Aesthetics platforms
  • Name and description on the Aesthetics Awards website
  • Name and description on the Aesthetics Awards Hall of Fame (coming soon)
  • Announcement, name and logo on the big screen at the Ceremony

There are more than 60 Aesthetics Awards judges in total, who are mainly medical practitioners working within aesthetics. As the Aesthetics Awards is a ceremony for professionals, judged by those who are experts in their field, it’s important that doctors, dentists, nurses and surgeons all take part in the judging. Other judges comprise company specialists, including business consultants, marketing specialists, company distributors, insurance providers, and other experts who have a high level of knowledge, experience and expertise in the field.

No! Judges usually assess between one and three categories each and usually around six judges assess a single entry. One reason for this is they simply wouldn’t have time – with 25+ categories and hundreds of entries, it would be a very busy few months for them! The main reason, however, is to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Every judge must sign a declaration form before access to the entries is given. On this declaration, they must detail any categories they, or a colleague, has entered or plan to enter, any relevant financial disclosures and any reasons they would not be able to judge a particular category objectively. They must also sign to confirm that they will:

  • Endeavour to score fairly based on the merit of each entry
  • Treat any information contained within the entries sent in a confidential manner
  • Not share the details of the categories they are judging or scores awarded with any external parties
  • Not use the information contained within any entries judged for their own commercial or personal purposes

Before assigning categories, the Aesthetics team spends time researching the judge and judges are instructed to notify the team immediately if any further conflicts of interest arise after signing their declaration.

Entries are scored on a special portal on the Aesthetics Awards website. Judges are provided with access to a page dedicated to their assigned categories, which they can log into, save scores and come back to it later, if necessary. The easy-to-use system means judges are able to really concentrate on the content of the entries. The entry is presented in the exact format it is submitted by the entrants and, of course, if entrants have provided supporting evidence, judges can view images and download any documents provided.

For each question, scores are given out of 10 and judges can make further comments at the bottom of each entry. Judges are advised that, although background knowledge of an entrant may inform judgement to a certain extent, they should base their decisions primarily on the entry that has been submitted. Aesthetics specifically asks them to consider the entry holistically and score based on sound evidence, along with a demonstration of commitment to clinical excellence, rather than choosing the most well-known or biggest brand, company or individual.

While each category is different, key things in every entry that the judges will look for include: accuracy, grammar, spelling, evidence, and clear and concise answers which directly relate to the question. Also ensure every question is answered with as much detail as possible, but keep to the designated word count.

Specific entry requirements for each category can be found on the website here. You can also read our article on how to write a winning Aesthetics Awards entry here or read top tips from award-winning PR and marketing consultant Julia Kendrick here.

Once Finalists are announced, voting opens. We only accept voting on certain categories, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t find an option to vote for your category online and make sure to check that your category has a voted-for element before you encourage people to vote for you! If a category also has a voted-for element, then you can encourage entries via the website. The number of votes will be measured alongside the judges’ scores in a 20-80 ratio, respectively. You can check if your category is voted for here.

Make your opinion count by casting your vote for this year’s Aesthetics Awards Finalists! You can have your say by heading to our website, logging into your account, or creating an account if you don’t already have one, and clicking on the Finalists tab. Once there, you can select any category, and view each entrant. Once you’ve decided on your winner, click the vote button and press submit! You are only able to vote for one entrant per category, so make sure you’ve chosen your favourite.

Please note that not all categories can be voted for, and we do not offer voting on practitioner or clinic categories. If your category does not have a voting option on our website, it is being decided solely by our esteemed panel of judges.

Aesthetics reviews the chosen judges every year and we are open to new judges. If you are someone who considers yourself as an expert within the medical aesthetic field, with several years of demonstrable experience in the UK market, then get in touch with the team and email

Please outline: your reasons for wanting to become an Aesthetics Awards judge, why you believe you will be a good judge, what your qualifications are, as well as your specific and unique insights and expertise you can bring. Note that there are no remunerations for becoming an Aesthetics Awards judge, and they should be happy to share their expertise to further progress the UK medical aesthetics field. However, judges are also listed on the Aesthetics Awards website, publicised on social media, and contacted for industry commentary for the Aesthetics journal and Beauty Uncovered magazine. They are also known as being individuals who give back to the specialty and align with our ethos of endorsing and recognising excellence in this growing field.

Being an Aesthetics Awards judge doesn’t mean that you will be a Finalist, Winner, or awarded Commended/Highly Commended at the Aesthetics Awards. Judges are allowed to enter the Aesthetics Awards, but will be treated like all other applicants. They will need to fill out the entry questions to a high standard and with the relevant information to be shortlisted. This will then be reviewed by our judging team, who will be reviewed to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and they will decide on the Finalists and Winners based on applications alone.

Q&A: Aesthetics Awards Ceremony

The Aesthetics Awards – dubbed ‘The Oscars of Aesthetics’ – brings together leading aesthetic professionals for an evening of networking, recognition, celebration and entertainment. As the most well-recognised, longest-serving and prestigious awards event of its kind in the UK, the Aesthetics Awards is a not-to-be-missed event. You can enjoy a three-course meal, a celebrity host, professional photographs, and a great chance to network and have fun with your colleagues/peers!

No, the Aesthetics Awards isn’t an invite-only event, and is open to everyone in the medical aesthetic specialty. If you’re a colleague of someone up for an Award and want to come along to show them support, or just want to enjoy the celebrations and networking opportunities, you can purchase tickets via our website! Tickets are on sale July 31 2022 for the Aesthetics Awards 2023!

You are able to purchase single tickets, or reserve tables of 10 for your team. Tickets will be available to book on July 31 2022. To book tickets and reserve tables for the Aesthetics Awards, you can do so on our website here, or by contacting our sales team

The Early-bird offer will be available until December 31st. Tickets will sell out, so to be a part of the aesthetics community, be sure to secure your place at the Aesthetics Awards 2023.

Yes, you are able to get a refund for your Aesthetics Awards ticket by contacting, and we will process this for you. Please note that this is the only way to gain your refund, and you are unable to sell your ticket to colleagues or peers.

No, you will not need to bring a physical ticket to the Aesthetics Awards to gain entry to the event. However, you must ensure that you have submitted the correct names and details of all individuals in your party, as well as their dietary requirements, prior to the event.

This year’s event will be held after the second day of the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition on March 11. The Ceremony will take place at the dazzling Grosvenor House, in the heart of London. We recommend you spend March 10 and 11 learning, and the evening of the 11th networking and celebrating another fabulous year.

The Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition will finish at 4pm on Saturday, leaving enough time for you to travel and get yourself all dolled up before the Awards drinks reception, which starts at 6:30pm.

It’s a good idea to stay at this year’s brand-new Aesthetics Awards venue – the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London. The hotel will be offering an exclusive 20% discount for all Aesthetics Awards attendees, so you don’t need to worry about booking that Uber home! To book, click here. The event rate includes breakfast for up to 2 adults (excludes in-room dining and VAT). For 10 or more rooms, a group contract will need to be issued and the rate may change – contact If you have any further questions regarding accommodation, email

When you arrive, you will need to check yourself in with the team. You will need to supply the team with your name, or the name of the person who made the booking. You do not need to bring a ticket.

The Aesthetics Awards have been dubbed ‘The Oscars of Aesthetics’ so it’s a very glamourous occasion. Dress to impress and wear your best gown or suit! To get some outfit inspirations, see our pictures from our previous ceremony by clicking here.

The live band will finish at 1am, at which time the Aesthetics Awards will come to a close. For those that wish to continue the celebrations, guests may go to the bar at the hotel.

Tell the world that you have attended the most prestigious event in the aesthetics calendar by using our official hashtag on social media: #AestheticsAwards2023

Q&A: Aesthetics Awards Winners

If you’re recognised at the Aesthetics Awards, you should make sure you’re singing about it from the rooftops as this can really help to generate business. You should be communicating your success on all your business social media channels and perhaps ask your team to do the same on their own channels. You should also contact local newspapers, have your PR send out press releases, and get local influencers to come and try an award-winning treatment! More tips on how to utilise your Awards win can be found here.

As well as the high recognition you will get from your peers in the industry, as an Aesthetics Awards Winner you will also receive:

  • An official Aesthetics Awards Trophy
  • An interview with the Aesthetics journal team at the ceremony
  • Winner video interview and photograph
  • An announcement in the Aesthetics journal Winners section, including a picture and a quote of a company representative
  • Aesthetics Awards Winner/Highly Commended/Commended logos for your marketing
  • Social media mention on the Aesthetics platform
  • Name and description on the Aesthetics Awards website
  • Name and description on the Aesthetics Awards Hall of Fame (coming soon)
  • Certificate for those who have received High Commendations/Commendations
  • Featured in the UK's top clinics article in Beauty Uncovered magazine

Key Dates

2023 Entries Open: 31st July 2022

Entries Close: 30th September 2022

Finalists Announced: 3rd January 2023

Voting and Judging Close: 1st February 2023

Winners Announced: The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony after ACE 2023 on March 11