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Dr Heather Muir
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Heather Muir has huge love for Uddinsgton - after growing up and enjoying a wonderful education in this beautiful South Lanarkshire area, she went on to study for a degree in Dentistry at the University of Glasgow, which is currently ranked first in the UK in its field. After graduating, Heather enjoyed a twenty-year career in the NHS, which not only enabled her to achieve many career heights, but also enabled her to work within communities offering first-rate dentistry services. Her commitment to ongoing training during that time enabled her to further hone her skills.


A chance appointment accompanying her mum to have BOTOX® treatments two decades ago was a ‘lightbulb’ moment for Heather - as an experienced dentist she already had the medical skills that were in demand, which led her to further studies dedicated to her new chosen specialism. In 2010 Heather was awarded a Masters in Aesthetics from the University of Central Lancashire: a pioneering qualification in the field of aesthetics was now hers.


Heather then launched Your Face Aesthetics Medical Aesthetics Clinic in her beloved Uddingston. A state-of-the-art facility specialising in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, Heather heads up a team who deliver first-rate treatments carried out using all of the latest regulations and guidelines. The clinic boosts a wide range of treatments which deliver optimal results for the skin, face and body. 


With over twenty years experience in facial aesthetic treatments, Heather is an accredited Allergan practitioner in carrying out BOTOX® injections and currently teaches facial aesthetic techniques to dentists, doctors and nurses. Her educational standards and benchmarks mean that she is always first with clinically-proven updates, and welcomes the new government guideline discussion to ensure optimum safety standards across the industry.


Heather’s love of all things skincare and beauty then led her to research, develop and launch her own dedicated skincare range: Skin Sculpt Skincare embodies all of the expertise she has built during her time in aesthetics, and her medical qualifications coupled with a spirit for both innovation and enterprise led her to her own skincare line and enrolling in a masters degree in cosmetic science.  

In Heather’s own words:


“My work has always been my passion. I enjoyed every moment of being a dentist, and the skills I developed during that time enabled me to move forwards in terms of creating my own aesthetics clinic, becoming an aesthetic educator, and then on my quest to research and develop a luxurious and effective dermocosmetic skincare line.


Your Face Aesthetics is all about making clients look great, and feel wonderful. With my trained eye, I believe that subtle results are quite simply the most desired outcome. My clients want to look refreshed, and natural: they want to be the best version of themselves, and certainly not look like anyone else. My dentistry training gave me the perfect background in terms of every aspect of how facial features and bone structure work: my aim is then to take these into account, so that each client feels their own individual beauty is both enhanced and respected.


My clinic now has a comprehensive range of treatments of which I am really proud. I work with my clients to look at their achievable goals, and they really are surprised at what we can achieve together. My commitment to ongoing training and industry awareness means that any innovation I introduce in-clinic has to be not the first-to-market, but the best-to-market.


As an educator, I feel honoured to be able to share my expertise with my students, to ensure they benefit from my guidance in order to build their own skills and proficiency.


I am really proud of what I have achieved so far, and of course, I could not do the wonderful work I feel it is a privilege to undertake without the support of my colleagues, friends and family, who are always there to encourage and support me.


I look forward to watching all three strands of my working life thrive and expand, and in life, as in skincare, being subtle and staying committed wins the race every time!”